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When you invest in a Pedego Electric Bike, you'll enjoy the peace of
mind of an industry leading two year warranty, including parts and
labor. We like to call it our "no excuses" promise to you.
Of course, a warranty is only as good as the company behind it. We've
seen hundreds of companies selling cheap electric bikes come and
go leaving unhappy customers behind. Pedego, on the other hand,
has a rock-solid reputation for world-class customer care.
Even the finest products on Earth (like Pedegos) are bound to have
an occasional flaw that needs to be resolved. That's why our team of
experts are just a call or click away. We see every warranty issue, no
matter how small, as an opportunity to show you how much we care.
You'll probably never need our help, but it's nice to know that Pedego
is always here for you.
A Pedego store is like heaven when you're shopping for an electric bike. The experience is
unmatched anywhere on Earth.
Pedego store owners have been in your shoes. They usually start out as customers who fall in
love with Pedego Electric Bikes and open a store to share their passion with you.
You'll never find a more hardworking, fun-loving group of people, and they're at your service.
They put their hearts into helping you find the perfect electric bike, and making sure you get the
most out of it.
When you walk into a Pedego store, you'll find a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere
where you'll be treated like family. Come as you are!
" N O E X C U S E S " C U S T O M E R C A R E - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
D E D I C A T E D P E D E G O S T O R E S - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S