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The secret to unleashing your full business
potential is to put your heart into it. Owning
a Pedego store is something you can be
passionate about it's both enjoyable and
fulfi lling. It feels good to see the smile on a
customer's face, or hear how riding a Pedego
has touched somebody's life.
And it's fun! At Pedego, we're serious about
fun. We believe it's the key to unlocking your
passion and achieving the ultimate happiness
and success in your life. And isn't that what
life is all about?
O W N A S T O R E - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
Imagine Earning
A Living Doing
You Love
Bryan Newman
Pedego La Quinta & Pedego Palm Springs
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This doesn't feel like
work to me! Every
day is an exciting
new adventure. I
literally jump out of
bed in the morning!