Fun Exercise

Looking for a new way to be able to shed a few pounds?  Bored with going to the gym?

Riding a bike is a great form of exercise and it is fun!  We are constantly asked, “How can you lose weight riding an electric bike?”  Great question!

The answer is as simple as you will ride your electric bike more often because it is fun.  Most people do not ride a bicycle today because there is a hill or a headwind that they just do not want to fight anymore.  On a Pedego electric bike, you can go for that ride, pedaling most of the time knowing that if you do approach a hill, you can get up it with the assist of the electric motor.  If you do tire out, you can still get home with the electric motor.  The bottom line is that you will ride a lot more than usual because it is so enjoyable! Click on the digital catalog on the right to learn more about Pedego electric bicycles.

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6th Gear

Pedego bikes are smooth, fast, and fun to get around on. About 90% of my travels are on a Pedego cruiser. The battery provides more than enough for my daily rides. The brakes are awesome, and the overall performance is incredible.

Great Bike

I love this bike! It gives the boost when you need it and is easy to pedal and cruise when you don’t. I mostly wanted to get out and enjoy biking again and this has definitely fit the bill. Thanks.