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Having Fun Losing
277 Pounds
R H O N D A M A R T I N - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
In February 2012, Rhonda Martin weighed
457 pounds. Today, she's down to 180
pounds, and she's completely changed her
life. "I have energy," she says. "I have my life
back. I can go out and enjoy life. It's just a
whole other world for me."
When she was overweight, Rhonda's life was
very limited. She would go to work and back,
and that was about it. She was physically
unable to be part of the world around her.
After 150 steps she would be out of
breath and completely exhausted.
"I became kind of a hermit,"
she remembers. "I just
stayed home. I had a lot
of acquaintances, but no
friends. I was very sad. I
was very lonely and isolated,
but at that point I didn't think
I had any other choice."
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