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"There's nothing like being an old dude with
bad legs on an e-bike blowing the mud flaps
off a young, fancy-pants bicycling athlete... It
tickles me to no end. Seriously, I haven't felt
this good in years."
Eat My Dust, Mr. Spandex
By Erik Hedegaard
noun: Pedego; plural noun: Pedegos
verb informal
verb: Pedego; present tense: Pedego-ing; past tense: Pedego-ed
noun: Pedego
1. A premium electric bike that is fun to ride, widely considered the greatest on Earth.
"I love my Pedego."
1. The act of riding a Pedego, often causing ear-to-ear smiles and childlike laughter.
"Let's go Pedego-ing together."
1. America's number one brand of electric bikes, known for world-class customer
"Pedego really cares about their customers."
I N T H E N E W S - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
P E D E G O D E F I N E D - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
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Also featured in: Inc., Entrepreneur, CBS, Fox News, Vanity Fair, Maxim, CNET, Woman's World, Good Day
America, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, SF Chronicle, and countless others.
"Riding his [Pedego] has helped bridge a
generation, he says, allowing him to ride
regularly with his sons, as well as his two
daughters, both in their 20s."
"They go from couch potatoes to fun seekers who
are out there breathing fresh air... It's life-changing."
"Little by little you find yourself asking for less and
less assistance and burning more calories."
Instead of Slowing Down, He
Revved Up With An E-Bike
Why are e-bikes all the rage?
Because they're plenty of fun to ride
Gadget Lust: The Pedego Electric Bike
Makes Exercise Look (and Feel) Easy
Wall Street Journal
Los Angeles Times
By Jen Murphy
By Roy M. Wallack
By David Weiss
"I am out on a gorgeous day biking roads I couldn't have biked
otherwise... It's as if some benign force in the universe is running
behind me and giving me a push."
I Sing the Bike Electric
By Joyce Wadler