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The secret to unleashing your full business
potential is to put your heart into it. Owning a
Pedego store is something you can be passionate
about it's both enjoyable and fulfilling. It feels
good to see the smile on a customer's face or hear
how riding a Pedego has touched somebody's life.
And it's fun! At Pedego, we're serious about fun. We
believe it's the key to unlocking your passion and
achieving the ultimate happiness and success in
your life. And isn't that what life is all about?
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"When a customer
buys a bike from me,
I know in my heart
that I`ve helped them
in a way that no other
product can. It's an
experience that I
can't even describe."
Aaron Maynard, Retired Military,
Pedego Myrtle Beach
Imagine Earning a Living Doing
What You Love
Sean Chavez, Former School Administrator, Pedego San Diego
Kathy Puryear, Retired Schoolteacher, Pedego Scottsdale
Frank Muscato, Retired Law Enforcement, Pedego Bloomington
Adam Levine, Former Corporate Employee, Pedego Spring Lake
Bryan Newman, Former Golf Professional, Pedego La Quinta,
Palm Springs, and Petoskey
Lisa Paskaly, Serial Entrepreneur, Pedego Juno Beach
"We wanted a business that would reconnect us as a
family, and we found that through Pedego."
"This is ours. For the first time in my life, I'm not working
for somebody else. It's cool to own your own business!"
"I'm not going to retire until I'm 102. And then maybe I'll
continue part time."
"I am no longer working for the weekend. Every day
is a weekend."
"This doesn't feel like work to me! Every day is an exciting
new adventure. I literally jump out of bed in the morning!"
"I started as a Pedego customer, and I couldn't help but
want to share it with everyone."
O W N A S T O R E - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
O W N A S T O R E - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S