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3230 Jefferson Ave, Suite A
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Pedego Electric Bikes store in Cincinnati, Ohio. Electric bicycle sales, rentals, accessories and service.

About Pedego Cincinnati

We bid you a “HELLO FUN!” welcome to Pedego Cincinnati!  Pedego Cincinnati Sales, Tours and Rentals is located in the charming, eco-friendly, gas light district of Clifton, close to the University of Cincinnati and our city’s major hospitals. Our Pedego electric bikes combine the latest styles and functions to make cycling fun and accessible to the greatest number of people.  We are aware that 98 percent of us are not cyclists presently, often due to health issues, bad knees, and inability to ride long distances and traverse steep hills. As Cincinnatians, where we love our chilli with spaghetti, we are too familiar with the abundant and steep inclines. With our bikes, these issues are put to rest. Pedego electric bikes offers riders the opportunity to have power assistance as much and when they need it. Climbing the hills, going long distances, keeping up with your faster friends become easy, even enjoyable.

Come in and visit with us. We will even offer you a cup of coffee or water. Give us the opportunity to share a test ride with you. We just know you will become as big an electric bike enthusiast as we are. Also, you can rent our bikes or take one of many wonderful, guided tours at reasonable rates.

We are so confident you will enjoy Pedego electric bikes, we guarantee that you will come back from your ride wearing a smile, breathing comfortably while exclaiming, “HELLO, FUN!”

Listen to what people are saying about Pedego Cincinnati:

“I can use my Pedego Comfort Cruiser all around my Clifton neighborhood.  It’s attractive, fun, easy to ride.  I can do my shopping even.” – Chris

“I want an electric bike so my wife, who has trouble keeping up with me, can continue to ride along with me.”  — Ron

“I will use my Pedego electric bike to get back-and-forth to my classes as UC.  I will save so much on gas!” – UC graduate student

“I can ride this bike all my life and never, ever get tired!” — JK

“OOO, I love this Pedego Super Cruiser!” – Clemente, UC football player

“I haven’t had this much fun riding a bike in over 40 years!” – Bill

“It’s no problem for me to ride this bike, even two weeks after surgery on my knee, and my wife loves it, too!” – Glen

“Everywhere I go, people stop and ask me, ‘What is that and where did you get it?” — Wayne

  • Pedego Comfort Cruiser
  • $15 / hour
  • $45 / day