Pedego Greater Long Beach Commercial

Below is the response that won Pedego Greater Long Beach a national Time Warner Cable Business Class commercial:

“In an electric bicycle shop, it’s crucial to use all kinds of power … for good. That only begins with electrical power. Our bikes use lithium ion batteries and whisper-quiet motors to help our customers glide down the bike path with a smile. And that smile must start while they’re setting up their rides. So we use the Power of the Internet in our store. You bet we trust TWCBC to help us connect online with our Point of Sale provider. That way, we can efficiently manage all our sales, rentals and tours without making our customers wait. Of course, there’s also the Power of Communication. Spreading the word via social media is our #1 means of attracting customers and growing our business. Time Warner Cable helps us share information on bicycle care with our weekly “Tips with Trey” videos and also online updates of new tours, events and sales. What’s especially important to anyone in the biking industry is the Power of Community and Reliability. When potential customers can go online and read reviews from our current customers, when they can post pictures to share with their family and friends how much fun they had on their rides, and when a customer can share his story of an epic e-bike ride via a homemade video…all happening through the Power of Time Warner – well, you’ve got a thriving and growing new business. We at Pedego GLB just celebrated our 1-year anniversary. With the emails we send out to contacts, we’ve had hundreds of people show up for our parties. Most left their cars at home. Our bottom line means a greener community as well as a greener bank account. Thank you, TWCBC, for helping us contribute to the community – while saying “Hello, fun!” on Pedego Electric Bikes!”

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Little Lady Goes on a Big Ride

CathyRogers_BigRide2014_PedegoPortraitPRLog (Press Release) – Jun. 3, 2014 – IRVINE, Calif. — Imagine climbing on your bicycle and pedaling all the way from Seattle (Redmond) to Washington D.C. This cross-country ride is more than a dream for a team of hard-core cyclists, and on June 15, Cathy Rogers, 57, will hop on her Pedego® electric bike and say, “Hello, Fun!” as she joins them from coast to coast to benefit the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific. The Big Ride Across America is an adventure that brings together 14 riders, mostly on pedal bikes, each of whom is charged with raising $6,500 to support the charity. The 2014 Big Ride takes place June 15 to August 2.

Though just a casual cyclist, Rogers will be able to take part with the aid of a bright orange Pedego Interceptor, an electric bicycle swift enough to help her keep up with the fast pace of the other riders. The bike is care of Pedego Electric Bikes, Rogers’ official bike sponsor for the ride. Pedego is also supplying accessories to help make her trip safe and fun.

For Rogers, of Pittsburgh, riding across the country has always been on her bucket list. With the passing of the years, a cross-country ride took on a now or never urgency. So she and husband Paul Rogers, a hard-core cyclist, researched several potential rides, eventually deciding on the Big Ride organized by bike tour company Velo Sante, which will donate a percentage of proceeds to the charity. Still, Cathy wasn’t sure she could keep up. But the Pedego electric bike sealed the deal.

She feels fortunate to have met Pedego CEO Don DiCostanzo at a bicycle leadership conference last year. Rogers mentioned the Big Ride to DiCostanzo, and he sent her the Pedego Interceptor — a rugged cruiser-style bike with a powerful 48-volt battery and Kevlar-lined balloon tires. Additional amenities include computer-controlled Pedal Assist and throttle, which allow the rider to pedal with automatic power and also boost with variable throttle control. Add Pedego’s quality Shimano gearing, and Rogers is set to ride a powerful workhorse of a bike offering a marshmallow-smooth ride. Rogers considers it the best electric bike she’s ever ridden, and she’s looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime. Special plans include sharing a special dance routine with people along the way and then posting videos of the dancers online ( Upon arrival in Washington D.C., she plans to host a flash mob performing to the same tune. “It’s all going to be so much fun,” she says.

There will be challenges. The team plans to travel about 100 miles per day. With little-to-no-pedaling, Rogers could ride an average of 20 to 30 miles on a battery charge. So, she plans to pedal a lot, and use the throttle to boost her through headwinds, over hills and to keep pace with the pack when she grows tired. It’s a perfect solution, since she’s been a cyclist all her life. “I remember riding my brother’s Schwinn Spider at Girl Scout Camp when I was 12 years old,” she says. “I thought, ‘Oh, my! This is what fun feels like!’”

Ever since that day, Rogers has been hooked on two-wheel travel. It even led to her founding Aero Tech Designs (, a cyclewear company for avid cyclists. In college, she made cycling clothes for friends. “At the time, the only bike apparel was made out of wool,” she says. “So I started making comfortable clothes out of bathing suit material that would stretch with the rider.” It resulted in a thriving business. For the ride, she’ll wear neon green, yellow and orange to complement her orange Pedego bike. In addition, she will be wearing several garments with sun protection designed for coolness and comfort in the heat.

Follow Rogers’ progress at:

About the Big Ride Across America

Big Ride is a way to honor those that have lost, fought or won the battle with lung disease. “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.” To date, the 2014 Big Ride has raised nearly $50,000 in donations. To sponsor Cathy Rogers, click here.

About Pedego Electric Bikes
Pedego®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating chic bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. Pedego’s commitment to innovation has led to worldwide acclaim for their leading-edge design. Their many stylish electric bike models, such as the Pedego City Commuter, offer a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun … without worrying about hills or headwinds! Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit

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Newport police get souped-up, electric patrol bikes – by Nicole Shine, OC Register

Published: April 3, 2014 Updated: April 4, 2014 8:52 a.m.

P1NEWPORT BEACH – By design, this officer’s bicycle has super powers and a serious purpose.
“It’s almost like it’s bionic,” Newport Beach police Officer John Mika said Thursday morning, wheeling around a new electric patrol bike.

Last week, officers began patrols on two customized, $4,000 Pedego bicycles. The patrol bikes are likely the first in the county, officials said.

With a push of a button, Newport Beach’s new electric bikes can reach speeds of 25 mph. They are outfitted with neat gadgets, such as a switch that tightens the shock absorbers to amp up the speed. It’s powered by a lithium ion battery – the same power inside a Tesla – that lasts through a 10-hour police shift, or longer.

P3Beyond the gee-whiz features, it still pedals like a regular bike.

Mika said the bike is a natural fit for beach patrols in a town where the population doubles in the summer.

The bike can whiz along the boardwalk and pier, places a police car or motorcycle can’t reach. And its speed means a faster response to police calls up and down the Balboa Peninsula.

The new bikes complement unconventional patrol methods already in place in the city, such as horse-mounted officers. New modes of transportation, such as electric bikes and Segways, are appearing more and more in law enforcement, authorities said.

“You can’t use a hammer for everything, Mika said. “You’ve got to have a lot of different tools.”
Another advantage to the bike: silence. That helps police combat thefts from cars and property crimes, the city’s chief law enforcement problems, Lt. Damon Psaros said.

“It’s stealthy,” Psaros said. “You can’t hear them coming.”

Psaros said the force had considered electric bikes for some time. The battery technology wasn’t there until now.

“It’s much lighter and more reliable,” he said. The bikes, which can travel 30 miles continually on one charge, are recharged by plugging into a standard outlet.

P4Psaros said they bought the bikes after about three months of testing with the Pedego Corona del Mar dealership. The bikes are outfitted with special all-terrain tires, wider handlebars, and a special suspension system, among other features.

Pedego dealership owner Joe Carter said the police bikes were a first for his company. Ordinarily, he said, his customers are enthusiasts and commuters.

Now, he sees opportunities in campus security, even Disneyland.

“It’s a young industry,” he said. “Its uses are just evolving.”

Contact the writer: or Twitter:@nicolekshine

Pedego Greater Long Beach Cruises Toward 1st Anniversary

It’s a party, as electric bike shop in Seal Beach celebrates successful first year.

PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 4, 2014 - SEAL BEACH, Calif. – One year ago Seal Beach welcomed a new Pedego electric bike shop in town, and it was love at first ride. Locals gushed about the fun they had zipping around on these stylish and powerful bikes. Pedego Greater Long Beach settled into the Pavilions shopping center, at the corner of Main Street and PCH, around Valentine’s Day … and the love affair continues. Co-owners Beth Black and Brian Ballard are thrilled that Seal Beach became the permanent home of their Pedego Electric Bikes dealership. “Everyone has been very supportive of what we do here,” says Ballard. To celebrate, they’re throwing a big party at the Pedego shop and inviting the public.

Beth Black and Brian Ballard, owners of Pedego GLB located in Seal Beach.

Beth Black and Brian Ballard, owners of Pedego GLB located in Seal Beach.

This event is scheduled for Saturday, February 8, starting at 1:00, rain or shine. “We’ll have a lot of food and fun,” says Black. Celebrations at Pedego GLB always include a magic show — just one more way this bicycle shop is unique. Ballard, a professional magician and member of the Hollywood Magic Castle, is set to entertain. Activities will also include a raffle with prizes. The shop is also offering a discount on some of their chic biking accessories.

The Pedego Owners Group, a social group of Pedego riders, will take guests on a group ride around Seal Beach, Alamitos Bay and Naples Island before returning to the shop for more treats. Several electric bikes will be available for visitors. Bikes are available on a first-come-first-served basis on the day of the event. Those who plan to ride should bring a jacket, though helmets will be provided.

Black and Ballard are delighted by the store’s success mostly because of what it means for the community. While a lot of locals rent or buy the bikes for the fun they bring, even more are becoming Pedego owners to commute to work. Black and Ballard are proud to have replaced a lot of cars on the road. “In addition to sharing the fun of electric biking, we passionately promote alternative transportation,” says Ballard. “And it’s time to celebrate our success.”

About Pedego® Greater Long Beach

Pedego Greater Long Beach is the Long Beach area’s premier outlet for Pedego Electric Bicycles where customers can choose from purchasing, renting or enjoying a special tour event on an electric bike. Now available is the “Hit the Brix” tour, offering a guided e-bike ride and lunch at Brix at the Shore. Located at 1065 Pacific Coast Highway, in Seal Beach, you’ll find Pedego GLB in the Pavilions Shopping Center at the corner of PCH and Main Street. Customers enjoy flexible rentals of hourly, daily or weekly duration. Visit or call (949) 295-2886 to reserve a guided tour or arrange a free test ride.

About Pedego®

Pedego®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in electric hub motor, Pedego® offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego® electric bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills.  Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit

Electric Bikes: Not Cars, Not Bikes, Just Right

By David Dodge & Duncan Kinney, Green Energy Futures

Not to oversell it but the electric bike might be the single best urban transportation option out there.

Think about it. Car commercials very rarely sell the reality of the vast majority of our car driving existence – the drudgery of daily traffic. And regular old cycling is akin to eating your vegetables. We know it will make us healthier and can be just as effective an option as driving but cycling advocates usually don’t account for the giant hill the you have to climb to get to the office or the fact that your workplace doesn’t have a shower.

An electric bike is almost Goldilocksian in how it fits into the urban fabric. You get to power up that big hill, get some fresh air and dodge traffic all at the same time.

Sonny Shem is an electric bike owner and he speaks with the zeal of the newly converted.

“I never liked riding work in the summer because you were too hot and you still had to shower and you didn’t want to have to be at work and be uncomfortable but this allows me to get to work, ride when I want to ride and get that [electric] assist when I want that assist and still enjoy the outdoors.”

It hasn’t always been this way. Electric bikes have languished as a niche item with homemade quirky designs and heavy batteries that made them impractical. But with the recent rapid improvement in lithium ion battery technology (thanks electric carmakers) you’re now looking at ranges of 30, 40, even 50 kilometers with a battery pack that’s smaller than a shoebox cut in half.

Cliff Vallentgoed is the owner of Redbike, a bike shop in Edmonton, Alberta. He’s only been stocking and selling electric bikes for the past few years but the trend is clear.

“Over the past three or four years we’ve seen our sales increase by many times. I think our very first season selling electric bikes we sold three, the following season we sold twelve so that gives you a picture of the growth curve of these things.”

And worldwide the numbers agree. According to the Rocky Mountain Institute e-bike sales are growing at 20 per cent a year and China is home to over 130 million electric bikes. Navigant Research found that over 30 million electric bikes were sold in 2013 and predicts that e-bike sales will reach nearly 38 million a year in 2020.

Sonny Shem has really taken a shine to electric bikes and commutes regularly to work: " It makes you feel like you have bionic legs," says Shem. Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

Sonny Shem has really taken a shine to electric bikes and commutes regularly to work: ” It makes you feel like you have bionic legs,” says Shem. Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures

Efficiency redefined

In our story on the future of transportation we found electric cars such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, have fuel efficiency equivalents of 149 miles per gallon. Electric bikes blow this out of the water.

 A life cycle study from Shreya Dave at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010 found that per mile travelled an electric bike uses 10 per cent of the energy of a standard sedan and an e-bike will emit 90 per cent fewer pollutants per passenger mile than an off-peak bus.

And these things bring a smile to your face. The model we tried out has a simple twist throttle and it’s as easy as it sounds, just twist and go.

“The power is amazing. It makes you feel like you have bionic legs,” says Shem. Electric bikes have an internal governor that means you can’t go faster than 32 kilometers per hour, but at the end of a long day at the office twisting that throttle will surely put a smile on your face. Shem likens it to a constant downhill ride.

“We all like riding downhill with the wind in our hair and you get that experience whether you’re riding downhill, uphill or in the flats,” says Shem.

Most cities aren’t as far along as making cyclists feel welcome and safe as Vancouver, a place we dubbed “bike city”, and better electric bikes cost about $2,500. But even with those barriers it is clear electric bikes are here to stay and that you will see more of them on the road in the future. It’s fun, convenient and the greenest commuting option out there. If anyone’s paying attention either of us will take a Pedego Classic City Commuter  for our birthday!

Even hardcore pedalheads like Vallentgoed see the value in e-bikes.

“Anytime we can reach new users it’s brilliant. More users, more bicycles sold, fewer cars on the road, healthier happier people, that’s always the goal whether it’s the introduction of electric assist bikes or fat tire bikes or anything else that might appeal to someone.”

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Pedego Irvine Opens its Doors!

Pedego Electric Bikes Prepares to Celebrate the Grand Opening of its 30th Branded Store.


Bob Bibee delivers Pedego electric bikes on his “PedEx” trailer.

PRLog (Press Release) - Jan. 2, 2014 - IRVINE, Calif. -Five-year-old Pedego Electric Bikes has gained a lot of momentum in the past year and is now celebrating the grand opening of its 30thbranded store. What’s more, the store is opening in the factory’s home town of Irvine, California. With each Pedego-branded store that opens, there’s a special story of discovery, love and generosity. People find Pedego electric bikes and then love them enough to want to share them with their communities. So it’s no surprise that the owner of Pedego Irvine, longtime Irvine resident Bob Bibee, has a similar story to share.

A year ago, Bibee was asked by a friend to join him on a 32-mile guided bike tour in Los Angeles. The friend had recently opened a bike tour business and wanted to show him what it was about. Bibee found the ride amazing — and a life-changing experience.

“That ride had a huge impact on me,” he says. “I wanted to do the same thing, but in Orange County.” He spent a day visiting Orange County hotels to research their recommendations for any local bike rentals or tours. Then, as often happens with Pedego stories, serendipity rolled in. When he stopped for lunch, he caught a flash of something out of the corner of his eye. It was a bike with a banner attached. The bike was moving so fast, he couldn’t read it all. “I could only catch one word,” he says. That word was: electric. He quickly learned that it was a Pedego electric bike manufactured locally, in Irvine.

The following day, he contacted the management at Pedego corporate and arranged a meeting. Of course, they went for a bike ride. “We rode to Woodbridge Village Center, stopped, and I said, ‘Here — right here — is where we need to be.’” Bibee has lived in Irvine for 17 years and has been a passionate bike rider his entire life. To him, Irvine is, without a doubt, one of the finest cities in the world for biking. At that point, a lot of loose ends in his life seemed to come together. “After 50 years, I finally know what I want to do when I grow up (and I’m doing it!),” he notes. And Bibee explains that Irvine is a great location with its well-developed network of bike paths weaving through the city. Irvine is so bike-friendly that the Irvine Train Station offers numerous bike lockers for commuters.

What has now blossomed is a love story. The day he saw that fast-moving bike was the first time he’d heard the Pedego name. “Now it’s all over my shirts, jackets, watches, computer and, of course, my store,” laughs Bibee. “All it took was one test ride and I was hooked.” In the last year, he’s logged more than 5,000 miles on a Pedego electric bike.

When Bibee shared information on these bikes with his friend, Peter Pae, the love story grew into a news story. Pae, a business editor at the Los Angeles Times happened to be sharing some woes with him one day. Bibee says, “He was telling me about his commute — that he drove to the train station, rode the train into LA, then took the subway, then walked the rest of the way. I told him to forget all that.” That’s when Bibee gave him a Pedego City Commuter and instructed him to ride this to the train, put it on the train, then ride it from the train to work. “After the first day he was crazy excited about this,” says Bibee. “He went from dreading his commute to actually looking forward to it.” Pae bought one of the bikes and later wrote about his experience (…). This encouraged Bibee all the more to work through the process of opening Pedego Irvine as promptly as possible.

The store opened quietly and is already attracting local business. A grand opening celebration is slated for President’s Day weekend. Festivities will include free test rides for visitors. Those interested may follow Pedego Irvine on Facebook or visit their website for further information on this event. Meanwhile, they can also visit the store and become acquainted with the full line of Pedego electric bikes, from Comfort Cruisers to off-road Trail Trackers.  Pedego Irvine offers the right Pedego for everyone.

With Pedego’s momentum leading to such amazing dealership success stories, the electric bicycle company is really on a roll. CEO and co-founder Don DiCostanzo is excited about Irvine’s new dealership and the promise of further locations currently in development. “Our goal is to open another 30 Pedego-branded stores in the next year,” he says. That’s a challenge the company can meet. Everywhere these bikes go, a new love story begins.

About Pedego Irvine
Pedego Irvine is the premier outlet for Pedego Electric Bikes where customers can choose from purchasing, renting or enjoying a customizable tour to meet your needs. Located in the hub of Irvine’s beautiful bike trails, visitors can take a relaxing ride around the lakes or venture off on one of several available “destination rides”  where singles or groups can ride for miles on paved bike trails, stop for lunch or a beverage and enjoy an electric-assisted ride back. Pedego Irvine is not another bike shop; they are here to bring a whole new experience and adventure to Irvine and surrounding cities. Open seven days a week, from 10:00 to 6:00. The shop is located in the Woodbridge Village Center, at 4624 Barranca Parkway (behind Ruby’s — next to the dollar theater). Pedego Irvine offers hourly and daily rentals (kid trailers/carriers and tandems are available). Call 949-274-7944 for reservations, or simply walk in for a free test ride. For more information, visit

About Pedego®
Pedego, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating chic bikes outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. Pedego’s commitment to innovation has led to worldwide acclaim for their leading-edge design. Their many stylish electric bike models, such as the Pedego® City Commuter, offer a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun … without worrying about hills or headwinds! Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit

Pedego Electric Biker Puts the Wind in His Sails

Nov. 11, 2013 - AUGUSTA, Maine – Shea Gunther has an urgent delivery to make. It’s a petition signed by more than 1300 Maine residents demanding that their governor take a lead on renewable energy development. To make it clear that Gunther lives his vision, he is set to deliver the document to the state capital in Augusta by way of a 60-mile electric bicycle ride from his home in Portland, Maine. “A lot of my fellow Mainers agree and signed my petition,” says Gunther. “I want to honor their collective voice by riding my Pedego electric bike up to Augusta to hand deliver their signatures to the governor’s office.”

Writer-activist Shea Gunther will deliver a renewable-energy petition by e-bike.

Writer-activist Shea Gunther will deliver a renewable-energy petition by e-bike.

According to Gunther’s petition site, at issue is a $120 million offshore wind pilot project. Norwegian energy company Statoil pulled out of the proposed project, which called for four floating turbines to be anchored near Boothbay Harbor. The reason? Maine Governor Paul LePage had pressured the state legislature to negate Statoil’s deal and open the project back up for proposals. According to Gunther, there’s a certain irony to the state’s new slogan pushed by the governor, “Open for Business.” On the petition Web page, he writes, “It seems that in Governor LePage’s state, that slogan doesn’t apply to clean energy businesses.”

Gunther plans to leave on Thursday. He’ll deliver the petition to the governor’s office on the morning of Friday, November 15, and make the 60-mile ride home from Augusta that day. His motto for the ride is simple but serious. “I’m riding for renewable,” he says. “I started my petition because I believe Governor LePage should lead, follow, or get out of the way of clean energy development in my state.” Gunther’s bike ride will no doubt carry some weight with the governor. The online version of the petition can be found at

Due to the length of the trip, and the fact that he plans to arrive fresh and ready to perform some public speaking, Gunther will ride his Pedego electric bike. A writer for the Mother Nature Network, he has owned and enjoyed his Pedego for a few years. It seemed a natural for the trip, he explains, and the presence of the bike makes a statement of its own. “It just makes sense to make the ride on my electric bike,” says Gunther. “If Maine generated all of its electricity from renewable sources, my 120-mile trip would be essentially carbon free. Electric bikes represent the future we should all be working towards.”

About Shea Gunther

Shea Gunther is a writer for the Mother Nature Network, and his work can be viewed online at He is also a computer science student, dad, husband, and ultimate Frisbee player living in Portland, Maine.

About Pedego® Electric Bikes

Pedego®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating chic e-bikes outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. Pedego’s commitment to innovation has led to worldwide acclaim for their leading-edge design. Their many stylish e-bike models, such as the Pedego® City Commuter, offer a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun … without worrying about hills or headwinds! Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit

Pedego Electric Bikes Wins Coast-to-Coast Media Attention

PRLog (Press Release) - Nov. 6, 2013 - IRVINE, Calif. – If escalating media attention is any measure of a company’s success, then Pedego Electric Bikes is winning the race to the top of the e-bike industry. Favorable articles in both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times – two of the country’s foremost news outlets – have come out recently, pushing sales of Pedego e-bikes higher than ever. A third paper in the trifecta of top American newspapers, The Washington Post, has also covered Pedego’s electrifying success. Additionally, several news outlets around the world are buzzing with the news on Pedego electric bikes. “We’re very happy that people are reading these articles and learning about the joys of electric biking,” says Don DiCostanzo, CEO and co-founder of the California-based company. “And we’re thrilled that so many riders are discovering Pedego e-bikes based on these write-ups.”

IMG_0942Some of the national attention has come as a result of Pedego’s work with Ford Motor Company. Ford’s commitment to green technologies led to a partnership with Pedego resulting in the Ford Super Cruiser, an electric bicycle that debuted at Interbike last September. Media attention is growing as this model will become available to the public across the nation beginning in January 2014. The new Ford e-bike carries on Henry Ford’s vision and commitment to “make great products that contribute to a better world.” With a promise like that, it’s no wonder that journalists are watching.

Pedego Electric bikes ( lives up to its core value of e-bike innovation and regularly offers newsworthy announcements to the media. However, much of the attention has come as a result of journalists who happen upon the bikes by chance. They love the bikes and write about the experience. Peter Pae, a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, groused to his neighbor about his commute from Orange County to Los Angeles for his job. The neighbor loaned him a Pedego City Commuter. Pae discovered several benefits once he tried e-biking as part of his daily commute. So he bought one. Some months later, he took it upon himself to publish an article (Read it here: about his experiences on the City Commuter – noting how it saved him money and made commuting easier. His sincere and personal profile led numerous LA Times readers to discover Pedego. Then, a columnist with the New York Times contacted the company. After test riding two models with a friend, Joyce Wadler wrote a wryly comic yet positive review titled, “I Sing the Bike Electric,” which can be read at Her article raised the public’s interest in Pedego again. As media exposure grows, so does the excitement among fans of these e-bikes, including dealers. Pedego dealers around the world have prepared for future articles and are offering more free test rides to visitors than ever before.

About Pedego®

Pedego®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating chic e-bikes outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. Pedego’s commitment to innovation has led to worldwide acclaim for their leading-edge design. Their many stylish e-bike models, such as the Pedego® City Commuter, offer a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun … without worrying about hills or headwinds! Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit

Pedego in The New York Times – “I Sing the Bike Electric” by Joyce Wadler

“You can ride these bikes with no motorized assistance, with occasional assistance with the turn of a hand throttle adjacent to the right handlebar, or with the push of a button near the left handlebar, which gives you constant pedal assistance in four levels up to 20 miles an hour. My average speed is 8. Damon gives me a sidewalk lesson punctuated by my hollering when I switch into a power mode and the bike rockets off. I am not used to a bike doing so much when I do nothing. In a way, it’s like a vibrator.”

Wadler, Joyce. “I Sing the Bike Electric.” The New York Times Oct. 2013. Web. 30 Oct. 2013.

Read the entire article here


Pedego Rider Raises Funds & Awareness for Multiple Sclerosis

Oliver Sinclair was diagnosed with MS in 2004 and has had to face many uphill battles since his body’s immune system basically started attacking and fighting itself. Incredibly, as is the case with many “disabled” heroes these days his resolve and determination to continue living life to the full has led to him tackling this monster in aid of those who can’t.

Multiple Sclerosis has no cure. It is a chronic autoimmune disorder affecting movement, sensation, and bodily functions and seldom do patients ever recover – however, all is not lost. There are various treatment methods, support groups and charity programs established to help those living with MS. Living. That is the word that stands out most. Upright and proud. But at whose cost?

In most cases, friends and family of those affected are the primary (if not only) benefactors. Some are fortunate enough to be covered by medical insurance while the rest rely heavily on the charity of those spreading the plight of MS sufferers. On the 13th October, Oliver will lead a bright orange “train” of 50 cyclists in the 35km charity batch of the Amashova Durban Classic. Their goal is to raise funds and create awareness for those suffering with MS in KZN. For the first time in history an electric bike has been allowed entry into the race in a landmark backing of a cause that desperately needs our help.

Our objective is to generate the kind of awareness that sparks public involvement so that the burden of fighting this battle goes beyond those directly affected by the disease. You can help by cheering him on on Sunday, sharing his story or donating to the Multiple Sclerosis Society KZN.

CCWe were contacted at the end of August by Oliver and his wife Michelle as his current electric bike (seen in the attached article) just wouldn’t make the distance. While the furthest he had ridden before taking on this challenge was just 2km, we are confident that our 48Volt, 500Watt powered Pedego City Commuter (the world’s leading electric bicycle) will perform admirably over the Fun Ride’s distance with the pedal assist option eliminating the need to twist the throttle, which may have led to discomfort in his weaker right hand.

Although our bikes are designed and built for leisure – what they also provide is the opportunity for those unable to cycle long distances, for whatever reasons, to fully experience the one of a kind freedom that cycling brings. It is a privilege to be involved in the Amashova event and we feel humbled that our bikes have the capacity to enable someone living with MS to challenge themselves, and more importantly others, for a greater good.

If you are interested in finding out more or are able to help in any way please visit or email Your support will go a long way to exposing a cause that desperately needs our help.

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Pedego North Shore Says Aloha to Hawaii!

PRLog (Press Release) - Oct. 7, 2013 - HALEIWA, Hawaii – When Dean Stephens, Johnny Angel and Joe Alcaraz purchased their own Pedego electric bikes, they discovered a whole new world … of fun and business. “Originally, we were just looking for a way to get to town and back without the wait,” says Alcaraz. “Once we discovered the quality and potential of these bikes, other people started to take notice as well.” The three friends began to see the bikes as something they could share with their neighbors. “We thought this would make a good opportunity to help not only us,” explains Angel, “but the community as a whole.”

Stephens, Angel and Alcaraz are well-known locals trioon the North Shore, and they have been overwhelmed by the community response in this vacation destination. The busy season brings people from all over the world and the two-lane highway clogs to a standstill every day. “People who live here are very tired of the traffic and lack of parking,” says Stephens. “Many people are looking for solutions and are excited that we’re here to help.” They plan to throw a grand opening celebration and invite everyone to the party. The Pedego team is also looking forward to their involvement in other community events, such as the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational.

The three men are especially looking forward to sharing the value and style of Pedego e-bikes. “I love their quality, and I enjoy selling a product that I firmly believe in, “says Alcaraz. Stephens and Angel emphatically agree. With a selection of electric bicycles that includes Comfort Cruisers in a rainbow of colors, City Commuters with Pedal Assist, spirited Interceptors and powerful Trail Trackers – there is truly something for everybody. Each bicycle is powered by a reliable lithium ion battery and a whisper-quiet rear hub motor, providing miles of easy travel, powering through headwinds and over hills. With a Pedego electric bike, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Hawaii in a safe, green and fun way.

About Pedego North Shore

Pedego North Shore is the North Shore area’s premier outlet for Pedego Electric Bikes where customers can choose from purchasing, renting or enjoying a customizable tour to meet your needs. From a mellow cruise on the paved bike path that runs along the famous and beautiful beaches to guided surf tours. Pedego North Shore strives to make your experience with us is the highlight of your trip. Leave the traffic behind and come take a ride. Open seven days a week, from 8:00 to 5:30, the shop is located at 59-059 Pupukea Rd., Haleiwa. You’ll find Pedego NS across the street from Foodland and Sharks Cove. Customers enjoy flexible rentals of hourly, daily or weekly duration. Call 1(800) 637-5948 to reserve a guided tour or a free test ride. Or visit us at for more information.

About Pedego®

Pedego® the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating chic e-bikes outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. Pedego’s commitment to innovation has led to worldwide acclaim for their leading-edge design. Their many stylish e-bike models, such as the Pedego® City Commuter, offer a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun … without worrying about hills or headwinds! Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit - See more at:

“Pedego Electric Bicycle Juices up Commute to Train Station” – Peter Pae

By Peter Pae, Los Angeles Times
Original article: Pedego Electric Bicycle Juices up Commute to Train Station

The motor makes hills and head winds a breeze, and there’s no need for a motorcycle license and insurance as there would be with a scooter.

A Pedego City Commuter electric is shown bicycle at the Metrolink train station in Tustin.The motor is built into the hub of the rear wheel, so the only sign of non-human power is the inconspicuous battery pack strapped to the luggage rack. (Peter Pae, Los Angeles Times / May 30, 2013)

For years I contemplated selling my car and riding a bicycle to work.

I would ride to the Tustin train station four miles from my Irvine home on a bike path that would put me just half a mile from the station. From there I would take the Metrolink train to work in downtown Los Angeles.

But the few times I tried riding my road bike, I was exhausted by the time I got home. Getting there was easy — all downhill — but coming home was sheer agony, grinding up hills after a long workday. The road bike went back up on the rack in the garage.

I considered a scooter, but that ruled out the bike trail and would require a motorcycle license and insurance.

Then I tried something in between — an electric bicycle from Pedego, a 5-year-old company co-founded by Don DiCostanzo, a former carwash mogul. He believes that electric bikes are the future, especially in sunny Southern California, and preaches this gospel to anyone who will listen.

He’s winning over some high-profile converts: The Pedego electric bicycle even gets a thumbs up from Google Inc., which has begun offering it at a subsidized rate to employees at its Mountain View, Calif., campus. Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Tesla Motors Inc. are doing the same.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell that the Pedego is anything other than a casual bike. The motor is built into the hub of the rear wheel, so the only sign of non-human power is the inconspicuous battery pack strapped to the luggage rack.

But Pedego can get you up a hill, no sweat. Topping out at 20 miles per hour (the self-imposed limit to keep the two-wheeler in the bicycle category), an electric-powered Pedego can easily go spoke-to-spoke with the lightest, fastest road bikes — yet it retains all the comfort and smooth ride of a cruiser.

But the economics of the Pedego are what sold me.

Like most everyone who has bought a Pedego, I had to get over some sticker shock. The Dutch-style city commuter I rode was nicely built, with top-notch components, but $2,500 for a bicycle? (Other Pedego models range from $2,000 to $3,000.)

But then I started thinking of all the money I could save if I used this thing to commute. I could dump my car — that’s about $3,000 a year in gas, insurance, maintenance and registration, not to mention the lump sum from selling the vehicle. And there’s no need for new insurance or a license, as with a scooter.

It’s still a bicycle, after all, which meant I could cruise the extensive bike trails and lanes in Irvine. And with the electric motor helping me out, hills or head winds would be a breeze.

It turned out to be a no-brainer. With a combination of pedal-assist and electric throttle, I could go anywhere with ease.

In pedal-assist, the electric motor adds a little juice to your pedaling. That’s handy for a middle-aged man like myself, who wants to get a little exercise — or at least pretend to — without too much exertion. I initially pedaled with the setting at “5″ — meaning the electric motor at full power — which required little effort beyond moving my legs up and down. After several days, I gradually reduced the setting to “2″ and got a little exercise. Now I sometimes pedal with the motor off completely.

The Pedago costs next to nothing to operate — about $2.50 a month on my electricity bill. A full recharge takes four to five hours using the regular household AC plug and gives the bike a range of about 25 to 50 miles depending on weight, terrain and how much of the electrical power I use. I usually plug in the charger before I go to sleep so Edison charges me a lower nighttime rate.

Bottom line: The bike would pay for itself in about 10 months, not counting the extra cash from the sale of my car. And I’ve cut my daily trek down by about 15 minutes, compared with driving traffic-clogged streets to the train station.

Riding the Pedego has proved so addictive, in fact, that I even find myself looking forward to the commute.

Consumers can buy a Pedego bicycle online at // (the company delivers the bike to the home fully assembled) or try one out before buying at Pedego stores in Cardiff by the Sea, Carlsbad, Corona del Mar, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Seal Beach.

A Pedego tent with various models for test rides is scheduled to be at Great Park Farmers Market in Irvine on Sunday.

Pedego’s Store Count Grows – Val Vanderpool

Pedego’s store count grows

Published May 16, 2013
by Val Vanderpool
Bicycle Retailer

SANTA MONICA, CA (BRAIN) — Pedego Electric Bikes continues to expand its reach by opening its seventh Pedego-branded store in less than three months in Southern California. Pedego Santa Monica opened its doors in early May, and will have a grand opening party this Sunday. The 900-square-foot Santa Monica store joins several new beach city locations including Seal Beach, Redondo Beach, Corona del Mar and Dana Point.

Pedego Santa Monica owner Barb Wittels operated her company Pedal or Not Electric Bicycle Tours (which are taken on Pedego bikes) out of a 5-foot-wide kiosk for three seasons before pursuing the idea of opening a full-fledged store. It gave her more real estate for the tour business, and the chance to expand into bike sales. Both businesses operate out of the same space, providing rentals, sales, service and guided tours from the store.

Wittels says that so far they are seeing a wide variety of customers coming into the store, with a surprising number of younger riders wanting to try the electric bikes to speed up their daily commute.

This is also the case at the Pedego Dana Point store, which opened in March. Owner Howard Kaplan says he’s seeing more people than he expected who want to use the bikes as a cheaper and often faster way to get to work. Like most other Pedego storeowners, this is Kaplan’s first experience in the bike industry.

“I was retired and starting to get bored,” he said. “I bought my first Pedego bike and loved it. Once I learned I could open my own store, we met with the company. We found a location that made sense, and well, the rest is history.”

He plans to eventually offer tours out of the 1,400-square-foot store. Like other Pedego stores, Kaplan offers rentals and service and sells accessories, fix-a-flat items and protective gear.

Owners Kenny and Sue Kim opened the 1,800-square-foot Pedego Redondo Beach store in April. Former laundromat owners, the Kims’ purchase of their first Pedego bikes also led them to opening a store of their own. While they’re used to providing customer service, Sue Kim says that’s where the similarities between their past career and their new venture end.

“The bike business is so different from what we are used to,” she says. “We have a lot to learn, but it’s so much fun.”

Kim says that learning to service the bikes was easy for her husband Kenny, who performed all the maintenance on their laundry equipment for years.

The fourth Pedego store to recently open is in Corona del Mar, joining other Orange County stores in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. Last week, two more stores opened in Carlsbad and Cardiff-by-the-Sea, and Pedego Santa Barbara will open on June 1.

Since Pedego is headquartered in Irvine, it was logical for the company to work close to home first.

“Southern California was the ideal place to start, with a perfect climate and environment for year-round cycling,” said Pedego Electric Bikes owner Don DiCostanzo. “Our goal was to dominate Southern California’s coastal communities, figuring that if it doesn’t work down here, it won’t work anywhere.”

The company plans to work with independent owners to open 30 more stores by the end of the year in coastal communities in the U.S., while also expanding to popular destinations across the globe.

Pedego’s Participation at Google’s Earth Day Celebration

Pedego Electric Bikes just participated in Google’s 2 wheeled vehicle demo event. In celebration of Earth Day, Google invited a handful of big-name electric vehicle manufacturers to the Googleplex to promote alternative transportation. With over 20,000 employees at their Mountain View, CA campus, Google is hoping to alleviate some heavy morning traffic by encouraging those living within a reasonable distance to bike to work.

Pedego gave free test rides throughout the day to hundreds of Googlers, showcasing our entire line of electric bikes. As we had anticipated, the City Commuter was the crowd favorite due to its magnificent form and function design elements.  The Pedego Trail Tracker was also a favorite with a line of people waiting to take it for a ride on the designated track.



Pedego Trail Tracker Release

Pedego Trail Tracker Electric Bike

Available colors:

      • Neon
      • Red
      • Matte black
      • Camo
      • Black w/lime green rims
Motor: 600 Watt Geared Hub Motor
Battery: 48 V 10Ah Lithium in a Removable Pack
Speed: 20 MPH using motor power only
Retails: $2,975

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Photo Source: Pedego Coronado

Photo Source: Pedego Coronado

Photo Source: Pedego Coronado

Photo Source: Pedego Corona Del Mar

 Photo Source: Pedego Corona Del Mar

Photo Source: Pedego Coronado

Photo Source: Pedego Coronado

Photo Source: Pedego Coronado

OC Couple Rides Popular Pedego Electric Bikes into Seal Beach

PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 5, 2013 - It all started with a bike trip gone wrong. Nearly 3 years ago, Brian Ballard and longtime partner Beth Black were riding standard bikes along Coast Highway when Ballard, a Type 1 diabetic, suffered an extreme blood sugar low that threatened his life. The couple swore off biking. Then Ballard discovered Pedego Electric Bikes, world-class e-bikes manufactured in Orange County. He convinced Black to ride one, and they both fell in love…with electric biking. They began pedaling 25 miles in a single trip, confident that they could make it home. More than that, they started having more fun bicycling than ever before. They even nicknamed their bikes “Gidget” and Moon Doggie” just for fun. Now they are sharing their passion with the Greater Long Beach (GLB) region by launching a dealership offering sales and rentals of Pedego electric bicycles. The grand opening celebration is scheduled for Saturday, February 9, beginning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1 pm. A group Pedego ride will follow with a tour of Seal Beach and Belmont Shore.

Black and Ballard chose Seal Beach for its close-knit community, quaint downtown area and proximity to local bike paths. A few minutes from the store, Pedego e-bike riders can enjoy the beach bike path stretching from Belmont Shore to Shoreline Village in Long Beach. They can also head south to Huntington Beach and beyond. With Pedego electric bicycles, distances are no big deal. “My motto is, ‘Hills? Headwinds? Ha!” quips Black. The shop has already drawn a lot of attention. “It’s the solid quality and comfort of these bikes coupled with the exciting riding events that draw people out of their houses for fresh air and fun,” says Ballard. Online interest in Pedego GLB went viral even before the store’s official grand opening. Black, a former staff writer and associate editor at the Toastmaster magazine, has been composing Facebook blog posts detailing the couple’s quest to open the store. Her posts have inspired sharing by Facebook followers (including a lot of Toastmasters) around the world.

To celebrate their grand opening, Pedego GLB is offering a free colorful Pedego sports watch to the first 50 people, 16 and older, who take a test ride. For those who want more riding time, Pedego e-bikes may be rented by the hour or day for a fun cruise along the beach or a group event, such as a family-fun quest (a form of scavenger hunt). Special rides like this will be available by request, taking Pedego riders through both Seal Beach and Long Beach, with stops at the Seal Beach Pier, Naples Island and Alamitos Bay. Pedego GLB has a wide selection of e-bike styles to choose from, including cruisers, tandems, Interceptors, trikes, Trail Trackers (off road) and a petite 24″ size.

About Pedego® Greater Long Beach

Pedego GLB is the Greater Long Beach area’s premier outlet for Pedego Electric Bicycles where customers can choose from purchasing, renting or enjoying a special tour event on an electric bike. Tours can be customized to meet your needs, from a birthday celebration to a Grand Prix meetup. Located at 1065 Pacific Coast Highway, in Seal Beach, you can find Pedego GLB in the Pavilions Shopping Center at the corner of PCH and Main Street. Customers enjoy flexible rentals of hourly or daily duration. Call (562) 296-5782 to reserve bikes for a tour or arrange a rental.

About Pedego®
Pedego® the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in electric hub motor, Pedego® offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego® electric bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills.  Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit //

Tips for Winter Riding

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying your Pedego. Here are a few tips for those of you who want to still have your Pedego fun during the winter months.

Layer Up: The most obvious tip for winter riding is to make sure you’re dressed properly to bear the weather conditions. Put your layers on and don’t forget your scarf, hat, and gloves! Remember, you’ll be riding at fast speeds in windy, cold temperatures, and for some of you, that means sub-zero temps so you want to be prepared.

Be Visible: Wear bright, reflective clothing to be more visible to motorists who might otherwise not see you through their foggy windows. Make sure you have reflectors on your bike and use your headlights, taillights, and flashing lights on cloudy days.

Stay Hydrated: It’s essential to stay hydrated during your winter ride and recommended to replenish your body with a bottle of water every hour.  Although you may not feel thirsty, every time you see your breath, think of it as water leaving your body.

Weatherproof your bike: If you don’t have them already, we’d recommend getting fenders to help direct much of the snow, water, and ice off your bike. If you plan to ride in snow, make sure you’ve got studded tires to grip the icy surface. For a Pedego Comfort Cruiser or Pedego Interceptor, we would recommend the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro Tires

Be Cautious: Look out for road debris such as broken glass, and metal parts that usually accumulates on immediate curb areas.  Watch out for areas with melted snow since these are likely places to find black ice.


Ride with Friends: Not only will it help you pass the time and make your ride more enjoyable, having a bike buddy makes it more convenient should you come across a mechanical problem.

Just remember, our bikes are water resistant but not waterproof! So if you get caught in the rain, it’s safe to ride it home, just don’t make a habit out of riding it in the rain. Happy riding!

Hollywood Stars Align for Pedego Electric Bikes

Hollywood Stars Align for Pedego Electric Bikes

William Shatner is the latest celebrity to discover a world of e-biking fun.
William and Elizabeth Shatner prepare for adventure on their Pedego e-bikes.

PRLog (Press Release) - Dec 05, 2012 - Hollywood, California – Pedego Electric bikes have been photographed a lot lately, as a growing number of celebrities are riding the colorful e-bikes around LA. The latest luminary to join Pedego’s constellation of stars is none other than the Captain of the Enterprise himself — actor, author and director William Shatner. In a move that proves a Pedego electric bike makes any trek worth taking, Shatner and wife Elizabeth recently took delivery of two new Pedego Interceptors at Metropolis Bikes in North Hollywood.

While waiting for her bike, Elizabeth exclaimed, “I feel like a kid again!” Her excitement escalated visibly when she saw hers, a spirited Step Thru Pedego Interceptor with balloon tires. When climbing on for the first time, she added, “It’s the same gray-and-blue color combination as our horse stables!” She was referring to the colors of the Shatners’ horse barn at the Belle Reve farm in Kentucky.

Shatner appeared thrilled when he took the helm of his powerful silver Pedego Interceptor. The experienced horseman and motorcycle rider easily leapt on his bike – a sure sign that his adventurous fun-loving spirit has kept him young. Admiring the frame, he said, “This bike is made of so much quality. You can tell. I really love the silver brushed aluminum finish.” The couple spent some time exploring their Pedego electric bikes’ style and workmanship. After that, they smiled for the camera before pedaling down the road on a new adventure together.

Metropolis Bikes owner Brad Wasser stood nearby, delighted, as the Shatners admired their Pedego e-bikes. His shop has supplied many celebrities with bicycles over the years, and he quipped, “It’s a pleasure to put a Hollywood icon on a quality e-bike that will boldly take him where no e-bike has taken him before.”

Other stars recently pictured on Pedego electric bikes include Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, 2004 Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins and celebrity chef Curtis Stone, as well as Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter Miley Cyrus.

Known as “the bike shop to the stars,” Metropolis Bikes of North Hollywood has served the community for 8 years. Located at 4660 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, California, their website offers service you don’t find in every bicycle store: “Whether you’re brand new to cycling… an old pro wanting to upgrade, or a production company looking for a customized prop for your upcoming blockbuster, we’re here to help.” They can be reached at (818) 506-8144.

About Pedego®
Pedego®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric  bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in electric hub motor, Pedego® offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego® electric bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills.  Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit //

Pedego Interceptor Zips Across the Stage at The LA Auto Show

Chevrolet unveiled their brand new all-electric fun vehicle, the Spark EV at the LA Auto Show on Wednesday, November 28th. The car will be available summer 2013 with a price point of $32,500 ( $25,000 after federal tax incentives). Not too shabby for a vehicle that can re-charge 80% of its battery’s capacity in approximately 20 minutes and comes with an 8 year, 100,000-mile warranty.

With over 40 new cars making their debut at the LA Auto Show, Chevrolet sure left a lasting impression with their grand production of the big reveal. There was an eclectic mix of electric vehicles that shared the Chevy stage, among them was our very own Pedego Interceptor that quickly zipped across the platform trailing behind the Spark EV. Electric automobile fun followed by electric bike fun!

Video Source: Bader Media Access




Fun is No Accident on Pedego Electric Bikes

What to do when the road that cyclists share is a dangerous affair.

Pedego’s City Commuter comes equipped with built-in lights.
PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 31, 2012 -


If you’re following the law when riding your Pedego electric bike, then you’re wearing a helmet. This is good practice for anyone riding any kind of bike. However, the best way to stay happy and healthy while enjoying your ride is to avoid an accident in the first place. While helmets are great, you’ll be smart to follow some common sense rules to avoid collisions with cars. These guidelines can help you stay safe while sharing the road:

1. Ride with traffic. Riding the wrong way down the street will only increase your chances of being involved in an accident, because you’ll be in places where motorists won’t expect you. Follow the flow of traffic to arrive at your destination safely.

2. Control your speed. Give yourself time to react if a car pulls in front of you. This can be especially useful if you’re crossing in a crosswalk and a car in front of you makes a right turn in your path. If you’re going slowly, you can avoid running into the car.

3. Be as visible as possible. If you don’t have front and rear lights, get some. If your lights have a blinking component, use it. Attach reflective tape to your bike and your clothing, even if you think you’ll only be biking in daylight. Brightly colored safety vests do make it much easier to see you.

4. Use hand signals. Remember the old hand signals they taught in school for right, left and slow-down/stop? Learn them, if you don’t know them, and remember to communicate your plans with others by using them. Simply Google “bicycle hand signals” to find pictures and information. Bonus: The more you move your arms, the more visible you’ll be to drivers.

The best tip of all is to always assume that motorists can’t see you. That’s true, even if you’re right in someone’s path. Ride defensively, keeping your own eyes and options open. If you communicate your presence but expect others to miss seeing you anyway, you’ll be better prepared for surprises down the road. And, best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy a fun and healthy ride on your bike!

About Pedego®
Pedego®,the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in electric hub motor, Pedego® offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego® electric bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills. Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit //

Danville Community College Security Guard Gives Pedego Electric Bike Top Grades

PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 23, 2012 -
In all his 14 years as a security guard, Danny Anthony had never tried an electric bicycle for rounds. So riding one came as serendipity when he took part in a recent college-wide experiment. Anthony’s test impressed him as a discovery of something that could improve the performance of security guards and ultimately increase security on campus. He had tried a Segway-type vehicle in the past, but the Pedego electric bike allowed him to perform his job duties like never before. And it all happened as an afterthought. Danville Community College’s Director of Manufacturing and Technical Services Jerry H. Franklin was implementing a project to study the value of e-bikes on a community. The project, titled “E Bike Danville” was originally designed to study electric bicycles as an option for commuting to school or work. But Franklin thought of an additional purpose: Security. Why not test the bikes to see if they improve security services on campus? So he contacted New Horizon Security Services, the professional security services firm that patrols and protects the college campus. They asked Anthony to participate in the test.

A security guard for 14 years, Anthony began his current position with New Horizon this past January. His job requires covering miles of “rounds” throughout the campus. The test took place during his patrol over a 1-week period last summer. First, he spent two days on a standard mountain bike, recording trial and recovery times. Then, he spent one day comparing the standard bike to a Pedego, side-by-side, for the same tests. Finally, he spent 2 days testing the Pedego electric bike. In all cases, the times were shortened significantly on the Pedego e-bike. With Danville’s rolling hills, performing this task on a standard bike was always a challenge. Regardless of a security guard’s physical condition, rushing to the top of a long incline to answer an emergency call would leave him breathless. Though it wasn’t until Anthony replaced the bicycle with a Pedego electric bike that he realized just how winded he had become at the top of a long climb. The comparison convinced him that he could arrive faster and in better condition to perform security tasks.

His rank of corporal designates that he’s a shift supervisor at the security company, a status that is achieved through years of dedicated service in the security industry. At 51, Anthony has been semi-athletic for a large part of his life. “I ran track and played basketball in High school and in the Army,” he says. Now, he walks a lot for exercise. “I had a recent physical and was told that I was in very good health,” he notes. However, every security guard faces physical challenges on the job. And Danville’s rolling hills can make his work tougher. That’s where the electric bike proved its merit. Throughout the test, he arrived less winded and more ready to complete his job when using the Pedego electric bike. The model that Anthony tested was the City Commuter, which comes with a pedal assist function on top of the regular throttle motor design. He says that the pedal assist works well on Danville’s inclines. “Or sometimes, I just put it at zero and pedal.” he adds. Setting the pedal assist at zero allows the rider to use the throttle for acceleration or to simply pedal without any help from the motor. Often, though, Anthony did make use of the pedal assist. “Around Danville, I rode at a level three,” he reports. Anthony also says that he would likely use the bike to help catch criminal offenders, depending on the situation. If he received a call, for example, that someone up a long hill were running from a building, he would use the Pedego to arrive quickly and prepared for action. “With the Pedego, I’m less winded and more likely to catch a runner,” notes Anthony. Now, he advocates for bringing the security force up to speed on electric bikes, and he’s full of praise for Pedego’s City Commuter. And the city and college are listening. He reports that company management is currently working to add electric bikes for the security staff. The best part will be, students at DCC will rest a little easier knowing Cpl. Anthony and his team can speed to the rescue.

About Pedego®

Pedego ®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in silent electric motor, Pedego® offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego® electric bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills.  Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit //

Danville Historical Society Gives Tour on E-Bikes

Source: WSET-TV

Posted: Oct 21, 2012 3:09 PM PDT

By Tola Adamson

Danville, VA– The Danville Historical Society gives tours every day in Danville, but on Sunday they used them as an experiment to see if riding e-bikes on the tour would add a fun new element.

There are only three things that make an e-bike different from a regular bike: It has a battery, a motor and a controller.

Jerry Franklin, the director of Technical Services at Danville Community College, believes those components are a nice addition to the tour.

“He said you know, ‘I’ve been meaning to call you because I think this would be a good compliment to your tour,’ so it was his idea but I’m all for it,” said tour guide Joyce Wilburn.

Franklin said it could make the tour a lot easier.

“Especially in a place like Danville because we’ve got a lot of hills, Main Street hills are pretty tough to climb with a bike but with a e-bike you can go right up it with no problem whatsoever.”

“Maybe if you’re a little skeptical about walking a mile, you wouldn’t be so skeptical if you could have a bike that helped you along,” Wilburn said.

The ride was an experiment, but if the feedback is great, they hope to make it a regular thing.

“People from outside would maybe come in and see our beautiful city and no matter what their fitness level would be able to ride a bike around town,”  Wilburn said.

“When we get more people involved in it and as a group and we’re moving up and down the streets, it’s going to be fun, I can feel it in my bones,” said rider David Slayton.

Slayton say it’s a great way to stay active.

“I could use the exercise of course, so I’ll become smarter and healthier hopefully,” Slayton said.

“That’s the key too it makes exercise fun,” Franklin said.

If you want to give the e-bikes a try, you can visit the Spin Bike Shop on Craghead Road in downtown Danville.


New Horizon Security Reviews Pedego Electric Bikes on DCC Campus

New Horizon Security Services joined Danville Community College (DCC) in reviewing Pedego Electric Bikes for uses other than just recreation. While DCC focused on evaluating the bikes’ usefulness for commuting to school or work, New Horizon Security focused on their effectiveness for security purposes.

Danville, VA (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

New Horizon Security Services, Inc., the family-owned and operated professional security services firm that secures the Danville Community College (DCC) campus, joined in reviewing Pedego Electric Bikes for uses other than just recreation.

The project titled “E Bike Danville” was created to determine if the electric bikes could be used as secondary transportation for everyday uses, DCC Director of Manufacturing and Technical Services Jerry H. Franklin said.

While “E Bike Danville” focused on evaluating the bikes’ usefulness for commuting to school or work, New Horizon Security focused on their effectiveness for security purposes. New Horizon Security employee Cpl. Danny Anthony spent one week on the DCC campus and used a traditional mountain bike and a Pedego electric bike to examine the difference in fatigue and security patrol and response times.

With the motor of the electric bike providing extra assistance, Anthony said he had a much easier time securing the campus.

Danville Community College employees Scott Barnes and Jerry Franklin with New Horizon Security Services employee Cpl. Danny Anthony on a Pedego electric bike.


“I was tired in between patrolling and at the end of the day with the mountain bike,” Anthony said. “But the electric bike was great. I wasn’t tired at the end of the day and I was able to cover the entire campus in a shorter amount of time, which means security would be able to respond to emergency situations quicker and more effectively.”

The study was such a success the company started using the bikes out of the Richmond Branch office.

“We were very impressed with how effective the electric bikes were for patrols,” New Horizon Security President John “J.J.” Frazer said. “When officers can cover more ground in less time they can do a better job of securing people and property on a site. These bikes help us provide even higher quality security services.”

About New Horizon Security Services, Inc.

New Horizon Security Services, Inc. is a family-owned and operated professional security services firm specializing in providing high quality armed and unarmed security officers in support of government agencies, private businesses, commercial and retail properties, construction projects, defense contractor facilities, gated residential communities, and public service buildings. The company operates throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. New Horizon is Platinum-certified by the Green Business Bureau, recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the top 5000 small business in America in 2011 and 2012, and honored by the US Senate Productivity and Quality Award of Virginia as one of the 2011 “12 to Watch” small businesses distinguished for performance excellence, job growth, and commitment to quality. New Horizon also operates a VA DCJS-certified Security Training Academy offering specialized defensive certification training and DCJS-required unarmed and armed security training. For more information, call 1.703.368.6477 or visit

Pedego Electric Bikes Wheels and Deals at Australia’s Ausbike Expo

PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 09, 2012 -

Pedego Electric Bikes will mark their first exhibit at the Ausbike ( conference in Melbourne, Australia, October 12 – 14. Company co-owners Terry Sherry and Don DiCostanzo are excited about participating for the first time in this conference, as their electric bikes have been gaining momentum all over the country. Pedego CFO Sherry says, “This conference hosts a huge number of bicycling enthusiasts, many of whom have heard about Pedego and are eager to test one.” Pedego was given exhibit space #001 – a testament to that enthusiasm.

Pedego Electric Bikes is expanding in Australia, and the company is currently seeking prospective dealership partners. Sherry will be available throughout the conference to speak with any locals who would like to learn more about becoming a Pedego distributor. Interested parties attending the Ausbike trade show are encouraged to visit the Pedego exhibit and request a meeting.

Pedego’s burgeoning success in Australia is due in part to their wide selection of colors and styling options not previously available to the country’s electric bicycle market. All of Pedego’s Classic California beach cruiser, Step-thru, Commuter and Tandem models meet the standards for electric bikes in Australia. Each is equipped with a proven 250-Watt motor and pedelec system that will provide motored assistance as you pedal up any incline or against a strong headwind. Offering more than a 25-mile range on all models, and a potential reach of 40 miles with a battery upgrade, each Pedego electric bike can take its rider almost anywhere. The addition of Pedego Electric Bikes to the Ausbike trade show will bring a new dimension of biking fashion and fun to this event. Visitors to the show are invited to stop by, meet the staff and see the new models.

Inaugurated in 2009, Ausbike is Australia’s first and largest national trade show for bicycle-related businesses and cycling enthusiasts. The event includes all kinds of cycling and presents hundreds of exhibitors offering a large selection of biking accessories from Australia and around the world. The exhibition offers more than 32,000 square feet of booths, tracks and meeting venues. Visitors will be able to see brands from around the world, view a sizeable collection of vintage bikes on display, try some new 2013 bike models, and catch up on the new cycling fashion trends — for both urban and sports use.

About Pedego®

Pedego® the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in silent electric motor, Pedego® offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego® electric bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills. Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit //

Pedego Electric Bike Owners say “Ha!” to Hills, Headwinds and High Gas Prices

PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 08, 2012 -

Pedego Electric Bikes has reached out to the community during the current gas price emergency, and the orders for e-bikes are roaring in. With gas prices leaping like a sports car over a row of armored payroll trucks, the news for commuters has been dire. Pedego Electric Bikes co-owner and CEO Don DiCostanzo says that Pedego has successfully spread the word about a lower-cost way to arrive at work fresh, happy and ready to start the day. “New battery technology helps Pedego electric bikes to travel farther reliably, go more affordably and flatten hills like never before. These bikes allow riders to arrive at their destination without soaking their clothes in sweat,” says DiCostanzo. The result has been more Pedego electric bike riders enjoying fewer trips to the gas station.

Gas prices have been rising across the nation, and in California the cost of gasoline is approaching $5.50 per gallon — a record high at the pump. However, not all commuters are willing to pony up a small fortune for each tank of fuel. Even those who must travel several miles to work are switching to electric bicycles. Pedego’s quality and focus on customer service have helped e-bike riders feel confident that they’ll arrive at work on time, regardless of hills or headwinds. DiCostanzo is happy to see Pedego owners skip gas pump sticker shock with the help of their Pedego bikes. “The investment Pedego owners have made in their e-bikes is paying off,” he says. There’s an added bonus, according to DiCostanzo. The ride is often more relaxing and refreshing than the typical traffic snarl car drivers face on the way to and from work.

Commuters who must arrive at work fresh or anyone who prefers to see less of their gas station is invited to visit their nearest Pedego Electric Bikes dealership and ask for a free test ride. DiCostanzo is so certain that the time is right for drivers to make the switch that he’s offering a free Pedego sports watch to anyone who takes a test ride at a participating Pedego Electric Bikes dealership. Nothing else is required to receive a watch.

About Pedego®
Pedego®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in silent electric motor, Pedego® offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego® electric bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills.  Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit //

The Latest in Positive Pedego Reviews

Below are the latest Pedego customer reviews. Click here to see more customer reviews!



Frank L. of Barnhill, OH

Summary: Great Bike!

Review: I have owned many electric bikes(8), starting in 2002, but none have been as high a quality and overall satisfaction as my Pedego. I love it!

Frank L. (aka Santa Claus) posing on the beach with his orange Step-Thru Cruiser

Read more

Pedego Electric Bikes “I Wanna Go Riding” TV Commercial

Our 30 second Pedego Electric Bikes commercial can be seen on cable networks such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC Bloomberg, A&E, HGTV, and Bravo over the next 3 months in South Orange County territory. There was so much we wanted to convey in such a short amount of time so limiting the shots and narrative was a little difficult. In the end, we’re extremely happy with the final cut and hope this motivates you to get out there and ride a Pedego! What are your thoughts on the commercial?

Pedego Electric Bike Giveaways!

We’ve got quite a few giveaways going on at the moment and thought we’d share them all with you on one page! Eligibility and contest rules vary with each giveaway so please click on the links to see if you’re eligible.

Pedego’s “Post It to Win It!” Facebook Giveaway

No purchase necessary. Open to all US residents 18 years and older.

We are giving away 1 Pedego per month for the rest of 2012. Promotion begins the 1st of every month. A winner will be announced on Facebook at the beginning of the following month.
























Gold & Silver Pawn Shop “His & Hers Pedego Electric Bike” Giveaway

The History Channel’s highest rated TV series, ‘Pawn Stars’ is giving away a His & Hers Pedego electric bike. No purchase necessary. Open to all US residents 18 years or older. Excludes retail employees of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, directors, officers, representatives and agents of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, promotion agencies, assignees, personal associates, families, as well as those with whom they reside.

Contest opens 9/01/2012 at 12:00AM PST and closes on 11/09/2012 at 12:00AM PST.

Official Rules - Privacy Policy
























Mike’s® Hard Lemonade & Pedego Electric Bike Sweepstakes 1

No purchase necessary. Must be 21 years of age or older to enter. This sweepstakes is only open to legal residents of the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Sweepstakes begins 9/16/2012 at 12:00AM EST and ends on 10/13/2012 at 11:59PM EST. All drawings will take place on or about 10/16/2012. Winners will be notified by mail and phone on or about 10/20/2012.

Official Rules





























Mike’s® Hard Lemonade & Pedego Electric Bike Sweepstakes 2

No purchase necessary. Must be 21 years of age or older to enter. This sweepstakes is only open to legal residents in the state of Michigan.

Sweepstakes begins 9/23/2012 at 12:00AM EST and ends on 10/6/2012 at 11:59PM EST. All drawings will take place on or about 10/08/2012. Winners will be notified by mail and phone on or about 10/12/2012.

Official Rules
































Amplify Credit Union Parmer Branch Grand Opening Prize Drawing

Courtesy of Pedego dealer, Rocket Electrics

No purchase, payment, or obligation necessary to enter or win. Open only to members in good standing of Amplify, or legal residents eligible for Amplify membership, 18 years of age or older as of October 5, 2012. Officers, employees, agents, and contractors of Amplify Federal Credit Union and their family members living in the same household are not eligible to enter the drawing. The drawing is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, and regulations.

The promotion begins on 9/22/2012 at 9:00AM CT and ends at midnight CT on 10/05/2012. Drawing for prizes will be held on or about Wednesday, October 20, 2012.


Video Footage from Interbike 2012

The Pedego team had a wonderful time at Interbike 2012 in Las Vegas, NV! It was great to see a number of current Pedego dealers as well as prospective dealers. The days seemed to pass by quickly as we met with bicycle enthusiasts, manufacturers, bloggers, marketers, and even competitors from across the globe.

Our colorful Pedego watches were a huge hit at the Interbike convention but the star of the show was our new trail bike (which has yet to be named). Riders anxiously waited in line to take the 4 inch wheeled Pedego for a spin around the test track. The responses we received were extremely positive, with most riders telling us how impressed they were with the smooth ride and fast speed.

Below are a few videos taken at the Pedego booth:

Pedego Booth Tour 
Source: Turbo Bob

Turbo Bob stopped by our booth to get a quick video of the Pedego space & all our bikes!

LA Times’ Inside Look at Interbike
Source: LA Times

Fast forward to 1:45 to see LA Times’ brief coverage on electric bikes, featuring Pedego models.

Electric Bike Review Interviews Pedego Co-founder, Don DiCostanzo
Source: Court Rye of

Don’s in-depth interview with Court Rye covered the history of Pedego, the introduction and specs of all Pedego models, as well as advice and tips on Pedego maintenance.

Active Times Names Pedego City Commuter in list of “Top Ten” Best Bikes for Women

In their roundup of the top 10 best bikes for women, The Active Times narrowed down their choices by selecting unique bikes from different categories. These categories ranged from mountain bikes to folding bikes, with Pedego’s City Commuter being the only electric bike model included on the list!

Pedego Step-Thru City Commuter

Click here to view the entire article.

Pedego’s 1st Time Exhibiting at Eurobike was a Success!

Despite the delayed flight, missed layover, and lost luggage, we had a great time at EUROBIKE! Over the course of 3 days, we made some high quality connections and successfully sold all 8 Pedego electric bikes that we brought with us. Our booth was the perfect platform to present all our models including our new City Commuters which were a hit! We’re in full tradeshow mode and are looking forward to making our debut at ExpoCycle in Canada next week, followed by our return to Interbike in Las Vegas for the 4th year in a row. Here are a few pictures from EUROBIKE:

Pedego City Commuter – Sleek and Desirable

Below is a review by Turbo Bob of our newest electric bike model, the “City Commuter”:

Sometimes the thrills in life come with great timing.   This post is slathered in it.   I had the sudden urge to see and ride the brand-new Pedego City Commuter after viewing a Facebook post featuring it.   Late Monday evening I blasted out a few emails to the local shops that carry Pedegos and one to the folks I know at Pedego to see who had one on the floor I could try-out.   Minutes later I was invited by the CEO of this fun company, Don DiCostanzo, for a day I’ll never forget.

It turns out that the first two shipments of these where already sold before the bike even hit their website.   With good luck, it turned out that our new local Pedego dealer, Pedego Coronado, had just taken delivery of a pair.   Better still, Don was going to be there the next morning to orchestrate a professional photo shoot, and I was invited to tag along.   When I arrived I was greeted and treated like a VIP by everyone in attendance.

In addition to Allen, the shop’s owner, his top man Shaun was there. Don had brought along his right-hand gal, Ashley, to make sure things went as planned.   The six professional models he hired were all smiles and anxious to get the photo shoot on track.   While the outfits were being decided on and the make-up being applied (not to me), Don and I got a chance to talk E-bikes, Pedego, and the City Commuter.

All smiles and enjoying my time with the brand-new Pedego City Commuter

If there is one thing I took away from the day, it is a total respect for the business plan Pedego follows.   (Read the interview linked below).   I have been a fan of the style and quality of their bikes since my first ride on a Pedego E-cruiser.   They have cornered the market with the best electric-assist beach bikes money can buy (available all over the world).   Yet, not being much for that type of bike (I am all about what I call college bikes), I was never totally enthralled with the ways of Pedego.   Things have changed in a big way for them (with the introduction of the commuter E-bike)  and for they way I see them.

Back to the timing thing.   I wanted to immerse myself in the new City Commuter and did so fully.   I spent hours in the saddle following this entourage of beautiful people around Coronado.   We rode, stopped, took pictures, talked and laughed all day long.   The weather was perfect, the people were awesome and the bikes were everywhere.   We had two City Commuters, eight E-Cruisers (in so many bright and shiny colors) and the brand-new Pedego Trike (I rode that too, nice) in our fun-filled group.

The Pedego City Commuter took longer to bring to market than they expected.   That had to do with their strive for perfection and making sure it was ready for the masses.   With smooth riding 28 inch Schwalbe tires and optimized frame geometry, I was comfortable at all times.   The comfy seat even has a hidden compartment to hold your keys and pocket items.   The upright seating position is aided by the quick-adjust multi-position stem attached to the handlebars.

With more power than you need, the 500 watt geared motor is another change from what Pedego has been offering for years.   They made sure to get the highest-quality, quietest brushless geared motor for this E-bike.   With a new material for the gears, they claim it will have little to no problems as the years go by.   It is close to silent, unlike so many geared-motored E-bikes I ride.   The smooth, quiet power impressed me all day long.

This bike is out-fitted with dual-control.   A five level pedelec assist works in conjunction with the half hand throttle to give you full control of your assist.   I am always talking about how pedelecs need an off setting for the automatic pedelec function, this bike has it.   With safety motor cut-off switches in both brake handles and a extra function that allows a quick back-pedal to shut down the motor, this E-bike covers all the bases in easy and safe control of the motor.

Speced with a great display panel, you can get all your information with a quick glance.   Sporting the normal read-outs, it also has a place to see your motor’s wattage usage.   A back-lighting feature comes on when you power-up the factory installed road lighting package.   I didn’t get a chance to ride at night to evaluate the brightness of the headlamp and tail light, but Don told me they were up to par with every other quality item on this new E-bike.

It comes with all the goodies too.   Fenders with mud flaps, chain guard, kickstand, flat-protection, and a rack.   The bell is integrated into one of the brake levers.   The hand grips and seat are not only color-coordinated, but give a nice feel.   Metal pedals are another indicator of Pedego’s push to make a quality E-bike that will last you a long time.   The seven-speed shifting system worked so well that it didn’t raise any issues for me to really check it out that closely.

Another thing this City Commuter has are a massive set of disc brakes front and rear.   It has the power to climb any hill and the brake power to slow it up on the way back down.   You will find that you can get this E-bike in a 36 volt or 48 volt version.   Only the best battery components are tucked in the rack mounted battery, Don assured me.   Tons of power and miles of range are a given with such nice pieces.   If the is one thing this bike doesn’t have, that is a clock feature in the display.   I guess I am the only one who would want it, as most everyone else wears a watch or carries a cell phone.   It’s ok, there is a clock in my camera.   And, it fits easily in the hidden seat compartment.

As I am still in love with my four-year old E-bike that has treated me so well, I am not in the shopping mode.   Still, with each new bike I ride, I think about how nice it would be to move on to something more advanced.   I could totally see my wife and I owning and riding a pair of these well-designed and performing E-bikes.   Plus, they just look so darn good.   One day I will be ready to modernize our biking fleet and from what I can see, these would fit the bill in perfect fashion.

I wanted to spend more time talking about Pedego Coronado, the great promo shots they took, the amount of fun I had, and the respect I have for Pedego and all the folks who make the bikes happen.   Another day perhaps.   For now, a deep-felt thanks for everyone who made this special day come to be.

Thank you so very much, Turbo Bob.

Click here to visit Turbo Bob’s Bike Blog!


Pedego Step-Through Featured in The Wall Street Journal

The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal did a full feature article on the emerging catagory of electric bikes. Here is an excerpt: The Couch on Wheels

Pedego Step-Through Cruiser

The Pedego is the Lincoln Town Car of electric bikes: cushy, comfortable and huge. The riding position is fully upright—the handlebars practically reach out to you. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a lounge chair on two wheels.

Although bike shops stock Pedego bikes, you can also configure and order one online. You start by choosing the color of your frame and rims (there are 11 choices, ranging from subdued to splashy) along with the color and style of your tires. The $180 “balloon package” gets you extra-squishy handlebar grips covered in stitched leather, a plusher suspension seat, and big, fat, puncture-resistant tires.

The Pedego uses a simple push-button throttle rather than pedal assist. I found the power on the standard model to be more than adequate, but if you’re looking for an extra boost, the Interceptor model ($2,395), which was designed for police departments, ups the power from 36 volts to 48. This, no doubt, is what they’ll be riding on the remake of “Chips.” Starting at $1,895,

Click here to view entire article.

Pedego Huntington Beach Thrills to Full-Throttle Start

Sales at electric bike store triple owner’s goal in first 3 months.

By Beth Black, Huntington Beach, CA July 17, 2012 -

Tom Bock’s formula for success was simple: Make fun hit the turf in a city known for surf. It worked. Pedego Huntington Beach, his new electric bicycle store located two blocks from the beach on the corner of 5th and Olive streets, has tripled its original sales goals in the first 3 months of business. Since March 1, the store has sold 72 bikes, averaging 24 bikes per month, when the original business plan called for sales of only eight bikes per month, according to Bock. And summer is heating up business even more. Locals and beach visitors escaping inland heat, but seeking a surfing alternative, have discovered a stylish way to stay cool on the beach this summer: Pedego electric bikes. With customers choosing between sales, rentals and guided tours, business in this locally-owned venture is booming.

Bike sales at Pedego Huntington Beach started out brisk, even before the official grand opening in March. Now in summer, the store’s popularity has established itself as the city’s premier location to purchase Pedego electric bicycles. Bock, a Huntington Beach resident, points to the sheer fun of electric biking and quality of the Pedego brand as the reason. “These are the best bikes I’ve seen,” he says. “The bikes also offer a green alternative to cars and an easy way to beat beach traffic when running errands.”

The store also rents Pedego electric bikes at hourly and daily rates, and at approximately 800 rentals so far, this part of the business has far exceeded Bock’s expectations as well. Renters were typically locals during the spring, but summer tourists have flocked to the store after reading brochures in their hotels. Renters often get hooked. “A number of renters return to make a purchase,” says Bock. “The comment I hear repeatedly is that they haven’t had so much fun on a bike in 20 years.”

Pedego Huntington Beach also offers a daily “Three Pier Tour” pedaling to Huntington Beach Pier, Newport Beach Pier and Balboa Pier with stops at Newport Harbor and The Wedge. Reservations are required for this popular activity.

About Pedego® Huntington Beach
Pedego Huntington Beach is the city’s only electric bike store offering sales, rentals and guided tours. Pedego Huntington Beach is open seven days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM. Located one block off Main Street on the corner of 5th and Olive streets, Pedego Huntington Beach is just 2 blocks from the beach. They offer a three-pier tour going to Newport Beach and back daily with reservations. Please visit PedegoHB for more information.

About Pedego®
Pedego®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric-bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in electric hub motor, Pedego® offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego® Electric Bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills. Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world.

Click here to become a Facebook fan of PedegoHB!

Fun, healthy, affordable, and GREEN transportation!

Here is a great video that one of our dealers, Practical Cycle created starring real customers riding Pedego electric bikes. Practical Cycle is a family owned business located in Sacramento, CA that offers Pedego bike rentals near the American River  Parkway bicycle path. If you’re in the area, stop by and test ride a Pedego!


Head over to our channel to view more videos!

Comfort Or Power

Comfort Or Power? You Can Have Both!

When looking to buy an e-bike, there are two common questions that come up in people’s mind. Do I want comfortable electric bikes?, or do I want powerful electric bikes? Luckily, you can have both if you look towards Pedego’s incredible lineup. Whether you are looking for a comfort, power, or a fusion of both, your search is over because these bikes are just what you are looking for.

Comfort is one of the premiere qualities of one of these e-bikes. Take the step-through electric cruiser for example. This would be the quintessential bike in the comfort lineup. With its sloping frame, it makes it the easiest to mount and dismount from, and has a comfortable seat and swayed handle bars that allow for a relaxed seating position that doesn’t force you to hunch forward in a “sportier” fashion. A step-through cruiser is perfect for someone just wanting the most comfortable, easy ride, or even for children or the elderly, where the extra conveniences of design really can make the difference.

If you are looking for a model that is every bit as comfortable, but has a more traditional bike frame style and is powerful, then the electric bike cruiser might be what you are looking for. This is the end all of powerful electric bikes. With it’s high quality electrical components it can reach a top speed of 20 mph with battery power alone. This mean that with manual power added, you can easily get one of these cruising at 30 mph or more. That is definitely enough power to get around town, go exercise, or even try and keep up with some cars on the road (or beat them in traffic!).

Comfortable electric bikes and powerful electric bikes can be something you get in one package, you just have to look in the right places. Browse our selection of bikes and purchase yours today directly from our online store!

Gaining a Toehold for the E-Bike

TECHNOLOGY has eliminated many of life’s milder physical demands, like getting off the couch to change the channel, or going to the store to buy a book.

Sanyo has introduced its Eneloop Hybrid bike, priced at $2,300, in the United States. Pressing a handlebar button causes a 250-watt motor to gently kick in.

The latest exertion to be conquered: biking uphill.

Electric bicycles — a regular pedal-driven bike with a motor for steeper slopes and an optional extra boost — is an idea that has been around for more than a century. But while e-bikes have caught on in certain parts of the world, particularly China, where tens of millions are sold each year, they have never quite captured the imagination of auto-obsessed Americans.

That may be about to change. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month, Sanyo, the Japanese electronics maker and a major producer of car batteries, showed off a sleek, lightweight e-bike called the Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle.

The Eneloop, priced at $2,300, came to stores in the United States late last year. It operates like any normal bike and, save for the black lithium-ion battery strapped to the frame beneath the seat, looks exactly like one as well. But when you press a button on the left handlebar, a 250-watt motor gently kicks in, providing about twice the power as your own pedaling — and making you feel like Lance Armstrong on even the steepest slopes.

“The average auto trip in the U.S. is five miles or less,” said David Cabanban, bicycle business manager at Sanyo North America. “At the end of the day, how do you lower pollution and get people healthy? We’ve got to get people back to riding bikes.”

For years, e-bike proponents have argued that these machines can get people to abandon their cars and cut down on pollution, all without working up the unsightly sweat acquired when biking to work. But early e-bikes were never very good.

In the 1990s, people like Lee Iacocca and Malcolm Currie, the former chief executive of Hughes Aircraft, got into the e-bike business. Their bikes had heavy steel frames and the same lead acid batteries used in automobiles, which themselves could weigh 80 pounds. The entire Eneloop weights about 50 pounds.

Those older e-bikes (many were more like electric mopeds) often needed repairs and service. And their regulatory status was ambiguous — were they motorcycles? bikes? — so many retailers were afraid to sell them. The federal government resolved the legal obstacle with legislation in 2002, classifying any two-wheel, pedal-driven bike with a maximum speed of 20 miles an hour as a bike, which does not need turn signals or licensed riders.

New technology has addressed the other obstacles. Lead acid batteries have given way to efficient and lighter lithium-ion batteries.

The earliest e-bikes of the 1990s got about 15 miles on a single charge. The Eneloop’s battery can power the bike about 46 miles before it needs to be plugged into an outlet and recharged for around three hours; it also partially recharges when the rider brakes or coasts downhill.

Other e-bike makers brag about similar performance.

“If it wasn’t for the lithium battery I wouldn’t be in this business. It’s made this category possible,” said Marcus Hays, founder of Pi Mobility, a company in Sausalito, Calif., whose red, angular bikes cost $2,500 and can operate as a bike, a moped or both at the same time.

E-bike makers in the United States saw something of a mini-boom in 2008, when gasoline prices spiked and people started looking for eco-friendly alternatives to the automobile.

Some basic e-bike models, like the Ezip Trailz by Currie Technologies, now sell for as low as $500. Trek and Schwinn, traditional bike makers, both began selling e-bikes last year, the latter in conjunction with Toshiba.

E-bike makers say that some of the stigma surrounding the bikes — critics see them as a tool to avoid actual exercise — has faded.

“Four years ago, we encountered many people saying, ‘Oh wow, we are so lazy, we need motors on our bikes’ ” said Scott Shaw, president of EcoBike USA, an e-bike maker in Southern California. “Now people are understanding and saying, this is more a utilitarian vehicle for commuting and getting outside on two wheels rather than four.”

RETAILERS have also sensed the growing opportunity. Big-box stores like Wal-Mart, Sears and Costco have dabbled in the category for about a decade. Last year, Best Buy started selling e-bikes experimentally in three test markets: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, Ore.

E-bikes, like regular bikes, still face plenty of challenges. In many parts of the world, biking is an important form of transportation; in the United States it is seen primarily as recreation. Many major cities still do not have bike lanes, and the most important sales channel in the industry — independent bike shops — has been shrinking for more than a decade.

But there may be a greater challenge for companies like Sanyo and other e-bike makers. People tend to think of their transportation, like their clothes or cellphones, as an expression of their identity.

In China, riding an electric bike conveys professional achievement, even a certain degree of wealth. People in the United States, said Ed Benjamin, an independent consultant in the bike business, don’t quite know whether these bikes are fashionable. The e-bike is “an ambiguous statement,” Mr. Benjamin said.

The next few years, he said, could bring higher prices for gasoline and airline tickets. “We have to make some fundamental changes, and e-bikes can be a part of that,” he said.

Three Makes a Trend


It’s a cliché in certain corners of the news media that a reporter needs to note three examples to report a story about a trend. The rule of three is often cited more in derision than admiration, but it seems to hold a certain amount of water. (For example, here, here and here. See how that works?)

So now it’s official: electric bicycles are a trend. Or, to be more exact, articles about electric bicycles are. The Times and The Wall Street Journal have both featured articles on the subject this week. Brad Stone, writing in the Ping column for the Sunday Business section of The Times, noted that Sanyo, an electronics giant, is selling a $2,300 bike with an electric motor, the Eneloop, suggesting that more companies may follow suit. The Journal’s Shai Oster, in a front-page article on Tuesday, cites growing turmoil over electric bikes in China.

Mr. Stone focused on a shift in the United States toward the use of bicycles as daily transportation, which, when combined with technical developments in batteries with extended range, has prompted several manufacturers to offer electric bicycles for sale. The Journal’s article focuses on the unforeseen consequences in China, where the increasing use of e-bikes has led to a perceived increase in accidents. Bikes with electric motors attached are often capable of speeds up to 20 miles an hour, faster than many traditional cyclists ride.

Meanwhile, one magazine is sponsoring a contest to find the best home-built electric bike, while The Irish Times also covered the Chinese market angle, and numerous blogs picked up on Sanyo’s presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The rule of three is, it seems, well met.

These articles come a couple of months after an item published in City Room by J. David Goodman, looking at the unclear legal status of e-bikes in New York. Before that, Wheels reported on a short test ride of one such bike, the Ultra Motors A2B Metro. So it seems that the media really have this particular trend covered. Which means just one thing: watch out for more.

Electric Bikes in Streets of China

BEIJING—Bundled against the cold beneath a highway overpass on a busy Beijing intersection, traffic warden Zhao Delong waved his colored flag in frustration at the new silent killer stalking city streets.

“Those electric bikes just don’t listen! The problem is they go too fast. They can’t stop like bikes. I saw an accident just over there the other day where someone on an e-bike rushed through the intersection and plowed over someone on a regular bike,” Mr. Zhao said as he tried to keep China’s newest road hazard in check.

Powerful battery-powered bicycles are crowding out their push-pedal brethren, delivering a jolt to the Bicycle Kingdom.

By some estimates there are 120 million e-bikes on China’s roads—up from just 50,000 a decade ago, making it the fastest growing form of transportation in China. Cities at first embraced them as a quieter and cleaner alternative to gasoline-powered scooters.

Officials were caught off guard when that environmentally appealing solution turned out to be deadly on the streets. In 2007, there were 2,469 deaths from electric-bicycle accidents nationwide, up from just 34 in 2001, according to government statistics.

That’s roughly 3% of China’s annual 90,000 traffic accident deaths. Still technically bicycles, they’re operating in a legal gray zone. Drivers of electric bikes don’t need to pass stringent driving tests to get licensed, and courts are struggling to sort out lawsuits.

Pedestrians complain that e-bike riders pay little heed to the rules of the road. Drivers of electric bikes are “totally devoid of conscience and respect for the law,” complained Wang Mingyue, a blogger on the popular Beijing News Web site.

China’s e-bike industry started under the planned economy of the Maoist 1960s. Primitive battery and engine technology doomed early efforts. After China liberalized its economy in the 1980s, a handful of entrepreneurs tried to revive e-bikes just as city planners were casting a worried eye on the explosive growth of exhaust-spewing mopeds and scooters. By the 1990s, cities were starting to ban motor scooters, creating an opening for electric bicycles. Electric bikes had government backing: inclusion as one of 10 key scientific-development priority projects in the Ninth Five-Year Plan. They had the personal endorsement of former Premier Li Peng, according to an academic paper on the history of e-bikes in China by Jonathan Weinert, Ma Chaktan and Chris Cherry.

By 1998, regulators realized they had to limit the speed and size of e-bikes, too. The rules were loosely enforced and left a loophole. If it’s got a pedal, it’s a bicycle. The original standards put the maximum speed of an electric bike at 20 kilometers per hour (a little more than 12 mph). But e-bikes’ power soon outpaced that. Some are capable of 25 mph or more.

The market grew slowly at first. That changed after China was hit by severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, in 2003. National e-bike sales jumped from 1.5 million in 2002 to four million in 2003 as commuters sought an alternative to crowded public transport, where germs spread quickly.

Electric-bike fatalities rose, too. In 2003, 87 people were killed in e-bike accidents. A year later, 589 died.

The deaths led to a backlash. Beijing and Fuzhou banned electric bikes in 2002. Beijing lifted its ban in 2006.

More cities decided they’d had enough. The northeast industrial town of Shenyang banned e-bikes in 2009 after their numbers spiked in the wake of a motorcycle ban.

Over the summer, Changsha city traffic police set up checkpoints and handed out 60,000 tickets in five days for e-bikes that violated weight and speed restrictions, or didn’t have proper registration.

In Zhejiang province, Hangzhou banned out-of-town e-bikes; in Wenzhou, police confiscated 5,000 electric bikes in half a month for being too fast and large.

Riders like Yu Dejiang were caught in the legal crossfire. Mr Yu, a 30-year-old air-conditioner repairman in Wenzhou, splurged this summer and spent half a month’s salary on a new electric scooter to replace a secondhand one that got stolen. Two weeks later, police dusted off old regulations on the books, confiscated his bike and fined him 700 yuan—about $100.

“The e-bike is a necessity for my work. The fastest and cheapest traffic vehicle I can afford. It’s the same for most riders here. I can finish my work on the bike. There are no buses in many places and I can’t afford to buy a car. What do you expect me to do?” said Mr. Yu.

A few weeks later, he was back on the streets with another electric bike, looking over his shoulder in case city authorities crack down again.

But there’s another problem. E-bikes may not be so clean after all. Because 95% of China’s e-bikes use lead batteries, they emit more lead into the atmosphere than other forms of transportation, according to some studies. They also rely on electricity that’s mostly made by coal-burning power plants.

Then suddenly, in December, the central government dropped a bombshell: tough new nationwide restrictions. There was heated debate. Sales at Luyuan Group, one of China’s biggest e-bike makers, dropped 50% in December from November.

“Officials are getting the statistics wrong, they’re not looking at them scientifically,” said Ni Jie, Luyuan’s founder. A former economics professor and electrical engineer, Mr. Ni has given his wife the company reins so he can focus more on industry lobbying. He argues electric bicycles are safer than bicycles or motorcycles and will soon start using cleaner, lithium batteries.

After intense public outcry in the media, the government backed down just weeks later. “In essence, a lack of respect for public opinion and for the reasonable and scientific decision-making process was to blame,” for the government’s behavior, said an opinion piece in China Daily, the state-backed English language newspaper.

Now, the industry associations are trying to figure out new guidelines before the central government steps back in. In the meantime, people are back in the shops.

He Chenyan, a 23-year-old telecommunications engineer, offered this advice as he tested out different electric bikes in Hangzhou. “These limits don’t matter,” he said. “The traffic police won’t bother with us. They’ll focus on real motor vehicles like cars and motorcycles.”

A nearby saleswoman offered another solution: After getting a new bike registered with police, a simple adjustment to the motor pushes the maximum speed back up to 20 mph. “Any slower and you might as well ride a bicycle,” she said.

— Sue Feng and Kersten Zhang in Beijing and Ellen Zhu in Shanghai contributed to this article.

Winter e-biking

Winter e-biking feels like cheating

When you spend weeks riding around in single digit temperatures, a break into the 40′s feels like it’s summertime.

My cold weather biking exploits caught the eye of someone at Maine. The Magazine and I’ve been asked to pose for some pictures for a feature they’re working on about people who get around on pedal power during the winter. The shoot is today in a couple of hours and I’m excited because the photographer, Peter Andrey Smith (check out his site, he also writes for GOOD) is shooting with a medium format camera (helllooooo pixels).

To choose which electric bike to use in the shoot I let fate decide and assigned heads to the Izip Trekking Enlightened and tails to the Pedego Comfort Cruiser. Tails came up lucky on the flip of the coin so I’ll be rocking the kick back and relax style of the Comfort Cruiser for the shoot.

It’s been relatively warm out here in Maine over the last two days. It’s a few degrees over 40 outside right now which feels like summer after the past few weeks of single digit temperatures. It’s nice to not have to put on that extra layer of clothing to get around outside. One unintended benefit of riding this winter is that I REALLY appreciate how easy biking is in the summer. Oh, to be able to just jump on the bike and go.

My friend Starre Vartan over at Greenopia wrote up a post about how kickass electric bikes are and included both the Izip and Pedego in addition to the Optibike. The kind folks are Optibike are going to be sending me something to demo in the next month or three, I’m really looking forward to seeing how their $5,995 bike stacks up (assuming they don’t send me their $9,995 model; hey, a guy can dream). The Optibike is certainly one of the cooler looking bikes I’ve seen.

A quick note to my fellow Portland, Maine winter bikers- every Friday at 5:30 a group of riders gathers in Congress Square before setting off on a 10 mile easy ride punctuated with beers and food at a local bar/restaurant. Tonight’s ride will end at Great Lost Bear (excellent cheesy fries).

Stay warm riders.

The Best Green Vehicle

When conversations start flying about the best green vehicle 2010 has to offer, names like the Toyota Prius and the Chevrolet Volt will no doubt come up. Compressed Natural Gas vehicles may even enter the discourse. But I’m here to put forward a vehicle that has lingered in the shadows for a long time and is now ready for the green limelight. That vehicle is the bicycle.

Oil Independence

During the 1990s, bicycles were largely abandoned as a means of transportation as we filled our SUV gas tanks with low-priced gasoline and our stomachs with greasy burgers and fries. Then came the oil price spike during most of the 2000s, culminating in the summer of 2008 with $4+ per gallon pump prices for gasoline and diesel. We responded to this price shock with some increases in fuel economy standards and a slight shift toward public transit and bicycling. A 10% drop in US oil demand from 2007 levels helped to keep prices below $3 per gallon in 2009.

But here come the 2010s and a new reality in the global oil market. There is a high probability that the year ahead will bring $3+ per gallon gasoline back. Even if US oil demand continues to stagnate due to increased efficiency, a bidding war for oil imports will pick up by emerging economies such as China and India. Lower oil production by Mexico, Norway, the UK, and Russia will translate into a growing dependence on OPEC. Within a couple more years, gasoline stations could read $5 per gallon across the US – sending an even bigger shock wave across our transportation system than we experienced in 2008.

If we increase our bicycling and walking by 12.5% per year in 2010 and throughout the 2010s, we can reduce our oil imports by 20% (2 million barrels per day or more than $50 billion per year). This reduction in imports would help keep the dollar from getting weaker versus other major currencies and get money flowing to strengthen our national economy. An oil-independent cycling commute can help multi-car families downsize to one car — reducing monthly car payments, insurance, and maintenance. Maintenance for your replacement bicycle is a fraction of the cost.

Improving Biking Infrastructure

Of course, to safely make this transition to bicycling, we need to continue improving bicycling infrastructure. Recent years have shown significant growth in local bike lanes and greenways through neighborhoods and parks and major regional networks for cycling such as the emerging 3,000-mile long East Coast Greenway that links cities from Canada to Key West, Florida. It’s time to accelerate progress, especially through low-cost shifts such as painting new bike lanes and adding “sharrows” and signage that make it clearer to drivers that the road is for sharing with bicycles.

Helps Stabilize the Climate & Clean Our Lungs

Biking to work is not only good for the wallet. It’s one of the best steps toward climate and environmental responsibility. Rather than spewing carbon dioxide and other pollutants to complete your everyday commute, biking makes for a clean ride. Increasing the share of commutes by bicycle can help communities achieve the new, stricter EPA smog standards.

Space Efficiency Matters

Living in Manhattan, I experience space constraints every day. What a difference it would make for our streets if we move a significant number of people from cars to bikes. Even the smaller Smart car isn’t nearly as space efficient as the bicycle. We can reduce the amount of parking necessary, saving those resources for more productive uses and parks to improve the livability of communities nationwide.

Gets Our Health Groove Back

Many of the health problems Americans run into are related to our sedentary lifestyle. A hybrid or electric car doesn’t change the fact that you are just sitting there in traffic rather than working the muscles we were born to use. Regular bicycling helps to fight diabetes, heart disease, and other health risks. And if you think a regular bicycle is too rigorous, a growing mix of electric bicycles are emerging that can assist you on the steeper hills.

Invest in Safe Bicycling in 2010

There is no vehicle more green and efficient than a bicycle. Biking is even more efficient than walking (it takes less than half the energy). As oil prices continue to rise, the best hedge we can all make is to invest in a bicycle, important accessories such as a helmet and lights, and the time and energy to ensure our transportation planners are improving bike/ped infrastructure locally and throughout the country.

Challenging Car Culture

Challenging Car Culture on Campus

BIDDEFORD, Me. — When Kylie Galliani started at the University of New England in August, she was given a key to her dorm, a class schedule and something more unusual: a $480 bicycle.

The University of New England bikes are personalized. Free or subsidized bike programs at colleges have had mixed success.
“I was like, ‘A free bike, no catch?’ ” Ms. Galliani, 17, a freshman from Fort Bragg, Calif., asked. “It’s really an ideal way to get around the campus.”

University administrators and students nationwide are increasingly feeling that way too.

The University of New England and Ripon College in Wisconsin are giving free bikes to freshmen who promise to leave their cars at home. Other colleges are setting up free bike sharing or rental programs, and some universities are partnering with bike shops to offer discounts on purchases.

The goal, college and university officials said, is to ease critical shortages of parking and to change the car culture that clogs campus roadways and erodes the community feel that comes with walking or biking around campus.

“We’re seeing an explosion in bike activity,” said Julian Dautremont-Smith, associate director of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, a nonprofit association of colleges and universities. “It seems like every week we hear about a new bike sharing or bike rental program.”

While many new bike programs are starting up, some are shutting down because of problems with theft and vandalism. The program at St. Mary’s College in Maryland was suspended because bikes were being vandalized.

“Ours was one that was totally based on voluntary taking care of the bike,” said Chip Jackson, a spokesman for St. Mary’s, “and I guess that was maybe a tad unwise. So the next generation of this idea will have a few more checks and balances.”

At Ripon, and the University of New England, officials say that giving students a bike of their own might encourage them to be more responsible. Ripon’s president, David C. Joyce, a competitive mountain biker, said the free bike idea came in a meeting about how to reduce cars on campus.

The college committed $50,000 to the program and plans to continue it with next year’s freshmen. Some 200 Trek mountain bikes, helmets and locks were bought, and about 180 freshmen signed up for the program. “We did it as a means of reducing the need for parking,” Dr. Joyce said, “but as we looked at it from the standpoint of fitness, health and sustainability, we realized we have the opportunity to create a change.”

The University of New England here in Biddeford had a similar problem — too many cars, not enough space and a desire to make the campus greener. So it copied the Ripon program, handing out 105 bikes in the first week of school. Because of the program, only 25 percent of freshmen brought cars with them this year, officials said, compared with 75 percent last year.

“We felt the campus could devolve to asphalt parking lots, and a lot of people didn’t want that to happen,” said Michael Daley, head of the university’s environmental council and a professor of economics.

The bikes are marked with each student’s name.

“I don’t have to fill it with gas, and it doesn’t hurt the environment,” said Kaitlyn Birwell, 18. “With a car, you need a parking permit, gas, and it breaks down. I’m a college student and don’t have the money for that.”

Michelle Provencal, 18, said she hopes her bike will help her avoid a dreaded side effect of being a college freshman. “Maybe instead of gaining the freshman 15 I’ll lose it,” Ms. Provencal said.

When Mercer University in Macon, Ga., asked for donations of old bikes, it received 60, which are being fixed up and painted orange and black, the university colors. Forty are available for weeklong rentals, and Mercer has organized mass rides to downtown Macon, about three miles away, to promote the program.

“A lot of students haven’t ridden a bike since middle school or even younger, but when they get back on it their faces light up,” said Allan J. Rene de Cotret, director of the program. “So why not leave your car parked where you live or back home with your parents and ride your bike around campus?”

Emory University has partnered with Fuji Bikes and Bicycle South, a local bike shop, to provide 50 bikes that can be rented at no charge at six spots on campus. Students can also buy Fuji bikes at a discount and receive a free helmet, lock and lights from Emory.

Students, faculty and staff can go to a rental station, show their Emory ID and check out bikes. The program plans to add 70 more bikes and four checkout points in the next year. In addition, about 150 bikes have been sold through the partnership in the past year, said Jamie Smith, who runs the program, called Bike Emory.

“We like the idea of bolstering the cycling culture here,” Mr. Smith said, “and ultimately it supports alternative transportation.”

Bikes at some campuses were treated as toys rather than transportation. Others were difficult to maintain or were not used.

“The kids weren’t taking care of the bikes, leaving them wherever instead of parking them in the bike racks,” said John Wall, a spokesman for Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pa., which eliminated its two-year-old bike-sharing program this year. “The other problem was that the bikes weren’t the greatest to begin with. They were donated by Wal-Mart, and others were rehabbed. They had also been out in the weather. It just didn’t work out.”

The elements are a concern at other universities as well. More than 150 students at the University at Buffalo signed up for a city bike-sharing program that has drop-off points on campus, but it suspends service from November to April.

“It’s hard to maintain all the bikes during winter, and usage drops dramatically,” said Jim Simon, an associate environmental educator at Buffalo.

Here at the University of New England, officials wonder what will happen when snow starts falling, but they are looking toward bike-sharing programs in cities like Copenhagen and Montreal as proof that they can work in the cold.

St. Xavier University in Chicago this month is unveiling the first computer-driven bike sharing system on a college campus.

Students can wave their ID card over a docking port. The port is attached to a rubber tube, which can be used as a lock and opened by entering an access code. Students must enter the bike’s condition before it can be unlocked. The system is used in Europe, but with credit cards.

The first 15 minutes are free, and users pay 60 cents for each additional 15 minutes, or $2.40 per hour. All 925 resident students automatically become members through their ID cards. The system was intended to be environmentally friendly, with solar panels powering the ports.

A tracking system similar to G.P.S. will keep tabs on the bikes.

“You can’t throw it in Lake Michigan,” said Paul Matthews, the university’s vice president for facilities management, “because we’ll know if you throw it in Lake Michigan.”

Electric bicycles in China

Electric bicycles in China

SHANGHAI — Jiang Ruming, a marketing manager, owns a van, but for many errands, he hops on a futuristic-looking contraption that lets him weave rapidly through Shanghai’s messy traffic. He rides an electric bicycle.

Electric bicycle riders in China, where about 120 million such bikes are used, with some going up to 30 miles an hour.

Half a world away, in San Francisco, the president of that city’s board of supervisors, David Chiu, uses an electric bike to get to meetings without sweating through his suit.

And in the Netherlands, Jessy Wijzenbeek-Voet recently rode an electric bicycle on a long trip that, at 71, she would not have been able to make on a standard bike.

Detroit may be introducing electric car designs and China may be pushing forward with a big expansion of its highways and trains. But people like Mr. Jiang, Ms. Wijzenbeek-Voet and Mr. Chiu — as well as delivery workers in New York, postal employees in Germany and commuters from Canada to Japan — are among the millions taking part in a more accidental transportation upheaval.

It began in China, where an estimated 120 million electric bicycles now hum along the roads, up from a few thousand in the 1990s. They are replacing traditional bikes and motorcycles at a rapid clip and, in many cases, allowing people to put off the switch to cars.

In turn, the booming Chinese electric-bike industry is spurring worldwide interest and impressive sales in India, Europe and the United States. China is exporting many bikes, and Western manufacturers are also copying the Chinese trend to produce models of their own. From virtually nothing a decade ago, electric bikes have become an $11 billion global industry.

“It’s miraculous — it takes the hills out of riding,” said Roger Phillips, 78, who rides an electric bike around Manhattan. The sensation is akin to a moving walkway at the airport, he said.

Electric bikes have been a “gift from God” for bike makers, said Edward Benjamin, an independent industry consultant, not only because they cost more — typically $1,500 to $3,000 — but also because they include more components like batteries that need regular replacement.

In the Netherlands, a third of the money spent on bicycles last year went to electric-powered models. Industry experts predict similar growth elsewhere in Europe, especially in Germany, France and Italy, as rising interest in cycling coincides with an aging population. India had virtually no sales until two years ago, but its nascent market is fast expanding and could eclipse Europe’s in the next year.

“The growth has been tremendous in the last two years,” said Naveen Munjal, managing director of Hero Electric, a division of India’s largest bicycle and motorcycle maker. He expects sales at Hero to increase to 250,000 electric bikes in 2012, from 100,000 in 2009.

While the American market has been modest — about 200,000 bikes sold last year, by some estimates — interest is rising, said Jay Townley, a bicycle industry consultant. Best Buy began selling electric bicycles in June at 19 stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. Trek, a manufacturer based in Wisconsin, recently began selling a bike created by Gary Fisher, a prominent bicycle designer.

“Electric-assisted bicycles will change how people think about bikes in urban areas,” predicted Mr. Chiu of San Francisco, who has been riding a prototype of the Trek bike since the summer.

Improvements in technology are resulting in lighter designs that appeal to older cyclists. “Now you’ve got a product you can present to a baby boomer,” Mr. Townley said.

New York City’s largest electric bike store, NYCeWheels, opened in 2001, and in the last few years, business has been growing, said Bert Cebular, the owner. In Chinatown, electric bikes are showing up on nearly every corner and several shops have recently appeared, selling bikes imported from Chinese factories.

As the global market develops, two types of electric bikes are emerging. One is similar to a standard bicycle with pedals, but it has an electric motor that engages on command or when the cyclist pedals. These are the most popular type in the United States and Europe, with many people using the electric motor mainly for help in wind or on steep hills.

By contrast, in China, electric bicycles have evolved into bigger machines that resemble Vespa scooters. They have small, wide-set pedals that most cyclists do not use as they travel entirely on battery power. The bikes move at up to 30 miles an hour, with a range of 50 miles on a fully charged battery.

These larger models are causing headaches for global transportation planners. They cannot decide whether to embrace them as a green form of transportation, or ban them as a safety hazard. Some cities are studying the halfway measure of banning them from bicycle lanes while permitting them on streets.

In China, electric bicycles “have a moderating influence on the use of cars,” said Cornie Huizenga of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities, an advocacy group. A survey by American and Chinese researchers in the Chinese city of Kunming found that one in six electric bike riders would drive a car or take a taxi if their bicycle were taken away.

Such is the case with Mr. Jiang, the Shanghai marketing manager. Environmental benefits never factor into his decision to use his bike instead of his car, he said; it is simply a matter of convenience. “If I’m not going to anywhere distant, driving a car doesn’t save any time,” he said.

For each mile traveled, electric bikes cause fewer emissions of the gases associated with global warming than do cars. But they come with their own set of pollution concerns. A typical Chinese model uses five lead batteries in its lifetime, each containing 20 to 30 pounds of lead. In areas without stringent recycling programs, the potential for environmental contamination is high.

“This is perhaps the most problematic issue for electric bikes,” said Christopher Cherry, an author of the Kunming study.

Safety is increasingly a concern. An electric bike rider is more likely than a car driver to be killed or injured in a collision, and as the number of riders has soared, fatalities in China have risen. And riders of these vehicles often choose to take bicycle lanes, where they mix with slower-moving bikes and pedestrians, adding to the potential for an accident.

In December, conflict over electric bike safety and design erupted when a government agency introduced a rule effectively banning large electric bikes from bike lanes. But the response from manufacturers and bike owners — nearly 10 percent of the population — was forceful. Less than two weeks later, the rule was suspended.

As China struggles to find the proper place on the road for electric bikes, some bicycle advocates in the United States see them as a potential boon for bike commuting, especially for older riders.

But with greater numbers, conflicts between electric bikers and old-fashioned cyclists may also grow. Several Canadian cities, including Toronto, have considered banning electric bikes from bicycle lanes, while in New York and in parts of Europe, riders have reported harassment from regular bike riders when they use the lanes.

Ms. Wijzenbeek-Voet said she often gets stares from other cyclists when she takes her electric bike to the store. “They look at me wondering, ‘How is it possible that lady is going so fast?’ ”

Officially, electric bicycles are not permitted on New York streets, though that does not seem to be stopping many riders. However, Mr. Phillips, the Manhattan rider, recently found himself unable to get accident insurance, making him wary of riding and eager for a change in the law. A bill before the State Legislature would permit bikes with a top speed of 20 miles an hour and less than 1,000 watts of power. Other states limit power output to 750 watts.

One barrier to wider adoption of electric bicycles in the United States and Europe may be the culture of cycling. Bicycle riders have long valued cycling as a sport and a form of exercise, not simply as a utilitarian means of transportation, and many of them look down their noses at electric bikes.

“To the core cyclist, it’s cheating,” said Loren Mooney, editor in chief of Bicycling Magazine. “Marketers understand this, and it’s why some have put e-bikes in mass retailers like Best Buy, rather than engaging in the uphill battle of trying to sell them in bike shops.”

Electric Quality E-Bikes

To E-Bike Or Not To E-Bike, That is The Question

When asking the age-old consumer question, “what is different about this new product than what I currently have?”, a dozen ingrained patterns of consumer scrutiny are applied. Sometimes within moments of comparison you realize that what you have is far superior, or good enough, and likewise, sometimes within moments you realize that this new product is a must have. When looking to compare electric bikes to their more antiquated manual predecessors, it tends to be more of an instance of “must have” consumerism. A new electric bike can take your smallest or greatest biking pleasures and magnify them by combining high quality and fun.

So what exactly is the difference between old-school manual powered bikes and new, fun electric bikes? The list of reasons can become numerous but also excitingly simple to follow. To begin with, high quality electric bikes are an addition to any exercise program. With powerful eco-friendly batteries and premium motor components, electric bikes can supplement the best of what your body has to offer. Why sculpt your exercise routine around the limits of your physical ability? With an e-bike you can let the excitement and spontaneity take over so that you can just get your work out clothes on and go for a ride. If you ever find that you have out-done yourself, or even if something comes up meaning you need to “rush” home, an electric bicycle will have the power to keep you out of trouble and propel you where you need to go. Never feel limited by your body again when you sit yourself on the comfortable seat of a powerful e-bike.

Further comparing regular bikes to electric bikes, the form is a little different, while the function remains the same! With a motor in the back and a battery and distance gauges on the handle-bars, you can see that there are some slight variations that will inherently come with an e-bike. Along with handle-bar throttle control, sometimes it might feel more like a small motorcycle than an actual bike! This addition of electric components will facilitate any rider onto the rode and then support them throughout whatever their goal is.

From very young to older in age, an electric bike brings a level of control, comfort and safety that its un-electronic older brother can sometimes lack, which is yet another key comparison. You won’t ever find that an e-bike is the reason you chose not to embark on an adventure or the reason someone warns you that maybe you are over doing it. Let an e-bike be the wind beneath your wings (if you need it) and never let the troubles or hassles of manual powered bikes bog you down again.

Electric Bicycle – How To Beat Traffic

How To Beat Traffic on an electric bicycle

Personal electric transportation is a form of vehicle that is made to carry one person, and is powered by an electric motor and a rechargeable battery pack. An electric bicycle would be an example of one of the most popular forms of personal electric transportation. New electronic bikes are quickly becoming one of the best ways to get around town, but especially if you are looking to beat traffic. Whether you have a traffic congested commute or just a commute that is downright more time than you want to spend in car (regardless of the traffic) an electric bike cruiser is guaranteed to make your trip smoother, more fun, and a lot less stressful!

Fortunately for you, there as many different kinds of new electric bikes as there are specific needs for each person’s commute. The first step is figuring out exactly what your needs are so you can look for the best electric bike to suit them. For some people, a quality e-bike is all they are looking for. Something to get them there and get them home, all the while beating the traffic, getting them exercise, and not forcing them to exert themselves to the point where they get to work all sweaty! Other people might even have more specific needs. Perhaps a tandem electric bike because they normally commute to work with their best pal, or even a folding electric bike because you need something that you can carry right into the office with you, not necessarily leave locked up outside. Regardless of your needs, there is an e-bike for you, no doubt about it.

So you’ve gotten the idea of what an electric bicycle will do for you, but maybe you are having trouble picturing it. Imagine that instead of a 15-20 minute drive to work, each day you wake up, do your morning rituals and instead of that car, you hop on your bike. You take a big deep gulp of fresh air, put your feet on the pedals and push! Your legs do some of the work and the electronic motor and battery pack do some too. You get to arrive at work refreshed with some morning exercise that didn’t leave you high and dry (or wet because you were pushed too hard) with clothes unsuitable to work in. The blood is now flowing and you will be ready to start your day in a more alert, happy (because you got some endorphins flowing) and capable mood to tackle the challenges of your life.

E-Bikes For Style

E-Bikes For Fun, E-Bikes For Style

Electric bikes are not only a wave of the future, but a stylish one. At Pedego Electric Bikes we blend the optimum balance of style, color of choice, comfort, and above all, power, to get you the kind of reliable electric bikes you want. Pedego’s signature e-bikes come in all types of shapes and sizes. Pedego offers a classic cruiser design, a step-through design, 2 types compact folding e-bike designs, and a tandem e-bike. With all these options biking will quickly become one of the fastest ways for you to combine fun and fitness. Our e-bikes will let you exercise the way you want to, never having to hold yourself back with the fear of over exertion, and be the most stylish person in your neighborhood doing it.

Electric bikes by themselves are a pretty stylish item. Combining the best of the old with the best of the new, you will find that these old school bike frames come in a variety of colors for you to choose also. For example our cruiser bike comes in a multitude of color and trim choices. Spice up your bike with a certain color on your handlebars and seat, or keep your bike looking more classical. Our light electric bikes (which have a 1-button push folding system) also come in two different colors and our tandem e-bike has one of the most sleek and stylish all black looks you can find. Ride around town knowing that while you are having fun, you are also riding around on a piece of machinery that is going to make heads swivel and hearts grow jealous.

Be the envy of the town when you get on your Pedego Electric Bike and start cruising today. Why hold back your fitness goals or fun like you’ve never experienced it before? Don’t wait another minute and come browse our selection and order electric bikes from our website!

I Want an E-Bike

I Want An E-Bike, Is That OK?

Yes! If you want to take part in the craze that is electric bicycles, you can’t blame yourself. These e-bikes are quite lookers, let alone the fact that anyone who rides one seems to fall in love with them. If you still have much of a doubt, our website has some great testimonials and videos to back it up.

James, a new owner of an e-bike, had this to say, “Why take the car to go places?? With an electric bike you can go with a lot of help if you get tired. This brings exercise to a whole new level. Go to work….ride the bike, Go to the store…ride the bike, even go shopping take the bike. Go up a hill no problem…” This exemplifies the biggest reason to get an electric beach cruiser or similar e-bike – to make exercise a constant force in your life. Let’s face it, we probably all could use a little more exercise in our life and what better way to add it than with electric bicycles? Using an e-bike will ensure that you not only start a new exercise program but secure the promise of a new lifestyle change with it. Cast off your fears of failing at a new way to get in shape because we promise that you won’t fail this one! There’s no one good reason to try and find electric bikes for sale because like James says above, there’s not just one good reason to take it out for a spin. These bikes are good for a multitude of different tasks and needs, and it performs all of them masterfully. For more great testimonials, please read at electric bike testimonials.

If the testimonials aren’t enough to propel you to make your dreams a reality, there are also some great videos to watch. Pedego’s bikes haven’t been without limelight, having many customers want to help make videos and even being reviewed in the local TV news. The videos you can view at electric bike videos go to great lengths to give any potential buyer the confidence that they are making a good decision. Whether being informational and showing how some of the bikes actual work to simply seeing people outside and enjoying themselves riding around, these electric bicycles will really Wooo you.

Pedego Lakers Fan

Special Edition electric bicycle rolls into Los Angeles

IRVINE, Calif. (May, 2010) – In support of the Los Angeles Lakers drive to their 16th world championship, Pedego™ Electric Bikes today introduced the ultimate two wheeled ride for the Lakers fan who has everything purple and gold – an electric bicycle that can be ridden anywhere an ordinary pedal bicycle is permitted.
Pedego™ has equipped their latest model with a 36 volt propulsion system that includes a lithium battery, a proprietary electromagnetic motor and a heavy duty controller. In addition, this special edition bike has white handgrips and matching white seat. It is a high performance electric bicycle powered by Pedego’s industry leading brushless and gearless 500 watt motor.

“This is designed for basketball fans who live and breathe the Lakers” said Don DiCostanzo, CEO of Pedego™ Bicycles. “The Pedego™ is the best value, high performance electric bicycle in the market.”

Unlike competitive ebikes, all Pedegos™ are designed from the ground up to be electric bicycles. High grade aluminum is exclusively used in the construction of the lightweight frame. Pedego uses brand name components on its complete line of electric bicycles including SRAM and Shimano.

Environmentally conscious consumers will be pleased to know that the Pedego™ is powered by any combination of pedal power and electricity. Whether you pedal exclusively for fun exercise, use the throttle activated power to assist pedaling or use the throttle alone without pedaling, the Pedego ™ puts you in complete control.

For more information on Pedego™ special edition bicycles, visit:

Pedego™ is fast becoming the brand in the next step of bicycle evolution. Besides being environmentally friendly, Pedego™ has hit the mark by combining a traditional bicycle with today’s most advanced technology resulting in stylish and fun products for people of all ages.

Electric Bike Injury Recovery

E-Bikes – A Safe Injury Recovery Workout

While electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, it is good to remember that these great bikes are a great way to cater to a lot more situations than a normal bike. One particular way to use an electric bike is to facilitate an injury rehabilitation program. Since these bikes have a powerful lithium-ion battery, they can reach speeds of 20mph with battery power alone, meaning that you won’t ever be stranded or stuck with something hurting. If you are nursing a recovering knee or ankle injury, have some weakness or pain somewhere, or are even trying to take it easy in one way or another, an electric bicycle is the promise of being able to stay active and fit, without the fear of overdoing it.

Electric bikes are so safe and easy to use that we are sure you will have phenomenal results if added to any injury recovery, rehabilitation or strengthening work out. Depending on what your concern is, there are even varying types of bikes that could do the job better for you. Our classic cruiser design has the look and feel of a typical bike frame, and if you are capable, will grant you all of the boons talked about above. However, if you are worried about your strength or ability to carefully mount a bike, Pedego even offers a step-through cruiser design with a sloping frame, allowing for easy and safe step-through mounting without having to swing a leg high and wide over a bike frame.

Any questions to effectiveness should also be addressed with the simple perks of any electric bike. The ability to add manual power when needed or wanted, and the same ability to relax a little and maybe in your case, be good to an injury, will make it clearly shine over almost any other rehab alternative. Sometimes the mentality of, “no pain, no gain” can be a little overdoing it when you are recovering from an injury. At the same time though, our electric bikes will let you go longer and get more exercise in your target areas, without ever pushing the threshold of too much or danger to re-injure.

Don’t hesitate to browse our selection and find an electric bicycle that will suit your needs. Find a bike you like and order directly from the website today!

Exercise with E-Bikes

Cruising Through The Golden Years

Electric Bicycles are an amazing invention of modern exercise for boundless reasons. One particular reason though, is that they let people stay more active when it might be getting harder to find workouts that are finely tuned to your needs and abilities. That’s the real beauty in new e-bikes, though! An electric bike, having a built in lithium-ion battery pack and motor, lets you be in charge of how much exertion you will get out of a bike routine. There are no fears or worries of over exertion, injury, getting stranded far away home or a host of other possibilities. These bikes are built to take you where you need to go, and that’s exactly what they will do.

Pedego’s electric bicycles offer a ride that can cruise up to 20 mph with battery power alone, and higher with additional manual power. These will also travel for 15-30 miles on 1 charge. It’s the perfect thing to do alone, with friends, or even your spouse. Keep everyone you know active into their golden years and we promise that you all will feel the benefits of staying fit and active. Pedego even offers a step-through cruiser, featuring a sloping frame, for easy bike mounting. No more fears of a bike being too bulky or hard to get onto. With the step-through cruiser, anyone can easily put their leg over the frame and mount one of these bikes in style. Let your age just be a number and not a frame of mind while you stay active, alert, and healthy with the exercise you can get from one of these e-bikes.

Exercise is important for a lot of reasons as you get older. Not only for the obvious ones of wanting to keep your body strong, keeping your weight under control, and your body flexible, but because exercise also plays such an important catalytic chemical process in your body. Exercise release endorphins, or the “happy chemicals” the body naturally produces. As you get older, and if you let yourself become more docile and immobile, you lose out more and more on the body’s natural way of creating mood elevating periods of time.

We assure you that a little bit of exercise goes a long way, and with electric bicycles, it can rapidly become a lot more than, “a little bit”. Keep yourself active, alert, healthy and happy with one of our premiere e-bikes. Start browsing our selection today and order now directly from our website!

Electric Bicycles For Sale

Finding An Online E-Bike Store To Trust

Trying to find electric bicycles for sale can be a little bit tricky. At first, you figure there must be some physical store that I can go to, but alas, there aren’t a lot of options for that, if any. Even if there are, you run into the problem of them typically being small, overpriced, and not offering that fantastic of a selection. The great thing about Pedego’s e-bikes are that all our models are offered through our electric bikes online store. This means that not only are we not small or under-stocked, and even offer incredible prices on our e-bikes.

Pedego offers five different bike styles for you to choose from, all of which have incredible features, and come with the highest quality parts you can find. Their most popular model is the electric (beach) cruiser. As the name applies, it fuses all of the standard cruiser styles and perks with an incredible electrical components to offer you a dream-y ride. As well, there is the step-through cruiser. This bike has all of the above mentioned perks, yet has a notable sloping frame, allowing for easier and more comfortable mounting and dismounting from the bike. These are perfect for young children and the elderly, who don’t want to be hindered, yet also could run into some hurdles when trying to use a standard bike. Pedego also looks to please the compact crowd, offering two different one-button-fold electric bikes. The compact folding bike and the folding electric bike. These bikes are wonderful for the commuters and the travelers out there who always want a peppy ride at their side. You also can’t forget the one and only electric tandem bike. These two-seater e-bikes are the only ones like it on the market, and we promise that it can turn any two person activity into a more fun and physical experience!

The electric bicycles for sale also don’t lack in any sort of style or quality. With the best electrical components you can find, you can also get your bike customized to look the way you want it too. With over 20 different color combinations to choose from (like the simple but sleek all black, to the eye catching and daring ruby red) we here at Pedego promise you will go wide-eyed with delight when you visit our electric bikes online store and see all of the possible options.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Start thinking about what you want out of your e-bike, what you want it to look like, and visit our online store. Browse our selection and we promise you will find a bike that you want to call your own and buy it today directly from our website.

Comfortable Electric Bikes

Comfort Or Power? You Can Have Both!

When looking to buy an e-bike, there are two common questions that come up in people’s mind. Do I want comfortable electric bikes?, or do I want powerful electric bikes? Luckily, you can have both if you look towards Pedego’s incredible lineup. Whether you are looking for a comfort, power, or a fusion of both, your search is over because these bikes are just what you are looking for.

Comfort is one of the premiere qualities of one of these e-bikes. Take the step-through electric cruiser for example. This would be the quintessential bike in the comfort lineup. With its sloping frame, it makes it the easiest to mount and dismount from, and has a comfortable seat and swayed handle bars that allow for a relaxed seating position that doesn’t force you to hunch forward in a “sportier” fashion. A step-through cruiser is perfect for someone just wanting the most comfortable, easy ride, or even for children or the elderly, where the extra conveniences of design really can make the difference.

If you are looking for a model that is every bit as comfortable, but has a more traditional bike frame style and is powerful, then the electric bike cruiser might be what you are looking for. This is the end all of powerful electric bikes. With it’s high quality electrical components it can reach a top speed of 20 mph with battery power alone. This mean that with manual power added, you can easily get one of these cruising at 30 mph or more. That is definitely enough power to get around town, go exercise, or even try and keep up with some cars on the road (or beat them in traffic!).

Comfortable electric bikes and powerful electric bikes can be something you get in one package, you just have to look in the right places. Browse our selection of bikes and purchase yours today directly from our online store!

Electric Bike Beach Cruiser

The New Beach Cruiser – Electric Bike Cruiser

A lot of classics never fade with time, like the beach cruiser bike. This classic has stood the test of time because, well, it’s fairly perfect. That’s why the people at Pedego decided to use that as it’s reference to create their most popular e-bike, the electric bike cruiser. While there might be many Pedego electric bike reviews, this is the definite answer to any questions you might have about this e-bike.

The beach cruiser probably reached it’s perfection by being so stylish, yet so simple, and that is exactly what the Pedego’s version is like. With a look that will match the classic cruiser design, the electric bike cruiser offers much more style than its predecessors. With 14 different color combinations offered by Pedego, these bikes are myriad of colors to choose from. From sleek mono-color looks to dauntless bright colors, there is a look for everyone. Besides the color, the rest of the bike will meet the standards as well. With a big comfy seat and relaxed handlebars that let you sit up, these bikes will match their style with simplicity and comfort.

The Pedego electric bike reviews also need to mention all of the state of the art electrical components that it is built with. With a brushless, gearless rear wheel motor, 500 watts of power, an eco-friendly lithium-ion battery pack, and 6 Shimano gears to change between, this electric bike cruiser packs quite a punch. It can go up to 20 mph on battery power alone (more with some added manual power) and one full charge of the battery will take you from 15-30 miles, depending on environmental and rider conditions. With K-RAD urban tires and Dia-Compee brakes, these bikes are ready for any and all activities you could throw at them.

Visit our online store today and find a look of electric bike cruiser that resonates with you! We promise it won’t be hard to find one which is why we made it so you can order directly from the website.