Pedego®, the US-based electric bike company known for using top-of-the line components and sleek, comfortable styling and design is growing at an unprecedented rate. In the company’s brief two year history, Pedego® has catapulted to the second place overall sales position for electric bike brands in the United States and earned a 5-star status on

Pedego is the combined efforts of two baby boomer entrepreneurs, Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, both with a vision to differentiate Pedego®, from all other e-bikes. They achieved this through sleek styling, advanced technology, top-of-the-line components and comfortable designs. The Pedego brand offers fun for people of all ages with a specific emphasis on the 40-plus market. The zero- emissions bikes offer up to 30 miles per charge and pose significantly lower environmental impact than cars.

According to Pedego®, CEO, Don DiCostanzo, “We always knew that the best way to get people back on a bike was to create a comfortable ride with reliable parts and components. Everything from the Shimano gears to triple-coated durable finishes are among the best available in the industry. Pedego®, offers the Comfort Cruiser with a powerful brushless, gearless hub motor and lightweight, removable lithium battery pack that can run up to 30 miles per charge and can be recharged quickly. In addition, Pedego also has the Interceptor e- bike with a 48-volt battery and a proprietary 500 watt electromagnetic motor.”

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