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Pedego Electric Bikes store in Boise, Idaho. Electric bicycle sales, rentals, accessories, and service.

My husband Dan and I rented Pedego Trail Trackers for a whole weekend two summers ago. We had a blast!! Within the first day, we were hooked. Our old house was in an area where there were some steep hills and long grades to get to our friends houses and the places we liked to go. Our Pedego bikes made the ride so much more enjoyable. We pedaled until we couldn’t pedal any more and then we let the bike do the work. We both grew up riding bikes and doing motorsports so the Pedego bikes brought both of those worlds together for us. They are so much fun!

Once we had our daughter, we decided we wanted a couple of our own, so last summer we ordered two Trail Trackers. Our daughter LOVES to go for bike rides and it’s nice to have the pedal assist levels to allow you to still work and when you need it, just a little help. The Boise area is so bike friendly and beautiful! Riding our bikes on the Greenbelt is such an easy way to get out in this beautiful city and enjoy why we love it here so much. There are so many trails and places to take our bikes that we enjoy, so we decided we wanted to share the opportunity with others. After a visit from our Pedego team where we got our bikes, we were convinced that Pedego Boise needed to become a reality.

We are very excited to offer Rentals, Sales and Tours to the community. We are located accross the street from the Greenbelt so renters will have easy access to a beautiful ride. Since the bikes typically can go 25-35 miles on a single charge, customers can ride all the way to Lucky Peak or into Eagle and back depending on how much you pedal or use the motor. We will also keep a good stock of the many Pedego models for sale and rent so that you can see in person all the great features.

Pedego Electric Bikes are fun for everyone. They help open the doors to enjoying long bike rides for anyone who may have thought they could no longer ride due to physical fitness limitations, hills, distance , and even knee problems. Pedego has a wide variety of bikes so that everyone can find the right fit and enjoy the ride. They have combined great style and function. We are so looking forward to this new adventure. We hope you stop in to meet us, check out our selection, and take one for a spin.

Dan & Nicole West

Pedego Boise Blog

Hello. I’m sure I will introduce myself from time to time throughout the next few months, but for this first post I want to tell you who I am and why I’m writing for Pedego Boise.
I’m Ben.  A local photographer here in beautiful Boise with my also beautiful wife, Joella. We run Ben+Joella photography.
Back story: I was shooting some stock photos and a little family photos for Slow by Slow Coffee in Downtown Boise earlier this year.  Some kids and peeps were riding by on REALLY nice bikes, I recruited them to ride back by in a photographic manner so as to add a level of styling and story to the photos.  Dan swung back around and introduced himself.  Super friendly guy and really excited about the opening of Pedego on Parkcenter.  Long story short, Joella and I went into the shop on opening week, took out a couple of bikes for a spin and loved it.  Told the in-laws, they went and had Nicole drop a couple of bikes off at their house to rent for a weekend.  It was a blast.  Thats how Dan and Nicole became our friends. They’re the owners of the Pedego Boise store.  Check it out here or here
Now, the point of these posts are for a few reasons.  Most importantly is for fun!  The bikes are fun, so its only fitting that I contribute to a fun blog about them and the fun they bring to my life. I hope it’s entertaining and informational.  But if I’m not having fun, then I’m not doing this anymore. Although I maybe a little longwinded at times, it should be entertaining! Trust me.  Not like the entertainment you got from grandma’s house as a kid.  More like pop on the 3D glasses and enjoy the surround sound. (disclaimer: 3D glass not needed to view this or any future blogs).
A little Q&A:
-What Bike are you riding these days:
Since it’s Winter here and there is snow and ice on the ground…The awesome Fat Tire Pedego bike also known as the Trail Tracker.
-How long have you been testing out the sweet ride?
Glad you asked.  It has been about 5 weeks that I have been testing the ropes on the Trail Tracker.  Like most enthusiasts,  I was a little skeptical of the electronics.  After a few rides, I get it now and you will get it too, trust me. It’s nice! Oddly enough I work out of my house so I don’t have to commute to work everyday.  But I do have “things” to do.  Lots of them. Like a nerd, I go to the Library (great resource for business FYI, including membership), grocery store, movies, coffee, and sometimes to check job sites (I’m also a Project Manager for our family construction business).  So lots of running around.  I can’t stay home for a single day. Even on sick days I get out of the house… usually..
-What are your thoughts about riding the bike to get around so far?
I will have more thoughts in the next blog.  Practical things from a real person. Like rideabilty, batter life, comfort. Etc. But for now here are a few photos from the last few weeks.  Stay tuned and Happy Christmas.

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