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Pedego offers four main battery
choices that are classified by their
voltage and amp -hour ratings. The
voltage determines how powerful
the bike will feel and the amp -hours
determine how far you can go
on a single charge.
Choosing the right battery for
you depends on your individual
needs and budget.
W H I C H B A T T E R Y - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
*The Stretch (48V 13Ah & 48V 17Ah), Trike (36V 11Ah), small Trail Trackers (36V 11Ah) and Ridge
Rider/Trail Tracker (48V 14Ah) models have slightly different batteries, but the idea is the same.
Battery Comparison
Experience shows that most people are
completely satisfied with the standard
36V 10Ah battery. It usually provides
more than enough power and range,
and it's the most affordable option.
The extended range 36V 15Ah battery
is best for trips over 20 miles or if you
plan to pedal very little (or not at all).

It can really come in handy to have
excess capacity.
The more powerful 48V 10Ah battery
is best for riders over 180 pounds and
for overcoming steep hills or strong
headwinds. The extra power makes it
more fun and exciting to ride.
The 48V 15Ah battery is the best of
both worlds, and it's the most popular
option. It has all the power of the 48V
10Ah battery and the extended range
of the 36V 15Ah.
36 Volt
48 Volt
Which Battery
Should I Choose?