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My wife and I purchased our Pedegos in 2012, and they
are the best thing that ever happened to us! We have
always been active in backpacking, bike riding, off-road
ATV'ing, and the camping that goes along with it all.
We're both cancer survivors, and after growing a little
older and a little weakened by life's trials, the Pedego
bikes are empowering us to travel and experience the
active life we've always loved. Here is a picture of our
camp in Big Bear, CA (Yes, we are tent campers!)
I don't like trite phrases like "this changed my life", but
my Pedego has given me back something I dearly love
and thought I'd lost forever. I'm getting good exercise
and enjoying being outdoors more. But deep down
inside me there is still that little boy on the Stingray
flying down the road and feeling like the world's at my
feet. Thanks Pedego for giving me that back.
Surviving and Thriving
Inner Child Set Free
Family Fun
Instead of everyone doing their own thing, we're all enjoying the same experience
and having a lot of fun together. It puts a smile on everyone's face we love it!
Stacey, Shane, Sadie & Parker
Isolation to Empowerment
In one word, Pedego means freedom to me. I have
Stargardts Disease, a rare form of macular degeneration.
I had to give up driving about 10 years ago. Biking was
very hard to do in my neighborhood due to all of the
steep hills. I couldn't go to a business meeting without
being drenched in sweat. Now I go everywhere with my
Pedego. In fact, I have a trailer where I pull my guide dog
around. Pedego took me from isolation to empowerment.
Now We're Your Testimonials
My wife had a total knee replacement 2 years ago.
As a result, we kind of stopped being active. I gained
a bunch of weight, and it wasn't good. Last April
after talking to a friend who had purchased two
Pedegos, and after reading testimonials on Pedegos,
we decided to purchase two bikes. Now we're your
testimonials. In the past year, I have lost 80 pounds
and my wife never hesitates to go on an extended
Gary & Pier
L O V E S T O R I E S - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
L O V E S T O R I E S - P E D E G O E L E C T R I C B I K E S
Fur Babies
My wife and I love our Pedegos, and so do our fur
babies (2 French Bulldogs - Cricket and Truman)!
Our Pedegos have opened a whole new world
of sightseeing and local activity enjoyment!
Recently a black bear crossed the road right
in front of me, and I was very glad to have the
assurance of extra "get away power."