Southern California Bicyclist: Pedego Stretch 150 Mile Journey

The Pedego Stretch graced the cover of the Southern California Bicyclist Magazine this month. Inside is an exciting account of one man’s epic adventure from Santa Barbara to Orange County (about 150 miles) in a single day. The article includes lots of great photos.

“After a solid eight hours in the saddle, and three drained batteries later, I arrived home. The satisfaction of finishing was different from what I felt after my usual bike ride. I marveled at the possibilities afforded by such a simple machine… When I sunk into bed after my day’s adventure, I wondered: What else could be done without a car?”

Read the full Pedego Stretch article.

Pedego Stretch on Magazine Cover

Get Healthy Pedaling Pedego Electric Bikes in 2016

“Jim Gettin’ Slim” rides Pedego for substantial weight-loss goals; a growing selection of Pedego models disguise exercise as more fun than ever.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 12, 2016Pedego® Electric Bikes now offers more models and colors for even more opportunities to have fun while getting fit. Jim Clements, a Facebook blogger known as “Jim Gettin’ Slim,” has been chronicling his weight-loss experience the past two years for his 5,700 followers. Since weighing in at 500 pounds two years ago, he has lost more than 200 pounds. Today, he weighs 290 pounds and has set aggressive weight loss goals to lose 60 more pounds in 2016.  And commuting to work on his Pedego Interceptor electric bike is playing a major role.


“I have some big health goals for 2016, and my Pedego electric bike is helping get me there,” said Clements. “My Pedego Interceptor bike is beautiful and better built than any other I’ve ever owned.  And not only is it helping me get fit, it’s FUN!” Jim recommends riding a bike for its many health benefits, which include:

  • Lose Weight and Get Fit — Cycling can burn 500 calories per hour, helping cyclists lose or control their weight while improving their fitness.
  • Look and Feel 10 Years Younger — Studies have shown that regular cyclists enjoy the general health of someone approximately 10 years younger. Cycling can also help reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol and can even help fight cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In fact, women who ride 20 miles per week may reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 50 percent.
  • Boost Your Immunity — Regular cycling boosts a body’s defenses by up to 50 percent. You’re not just cycling; you’re riding away from germs.
  • Reduce Stress — Cycling reduces stress and promotes relaxation. In fact, studies have shown that regular exercise helps alleviate mild depression and anxiety.
  • Lift Your Regular exercise helps lift your mood and alleviate mild depression and anxiety by releasing endorphins, which create feelings of happiness.
  • Move Ahead of the Pack — Commuting by electric bicycle is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine because it doubles as transportation while still allowing you to arrive at work fresh and not sweaty — plus, it’s green. And fun!

Growing Selection of Pedego Models Disguise Exercise as Fun

Pedego is offering more ways than ever to have fun while getting fit. From the extra convenience of its new Latch folding electric bike to its new Ridge Rider rugged mountain bike, Pedego will fill the coming year with more ways than ever to disguise exercise as fun. Electric cycling has all the health benefits of regular cycling — including burning up to 500 calories per hour — but with the added benefit of keeping riders biking longer.


Folding Electric Bike: Fun That Fits Your Lifestyle

Pedego’s Latch folding electric bike brings a new level of convenience to fun and exercise. This handy electric bike folds to fit everyone’s lifestyle, whether tucked away on a private plane, boat, RV or simply stored in the trunk of a car. The Latch unfolds in 60 seconds then whisks its rider away with comfort and power that matches Pedego’s famous full-size electric bikes. Made of durable, rust-resistant 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, the Latch boasts an internally geared hub and belt drive system for a smooth, quiet ride and easy pedaling. Then, after a great ride, another 60 seconds is all it takes to fold and stash the Latch until the next ride.

Cruiser Electric Bikes: Panache and Pleasure

2016 will be a banner year for exciting new cruisin’ colors. The popular Pedego Interceptor is now available in three additional distinctive colors: lustrous Lilac and Salmon as well as cool Mineral Blue. Pedego’s Boomerang boasts an ultra-low step-thru cruiser-style electric bike that invites everyone back to the bike path. The extra-powerful Boomerang Plus is now available in beautiful Blue. The affordable Comfort Cruisers come in a rainbow of colors.  Pedego’s Tandem Cruiser, available in Classic Black or Candy Apple Red, offers double the fun by carrying two riders with its powerful 48-volt battery.

City Commuter Electric Bike: The Reign of Urbane

Now available in Merlot, a rich wine color, the City Commuter balances elegant color, Dutch Street style, comfortable geometry and unrivaled quality to achieve perfect harmony in bike lanes everywhere.  Just like a fine wine — all the elements come together perfectly.

Off-Road Electric Bikes: Exercise Disguised as Adventure

Two extra-rugged Pedego bikes fly riders to new heights of fun and excitement. The Pedego Ridge Rider is a wildly fun mountain bike that conquers the steepest slopes, thanks to Pedego’s proprietary new PedalSense Technology®, an advanced form of Pedal Assist that offers more torque to match the level of pedaling. It’s a Zen experience as the rider and bike merge into one being, flying together over mountaintops to view spectacular vistas. Coming soon, the newly redesigned fat-tired Trail Tracker glides riders over tough terrain — on sand, snow and gravel. This bike’s elegant curves in its frame design, as well as the addition of PedalSenseTechnology, deliver an exceptionally responsive bike. With both these models, exercise is more exciting and fun than ever before!

“Some say you’re cheating when you ride an electric bike,” said Don DiCostanzo, CEO of Pedego Electric Bikes.  “But you’re getting exercise and riding longer and farther than you ever could on a non-electric bike. And with our new models and colors, you’ll have even more reasons to say Hello fun!”

About Pedego

Pedego® Electric Bikes, the world’s premier electric bicycle brand, transforms people’s lives with fun and an abundance of delightful moments. Pedego’s stylish, colorful bikes boast the latest in electric bicycle technology and deliver a green alternative for transportation, exercise and recreation. Riders sail up hills and breeze through headwinds! Pedego “pedal or not” models include the Comfort Cruiser, City Commuter and Trail Tracker. Hailing from Orange County, Calif., Pedego is the fastest growing electric bicycle company in the world. Pedego electric bikes are sold in more than 800 stores in 40 countries. For more information, please visit

Coast Magazine

Coast Magazine: 5 Exhilarating and Innovative Ways to get your Exercise On

Coast Magazine listed Pedego Electric Bikes as one of five exhilarating and innovative ways to be active. They give some background on the company, describe how an electric bicycle works, and show how people can lose weight by riding.

“Picture yourself riding uphill on a bicycle – out of breath, weak at the knees, struggling to make it to the top. Take that same scenario, but replace the overexertion with effortless pedaling, freedom and fun. That’s the Pedego philosophy.”

Read the full Coast Magazine Article.

Riding an Electric Bike in the desert

Pedego Electric Bikes Henderson on the Wetlands Trail

Henderson, Nevada prides itself on its award winning beautiful parks and trails system. The trails cover over 120 miles throughout the city. This video is a beautiful bike ride sponsored by Pedego Henderson, highlighting Pedego Electric Bikes. The video shows the ease of riding a Pedego Electric Bike on long distances. Especially for those riders who have mobility problems, and can no longer make those long rides on difficult terrain.

This ride started on Henderson’s Wetlands Trail in Clark County’s Wetlands Park. The trail is paved and is wide enough to accommodate bike riders passing each other. The trail meanders through the heavily vegetated wetlands area, and soon crosses the Las Vegas Wash. The trail opens up to views of the mountains surrounding the Las Vegas Valley, and even the Las Vegas Strip.

The ride continued all the way to Lake Las Vegas Resort, where the riders took a short break to take pictures. The ride back was just as easy. Round trip was a total of twenty-five miles, and the battery life for the electric motors still had plenty of capacity at the end of the ride.

For more information on Pedego Electric Bikes, contact owner Howard “Mr. Electric Bike” Ickes at 702-366-9300 or visit our website at

Yahoo travel logo

Yahoo Travel: Pedego Corona Del Mar Electric Bike Tour

A Electric Bike tour from Pedego Corona Del Mar made Yahoo Travel’s list of the top 10 reasons to visit Newport Beach. The author writes that it was her favorite outdoor adventure in the area.

“Pedego bikes look like regular beach cruisers, and you can pedal them just like any other bike. But — here’s the brilliance — heading into a hill or feeling a little bit lazy? You can twist a handlebar, and battery power kicks in to coast you right along.”

Yahoo Travel: 10 Reasons Why You Should Vacation in Newport Beach This Winter