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National Bike to Work Tips for Pedego Riders

May 11–15 is National Bike to Work Week, and for those who have been enjoying their Pedego rides on the weekends, now’s the time to try riding to work. Truth is, a lot of Pedego riders enjoy their daily commutes on the ultimate electric bicycle. If you’re riding your Pedego to work for the first time, you’ll want to be prepared … for when your chic bike attracts attention! What do you say when co-workers ask about commuting on a Pedego electric bike? Here are some great reasons you can share for enjoying all that FUN on your way to work:

Healthy Fun

The 2015 motto for Pedego is “exercise disguised as fun” — which just about sums it up. Bike riding is a healthy activity, and when it’s fun — when you count down the minutes until your next ride — you know you’re benefitting from each ride. Even with a power assist, the activity of pedaling burns a lot of calories and builds muscle all over your body. Depending on your weight and how fast you are riding, you can burn 35–70 calories for every mile you ride. What’s more, riding a Pedego electric bike is low impact, promotes balance, and provides a great overall cardio workout.

More Green in Your Pocket

Pedego owners have been thrilled by the savings these bikes provide. You can commute to work at a fraction of what you’d spend in a year for a car or motorcycle. Riding a Pedego instead of driving a car could save you a lot of money on insurance, registration, gas, parking and car payments — enough to pay for your Pedego. Maybe that’s why Pedego commuters have such a big grin!

A Clean Kind of Green

Pedego commuters smile big as they sail past gas stations because they know they’re not cheating the environment when they ride an electric bike — one of the greenest modes of transportation available today. What a fun and easy way to minimize your carbon footprint!

Rock Star Parking

So you finally finish inching through a traffic jam in your car, and you make it to work … but now you have the extra fun of hunting for a parking space. Forget all that! On a Pedego electric bike, you always have primo parking waiting for you. Glide past the traffic jam and arrive at work, fresh, smiling and ready to seize the day.

Pedego Irvine Storefront

Spotlight on Small Business – Pedego Irvine

The following article is from the Irvine Community News and Views.

Pedego IrvineBob Bibee lived in Huntington Beach and worked in the aerospace industry, when he decided people were not meant to work in a 10’x10’ office.  Eventually, he moved to Irvine, opening PEDEGO two years ago. Bob, his wife Yo, and their three children have now lived in Irvine for 19 years.

Bob’s mission and passion is helping people to leave cars at home and use bikes for errands, commuting and just plain fun! “Irvine,” he says, “is probably the best location in the world for bike lanes and off-street trails. It’s just incredible.”

“Electric bikes help cross the bridge between those who love to ride and those who may struggle to ride. Electric bikes provide fresh, exciting, fun outdoor activity for families – and include Tandems, Tag-a-longs and Trailers for youngsters.”

PEDEGO’s initial targeted demographic was baby boomers – some perhaps with problem hips or knees, MS, obesity — issues that discourage biking because of hills, inclines, and distance.  Enter the E-bike!  Now, Bob’s clients can be seen with what he calls the PEDEGO SMILE — they say they “feel like a kid again.”

Even millennials are on board.  For example, one 20-year old student’s parents offered to buy a car for her 24-mile round-trip commute to work.  Her response? “But I don’t want a car – I want this E-bike.”

The Pedego business model includes hosting corporate events for Boards of Directors, for Team-Building, and for corporate Sales Staff.  His hosted events provide full connectivity for meetings and presentations on site.  It’s so much better than a sterile hotel.

How’s this for a perfect business day hosted by Pedego?  Breakfast catered by Champagne Bakery — coffee and quiche; lunch with a team-building scenic ride to Strawberry Farms offering outdoor and indoor dining; and late afternoon artisan cheese and baguettes from Champagne Bakery.  Also, there’s the intimate Pub and Wine Bar with cool music.

PEDEGO is the perfect business, in the perfect community, in the perfect Woodbridge Village Center – and Irvine is the perfect hub for hundreds of miles of unparalleled, beautiful biking experiences.

Special events at PEDEGO will be announced throughout 2015.  Stop by anytime.  You’ll be amazed!

Pedego Irvine Bob

Pedego Irvine — The Pedego Smile

Original article from Bike Exchange

What makes someone working in aerospace turn their career from satellites to bikes? If you ask Bob Bibee, it has a lot to do with the Pedego Smile. “You know – that massive grin you get on your face as soon as you jump on one of these bikes. There’s also the Pedego Squeal,” explains Bob. The bikes he’s talking about are e-bikes, and they’re the Next Big Thing in the US. Having taken Europe by storm, Americans are realising just what a sensation electric bikes are. “Pedego began back in 2007 and by 2009 the business was in full production. From then, orders pretty much doubled every year until 2013, when demand just went to a whole new level. Wow – it blew out the seams that year! 2014 didn’t slow down and we’re already two months into 2015 and everyone’s run off their feet. In a good way!” said Bob.

Fat Tire Electric BikeSo what are e-bikes?

They look like a bike, they feel like a bike, but they’re electric motor assisted. So you have a choice of riding them as you would a normal bike, or you can kick in some juice and get a bit of power to assist. Low-speed e-bikes (which can therefore be deemed as ‘normal’ bikes and used on the same tracks as any other rider) provide pedalling assistance up to 20-miles an hour.

display_Pedego_eBike_2_Stacy_PeterWho’s riding e-bikes?

Pedego Electric Bikes founder Don DiConstanzo used to love going to his local beach. He’d take his bike there, but the problem was every time he then headed home he was faced with a nasty hill climb. It turned him off wanting to take the bike in the first place. He heard about e-bikes and decided to buy one and give it a go. It was pretty clunky, cumbersome and not all that enjoyable, but it did get him up the hill. And that got him thinking – maybe he could improve this experience? Maybe he could make his own e-bike? That’s not only where the Pedego story starts, it also explains a large portion of Americans who are now flocking to buy their own e-bike. Baby boomers who want to be outdoors and want to be active, but don’t want to have to put their bodies through gruelling physical effort; just pure enjoyment. They’re also great for people with health problems – an e-bike allows them a form of exercise and a chance to be active in fresh air.

But the people who have Bob especially excited are the young ones – commuters who are cottoning onto this ticket to ride. It’s no longer a novelty for someone in their early 20s to walk into Bob’s store and declare they’re not buying a car; they’re not wasting their money on the gas or their time sitting in traffic jams. Instead, they’re going to get an e-bike so they can commute freely and easily, turn up to work without smelling like they’ve had a work-out, and save cash while they’re at it.

display_Pedego_eBike_1_Nature_Trails‘e’ doesn’t mean ‘end of exercise’

The beauty of an e-bike is that it gives the rider options. Sure you can kick in some juice to make your journey faster and easier, but you don’t have to. Instead, you can rely on the 6 or 7-gear bike to give you your daily dose of exercise. Some of us start work with the best intentions of going to the gym before heading home. Reality rarely pans out that way…! But what if you ride your e-bike to work and get the exercise at the start of the day, then just kick in some juice and zoom home quick as a flash once you’ve knocked off? It’s the bike-world version of having your cake and eating it, too! But back to Bob, and the awesome things happening in Irvine Did you know that Irvine CA is home to a rabbit warren of some of the most incredible bike trails in the country? No? Well – you’re not the only one. Just last week Bob took some friends out riding who’d been living in the area for 14 years. They hadn’t a clue these trails were almost on their doorstep, and had been all along. They were astounded. It’s a surprisingly common story, but Bob’s about to change all that. If you ask Bob, his Pedego Bike Store is located in the best place in the world for this business, and he’s come up with some pretty awesome ways on how to make the most of it. What does an e-bike have to do with making your work more fun and productive? Sure you can go visit Bob and his team if you’re in the market for a Pedego e-bike (as well as a smaller number of KHS bikes), but you can do a lot more than that…. The store has recently converted its upstairs space into a small pub and wine bar on one side, and a cool conference centre on the other. In doing so, Bob’s created the kind of off-site corporate experience that takes the boredom out of boardroom.

It goes something like this: – Your work team (up to 10 people) arrives at Pedego Irvine and heads to the conference room (complete with full audio visual) to kick off the day – Two stores down from Pedego is the most delicious French bakery, and so Bob’s got you covered with très bon breakfast catering delivered to the conference room. Café au chocolat, anyone? – Nearing lunch time it’s time to break, so you all head downstairs where you’re each introduced to your rental e-bike and given an easy run-down of how things work – On you all jump and off you all head into the trails for some exhilarating riding – With tummies starting to rumble you head to Strawberry Farms, the most wonderful restaurant snuggled on a nearby golf course – You indulge in a sensational lunch (at 20% off for Pedego friends) before jumping on your trusty steeds and heading back to ‘work’ for an afternoon session – You finish the day by closing the books and taking a few steps over to the pub/wine bar for a cheeky refreshment Now that’s a productive day in the office! How can a team not be inspired after a session like that? It’s just one of the many ideas Bob is rolling out at his store, which has the added bonus of being located just four miles from Pedego’s international head office and factory.

display_Pedego_eBike_3_PedEx_DeliveryWork perks

Being so close to the heart and soul of Pedego means Bob’s Irvine store is pretty much the brand’s showcase. Although Irvine was the 30th Pedego store when it opened, there’s now something like 70 worldwide, making it a sensational home-grown success story. “I know these bikes back to front. I could pull one apart entirely and build it back up from scratch. I could answer any question you could possibly think of about e-bikes. But nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to just jumping on and having a ride. The moment you do that, you just get it,” said Bob. And having a ride is no trouble at all in the Irvine store. Their floor stock is always complete and if for any reason Bob needs a bike at short notice, he just jumps on his own and rides over to head office, picks it up on his bike trailer and takes it back. It’s how he often makes local bike deliveries to his customers, as well. “I call it PedEx delivery,” he smiles.

Bob does in fact do a lot of grinning, as do his customers. Maybe that remark about the Pedego Smile isn’t too far off the mark at all…..


Better than an Exercise Bike at the Gym

“We have lots of curious cyclists visiting the showroom. A few of them will say having pedal-assistance is ‘cheating’. Some are even horrified at the suggestion that they should get one.

However, an e-bike is just like an exercise bike at the gym. You dial up or dial down the power depending on whether you want a light or heavy workout, or whether you want to do cardio work or resistance training. They’re better than an exercise bike at the gym because you can explore the Great Outdoors on one.

Our e-bike survey even showed that e-bike owners cycle more than they did on conventional bikes.”

-Neil Ridulfa: Electric Bike Retailer