Pedego Santa Monica

214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 917-1111

Pedego Electric Bikes store in Santa Monica. Electric bicycle sales, rentals, tours, accessories and service.


Pedego is the #1 brand of electric bikes in America because they cater to ordinary people like us rather than athletes and hardcore cyclists.

Pedegos are the very best electric bikes on earth because they’re the most fun and easy to ride!

That’s why Pedego owners don’t like their bikes – they love em’!!!

About Pedego Santa Monica

As a family, we used to ride bicycles together fairly often. After riding for a while, two of us would say, “Let’s go, go ,go!” One person would say, “Let’s go home.” That member (no names please) researched electric bikes and introduced them to the rest of our family. That was it; we all fell in love with electric bikes.

In 2010, we wanted to open a family business that we would all enjoy.  Pedego Santa Monica was born and became the first electric bicycle tour business in Santa Monica. Santa Monica has award-winning beaches and an amazing, rich and colorful history. Eclectic Venice’s ocean front walk and surrounding areas are equally as interesting along a 26-mile bike path perfect for your cruise.

Pedego electric bikes combine style and function to open up cycling to anyone who might otherwise not be getting the benefits from bike riding. Many people would like to ride a bike, but find it impractical or impossible because of hills, distance, health reasons, knee problems, aging, or the inconvenience of having to shower and change at work. PEDEGO™ electric bikes make biking much more accessible to the 98% of the population who aren’t currently cyclists.

We know you’ll love it so much, that we guarantee that you will come back from your ride wearing a huge smile!