An electric bicycle simply defined is a standard bicycle with a motor attached (usually in the front or rear hub) and powered by a battery. In this economy, many people are considering alternate forms of transportation due to stress on finances and concerns regarding the environment. Electric bikes sales are growing rapidly in many countries due fuel and environmental concerns. Electric bikes do not require a driver’s license to ride.

Since the Pedego electric bike is powered by a lithium ion battery, (the same battery type used in laptops) there aren’t any poisonous gases released into the atmosphere. The Pedego lithium ion battery is friendly to the environment and uses a small amount of electricity to recharge. The average battery life is approximately 3-5 years with 500-1,000 charges which will power the Pedego electric bicycle for 10,000-20,000 miles.

The average commuter will save time and money by commuting to work, avoiding traffic jams and still arrive to work without needing a shower. With the time saved from traffic jams, the electric bike cyclist can sometimes arrive to work before those choosing to drive.

Bicycles are now outselling automobiles in the U.S. In 2008, new automobile sales in the U.S. totaled 10.8 million vehicles and sales of adult bicycles were 12 million. In Europe where high gas prices and and eco-friendly attitude among conumers became prevalent about 5 years ago, 10% of all adult bikes sold in 2008 were electric. As Americans continue their quest toward becoming more eco-friendly and gas prices continue to rise, electric bikes are becoming more prevelant.

Pedego Electric Bikes are leading the way in eco-friendly electric bike transportation, comfort, style, quality and technology.

As you discover all the advantages of riding an electric bicycle, you will be simultaneously saving money and helping to improve the air quality of the world. As a bonus, you will have fun and get in better shape!