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Spotlight on Small Business – Pedego Irvine

The following article is from the Irvine Community News and Views.

Pedego IrvineBob Bibee lived in Huntington Beach and worked in the aerospace industry, when he decided people were not meant to work in a 10’x10’ office.  Eventually, he moved to Irvine, opening PEDEGO two years ago. Bob, his wife Yo, and their three children have now lived in Irvine for 19 years.

Bob’s mission and passion is helping people to leave cars at home and use bikes for errands, commuting and just plain fun! “Irvine,” he says, “is probably the best location in the world for bike lanes and off-street trails. It’s just incredible.”

“Electric bikes help cross the bridge between those who love to ride and those who may struggle to ride. Electric bikes provide fresh, exciting, fun outdoor activity for families – and include Tandems, Tag-a-longs and Trailers for youngsters.”

PEDEGO’s initial targeted demographic was baby boomers – some perhaps with problem hips or knees, MS, obesity — issues that discourage biking because of hills, inclines, and distance.  Enter the E-bike!  Now, Bob’s clients can be seen with what he calls the PEDEGO SMILE — they say they “feel like a kid again.”

Even millennials are on board.  For example, one 20-year old student’s parents offered to buy a car for her 24-mile round-trip commute to work.  Her response? “But I don’t want a car – I want this E-bike.”

The Pedego business model includes hosting corporate events for Boards of Directors, for Team-Building, and for corporate Sales Staff.  His hosted events provide full connectivity for meetings and presentations on site.  It’s so much better than a sterile hotel.

How’s this for a perfect business day hosted by Pedego?  Breakfast catered by Champagne Bakery — coffee and quiche; lunch with a team-building scenic ride to Strawberry Farms offering outdoor and indoor dining; and late afternoon artisan cheese and baguettes from Champagne Bakery.  Also, there’s the intimate Pub and Wine Bar with cool music.

PEDEGO is the perfect business, in the perfect community, in the perfect Woodbridge Village Center – and Irvine is the perfect hub for hundreds of miles of unparalleled, beautiful biking experiences.

Special events at PEDEGO will be announced throughout 2015.  Stop by anytime.  You’ll be amazed!


Better than an Exercise Bike at the Gym

“We have lots of curious cyclists visiting the showroom. A few of them will say having pedal-assistance is ‘cheating’. Some are even horrified at the suggestion that they should get one.

However, an e-bike is just like an exercise bike at the gym. You dial up or dial down the power depending on whether you want a light or heavy workout, or whether you want to do cardio work or resistance training. They’re better than an exercise bike at the gym because you can explore the Great Outdoors on one.

Our e-bike survey even showed that e-bike owners cycle more than they did on conventional bikes.”

-Neil Ridulfa: Electric Bike Retailer


Pedego’s Participation at Google’s Earth Day Celebration

Pedego Electric Bikes just participated in Google’s 2 wheeled vehicle demo event. In celebration of Earth Day, Google invited a handful of big-name electric vehicle manufacturers to the Googleplex to promote alternative transportation. With over 20,000 employees at their Mountain View, CA campus, Google is hoping to alleviate some heavy morning traffic by encouraging those living within a reasonable distance to bike to work.

Pedego gave free test rides throughout the day to hundreds of Googlers, showcasing our entire line of electric bikes. As we had anticipated, the City Commuter was the crowd favorite due to its magnificent form and function design elements.  The Pedego Trail Tracker was also a favorite with a line of people waiting to take it for a ride on the designated track.



The Perfect Bike for Individuals with Breathing Disorders such as COPD

Never in my life did I ever dream of spending $2,000 for a bike and then not only buying one buying one but two, one for my wife and one for myself. We love them and have never regretted our Pedego purchase. It is just, as you might say, what the doctor ordered. We both love riding, not racing style but leisurely through neighborhoods. About eight years ago, we purchased our first set of regular bikes together and then about four years ago our second set. On the weekends during the spring and summer months, we would load our bikes on the back of the car, drive to a new neighborhood and ride for an hour or so. Though we love to ride it was often difficult to enjoy.  My wife has COPD and gets winded very easily. Riding into the slightest wind, or up the smallest incline was impossible without often stopping to take a break.

Then one Saturday, I was driving along and passed by this electric bike store. I went in, asked questions and before I knew what was happening, I was test riding a Pedego Comfort Cruiser. I thought that this would be ideal for my wife. I wanted to purchase one for her and surprise her with it, but at that price, the surprise was out of question. My thought was that I could get her one and then I could continue riding my regular bike. My wife worked that day so when she got home, I took her to the store, this part was a surprise. We each took a Pedego out for a test ride. It was during the test ride that I concluded that one bike would not do. Though I am in fairly good shape, there was no way I would be able to keep up with her. When we got back to the store, we talked for a few minutes and ended up purchasing both.

We have only had these bikes for a little less than a year but have ridden all over the city. We even revisited Back Bay State Park which is a very tough 18 mile round trip over gravel, dirt, and sad. It is beautiful scenery but my wife hesitated in making the trip since we did it several years earlier and realized it wasn’t much fun due to her breathing disorder. She, we, thoroughly enjoyed the ride. It was not a difficult ride and we were both able to enjoy the view. We have even put our bikes on the back of our car and driven 7 hours to ride on a 35 mile round trip on a bike path along side old railroad tracks. We intend to do this at least once a year. We also rode on the 40 mile bike trip throughout Virginia Beach. You are probably wondering how we rode 40 miles with a battery that has a charge for 20 to 25 miles. I use the battery as little as possible, only when I really need it to get up a hill or against a stronger wind. This way, I preserve my battery and when my wife’s gets to about ¼ charge, we switch batteries. We probably could have gotten 45 to 50 miles this way. My next purchase will be two more batteries so we can carry a spare with us, which will double our riding distance.

This is a perfect bike for those with COPD that want to get our and ride but cannot. What a great slogan, “The perfect bike for those with COPD.” We have found, and sure others will as well, that even through these bikes are expensive, they are ideal for those that want to get outside and once again enjoy a bike ride but cannot due to some sort of breathing disorder. We would have purchased these year ago had we realized that there were such bikes that she could ride without worrying if the wind was going to kick up or if the bike path had a small include. With this bike it opens up a whole new world of activities one can do. It also doesn’t hurt getting many compliments from both kids and adults on how cool our electric bikes look.

Start building your perfect Pedego electric bike!