Pedego Phoenix

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1334 W. Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85013

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Pedego Electric Bikes store in Phoenix, Arizona. Electric bicycle sales and service.

About Pedego Phoenix

Cycling is undergoing something of a revolution in E-bikes and Pedego Phoenix is the place in the valley where one can go to try out the Cadillac of electric bicycles, Pedego Electric Bikes.

My interest in electric bicycles goes back to 2006 When I acquired a EV Global e bike created by product visionary Lee Iacocca. The bike was heavy and the lead acid battery was of limited range but it made fast work of hills and riding against the wind. At 56 with by-pass surgery the creation of some power assistance made bicycling fun again.

For those who might think of an electric bike as cheating, the thing to remember is that an electric-assist bike is, first and foremost, a pedal-powered bicycle with an electric-assist motor for the rider when more power is required. Consider that not everyone has the energy and stamina to ride a pedal only bike in a competitive lean-forward riding position. The creation of some power
assistance to overcome hills and winds has made it possible for many people who would not likely ride, let alone purchase, another bicycle in their lifetime enjoy the pleasure of riding again.

In 2010 while on vacation in San Diego with our Giant electric bicycles my wife and I had the opportunity to try out a Pedego Electric Bike. WOW! This Pedego had 500 watts of power twice the power of my 250 watt pedal assist bike had. Now this is what a electric bike should be like! After thoroughly researching Pedego bicycles on the web, I purchased my first Pedego. Soon after I opened a Pedego dealership in Phoenix.

Electric bikes are the next step in the evolution of the bicycle. A bicycle is as an efficient means of transportation but people are often scared off by hills and long distance peddling, electric bicycles solves this problem.

If you are interested in trying out a Pedego Electric Bike and are in the Phoenix area come in for a test ride and experience the Fun and exhilaration of the Pedego bicycle. Whether it’s to get you up the hills or back home after a long day, the simple twist throttle lets you tap into Pedego’s efficient power supply, allowing the smooth electric motor to do the work. What we sell is FUN.

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