What’s Hot – Best Electric Bicycles

E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in America. These bikes can be effective (if not powerful), some can be eco-friendly, and even yet, they can be extremely stylish. That is, if you look to find the best electric bicycles out there. There are a lot of electric bike reviews on the web, but only a few e-bikes that are truly top notch. Pedego’s electric bikes are the highest quality you can find, and offer many more styles and color combinations than their competitors.

If you are curious what makes Pedego’s e-bikes the best electric bicycles out there, it’s more of a question of what about them is there not to like. Pedego offers five styles of bike ranging from beach cruiser, step-through cruiser, small folding, standard folding, and even the only tandem electric bike on the market. With all these options there is definitely a style of bike for everyone, and let’s not forget that this isn’t even looking at all their color combinations. Between the beach cruiser and step-through cruiser, there are over 20 different colors and color combos to work with, ensuring that your bike will look and feel like your own. This level of customization is rare in the current e-bike market, and something that really can make the difference.

Part of electric bike reviews is also to discuss what can be found beyond the style and look, but in the actual components. Pedego’s electric bicycles are chock-full of the highest quality parts you can find. Starting with what’s “green”, it is important to understand that these bikes use state of the art lithium-ion manganese batteries to offer you not only a better battery life and charge than standard lead-acid batteries, but also because these batteries are better for the environment. Then with the 500 watt, brushless gearless real wheel hub motor, coupled with Shimano 6 speed gears and topped off with K-RAD urban tires, these bikes are really meant to fly down the road.

In the end, the best electric bicycles are the ones that unite power, speed, comfort, and a sense of style, and we promise that all these are exuded in a Pedego electric bike. Take a look at our selection – you won’t be disappointed – and order directly from our website today!