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The Pedego Tandem is the world's only electric bicycle built for two. Riding is twice as fun with
someone you love.
Wide, swept back handlebars
allow you to sit back and relax
Relaxed Handlebars
Cruiser frame geometry
provides a comfortable,
upright riding position
Comfort & Style
Soft saddle provides cushioning
where it matters most
Comfy Seat
Optional upgrade with Kevlar
belted tires plus premium
saddle and grips
Balloon Package
Built-in rear light for your safety
and convenience
Rear Light
Disc brakes, seven gears, sturdy
kickstand, heavy-duty spokes,
and more
Quality Components
Wow, this is a game changer! My wife is
after me to ride all the time.
John C. Carlsbad, CA
48V 15Ah
48V 10Ah
Frame Color:
Tire Color:
Battery Options: