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Pedego was founded in 2008 by
Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry,
two long-time business partners
and lifelong friends who were best
men in each other's weddings.
Don lived on top of a giant hill that
took all the fun out of riding to the
beach, so he went online and bought
an electric bike. He loved it so much
that he bought another, and another,
and another... Before long, he wound
up with seven different electric
bikes in his garage!
His friends loved them too, and some
of them wanted their own, so he
opened up a shop in Newport Beach
that quickly became the largest
electric bicycle retailer in the US.
Soon, Don found himself frustrated
and disappointed with the poor quality
and boring style of all the electric
bikes on the market. He dreamt of
creating his own brand of electric
bikes that would live up to his high
standards and appeal to more people.
But he knew he couldn't do it alone,
and that's where Terry comes in.
H I S T O R Y - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
A Labor of Love
Grows into a
World class
customer service
earned us a special
place in the hearts
of customers