Pedego Solana Beach

238 North Cedros Ave
Solana Beach, CA 92075

(858) 764-2979

Pedego Electric Bikes store in Solana Beach, California. Electric bicycle sales, rentals, tours, accessories and service.

Couple on Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Rentals

  • 36V (weight under 220)
  • $15 / Hour
  • $45 / Day
    (open to close)
  • $60 / 24 Hours
  • $120 / 3 Days
  • $150 / Week
  • 48V (weight 221-265)
  • $18 / Hour
  • $54 / Day
    (open to close)
  • $70 / 24 Hours
  • $148 / 3 Days
  • $225 / Week
  • 48V Tandem/Fat Tire
  • $25 / Hour
  • $75 / Day
    (open to close)
  • $100 / 24 Hours
  • $175 / 3 Days
  • $275 / Week
  • Non Electric 7-Speed
  • $10 / Hour
  • $24 / Day
    (open to close)
  • $36 / 24 Hours
  • $50 / 3 Days
  • $80 / Week
  • Trailer
  • $10 / Hour
  • $20 / Day
    (open to close)
  • $30 / 24 Hours
  • $40 / 3 Days
  • $50 / Week

Electric Bike Tours

Coastal and Coaster Train Tour


  • Ride 20 miles of coastline on Pedego electric bikes, HELLO FUN!
  • Enjoy incredible views with many places to stop and take pictures, shop and eat
  • Ride 20 miles of coastline aboard the Coaster Train.  Its fun, clean and very safe!
  • Train ticket included in tour
  • Fun for visitors, Sunday brunch rides, birthdays and group events


This self-guided tour is our most popular tour. The tour begins at our store where you pick up your Pedego Electric bike. Across the street from our store is the Solana Beach Coaster Train Station. Hop on the train with your bike as there are bike racks in every train car. Enjoy the train ride up the coast to Oceanside. The trains are clean and very safe. We even provide your train ticket.

This tour is great for locals looking for something fun to do, and for visiting friends who want to explore our local area without their car. No parking problem, no traffic jams and easy access to everything makes this tour a hit with everyone. There are bike lanes the entire route that we recommend you follow.

Once you get off the train in Oceanside you can visit the Oceanside Marina and then head south along the coast on your electric bike. There are beautiful coastal view for the entire ride back to Solana Beach. You will pass through Oceanside, Carlsbad, Lucadia, Encinitas, Cartiff by the Sea and Solana Beach. The entire route is about 20 miles and you will be riding on the ocean side of Coast Highway the entire route.

There are many great seaside restaurants, shops and activities to keep you entertained all day. Take your time as you have the bikes for the entire day.

Advanced reservations are a must as we need to coordinate your departure with the departure times on the Coaster Train in Solana Beach. Call today at 858.764.2979 if you want something to do that is truly unique, fun and affordable.

  • 36V (weight under 180)
  • $50
  • 48V (weight over 180)
  • $59

San Dieguito Park Picnic and Back Country Ride


This tour departs from our Pedego Solana Beach store and is a great tour to experience with the person you love or would like to love. It’s also fun for folks who just want to get away for a day in the park, riding an electric bike and hiking some easy hiking trails. We include a delicious lunch in an insulated bike pack with an ice pack to keep your lunch fresh. The Park features large grass areas with plenty of trees and lush landscaping. You will find picnic tables snuggled around the trees throughout the Park. This is a self-guided tour so take your time, go where you want, when you want. Finish your day with a stop at Carruth Cellars in the Cedros Design District, just a block from our store, and enjoy a glass of wine with cheese and crackers. If a craft beer is more to your liking we suggest Culture Brewing Co. also in the Cedros Design District.


This tour departs from our Pedego Solana Beach store and is a great way to spend the day with the one you love or would like to love. We provide everything you will need, except the romance. That is up to you! You will select the sandwich you want when you make your reservations and pay for your tour. When you arrive we will have your Pedego Electric Bike waiting for you with an insulated bike pack for your lunch. We include a delicious sandwich from “Claires on Cedros” restaurant which is next door to our store. Along with the sandwich we include a bottle of drinking water, a bag of chips and a cookie. We even include a Blue Ice packet to keep everything fresh until you are ready to enjoy it.

When you arrive at the Park, about 4 miles from Pedego Solana Beach, you are free to explore the park as all the roads in the park are bike friendly. There are vast grass areas with abundant trees and lush landscaping. All areas of the park have plenty of picnic tables. Find the perfect spot and stop to enjoy your lunch. After lunch explore the area on your bike or by foot on numerous easy hiking trails. This is a self- guided tour, so go at your own pace and go where you want. As you return to Solana Beach, just a block from our store is the Cedros Design District and a winery called “Carruth Cellars”. They have won many awards for their wines. Why not stop and enjoy a glass of wine with cheese and crackers to toast your perfect day. If a craft beer is more to your liking we suggest Culture Brewing Co. also in the Cedros Design District.

This tour is fun for everyone from couples to groups who want a fun way to spend the day. The bikes are yours from “Open to Close” of our shop. So take a few hours or most of the day, it’s up to you. Give us a call with any questions or to make reservations. Our rental fleet of bikes is small so reserve early.

When you make your reservations, we will ask for your height and weight so that we can reserve the right bike for you. If you reserve on line please include your phone number so we can call you for your lunch order. This tour must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.

  • 36V (weight under 220)
  • $65
  • 48V (weight 221-265)
  • $80
Lunch Menu

All of our lunches are prepared by Claires On Cedros Bakery and Cafe. They are located next door to our store. The following are your choices for lunch. All lunches are packed in an insulated bag that is attached to the bikes and included a blue ice packet to keep everything fresh. We also include napkins and a small trash bag for your wrappings.

  1. Roasted Lamb SandwichThin sliced roasted leg of lamb with peperonata, goat cheese, arugula, sliced tomato and mint pesto. Served on Grilled Sourdough bread. Also included is a bag of Claires homemade potato chips, a freshly baked cookie and a bottle of cold water.
  2. Fried Green Tomato Sandwich – Cornmeal crusted fried green tomatoes, red tomatoes, jack cheese, lettuce, chipotle aioli, and mango coleslaw served on toasted multigrain bread.  Also included is a bag of Claires homemade potato chips, a freshly baked cookie and a bottle of cold water.
  3. TJ Turkey ClubOven roasted turkey breast with applewood smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion and spicy tomato jam with mayo, on grilled sourdough bread.  Also included is a bag of Claires homemade potato chips, a freshly baked cookie and a bottle of cold water.

To check out “Claires On Cedros” Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menus CLICK HERE. Please remember we cannot substitute items from the full Claires menu for the items listed above.

Carruth Cellars

This winery is located about a block from our store in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach. We suggest a stop at the Winery on your way back from your picnic. You will be able to check out their new Winery location at 118 S. Cedros Ave. They offer wine tasting Monday – Thursday from 12:00 – 5:00 (remember your bikes must be returned by 5:00 pm) and Friday and Saturday from 12:00 – 3:00. Wine tasting costs $10 for a 6-7 wine tasting experience and you can order a cheese and cracker plate with three cheese choices and 2 cracker choices for an additional $9.50.

The Winery has won many awards for their fine wines so don’t be surprised if you want to buy a few bottles to take home. No reservations are required and we will let you know how to find them when you check in for your tour. To learn more about Carruth Cellars and their fine wines CLICK HERE

Culture Brewing

Culture-BrewingIf a good craft beer sounds good after your ride from the Park, we recommend Culture Brewing Co.  They have many great brews just waiting to be tasted.  Food is available by carefully selected Food Truck Vendors  Wednesday through Sunday.  The atmosphere is kick back and friendly.  They are open for tasting from 12 noon until 9 pm everyday.  So suds up after a tough day of hiking and electric bike riding at the Park.  For a current listing of their available brews or to learn more about Culture Brewing Co. CLICK HERE

Torrey Pines Reserve State Park Ride


This ride starts at our Pedego Solana Beach Store and explores the village of Del Mar and the Torrey Pines Reserve State Park and Beach. The Park boasts panoramic views of the coastline along with the areas’ largest concentration of Torrey Pines. The hiking trails in the Park can be easy to difficult and the Nature Center offers history and information concerning the park. This is a fun way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget your camera for great coastline photo’s.

What to expect: Great views, fresh coastal air, exercise, new knowledge about our local history, fun stores and restaurants in Del Mar.

What not to expect: traffic jams and parking problems.


Get some exercise, enjoy the great outdoors and learn about the natural history of our area, all in one fun ride.  This ride departs from our Pedego Solana Beach Store and travels south through the village of Del Mar with its’ fine restaurants and stores.  Try cruising the side streets in Del Mar to view beautiful homes and tree lined streets.  You will continue south to Torrey Pines Reserve State Park where you will enter the Park to explore the natural beauty of the Torrey Pine trees.  Deep canyons, rock structures and incredible views of the coastline await.  Stop at the Nature Center, half way through the Park, to learn more about this area and its history. Wear shoes and bring a small backpack for this ride if you plan to hike the trails in the Park.  When you exit the park you will start your journey back to Solana Beach down Torrey Pines grade and up to Del Mar.

This ride includes many grades and pedaling the bike will be necessary.  Your electric bike will aid your journey, but pedaling is required especially in the Park where the uphill grade is steep.  Bring plenty of water.  We will give you a map of the Park and discuss hiking trails with you before you depart our store.  This is not a tour, just a great ride if you rent one our electric bikes for the day.  No picnicking is allowed in the park so plan to eat before or after your Park experience.  Del Mar has great eateries along the main drag through town.  Total mileage is less than 15 miles round trip.

  • 36V (weight under 180)
  • $45
  • 48V (weight over 180)
  • $54