Is Your E-Bike High Quality?

Whether or not you are looking at electric bikes that are high quality really depends on primarily one thing. Are you looking at Pedego’s high quality electric bikes? Pedego’s e-bikes have taken a real share of the market and have won a special place in all of their customer’s hearts. If you are wondering what exactly makes their e-bikes high quality, well it has to do with their dedication to finding the best components to make their bikes, their dedication to making their bikes environmentally friendly, and their dedication to offering you more style and fashion to what you choose your bike to look like.

Let’s take style. Do you think style is a part of high quality? We here at Pedego do. If you are looking at the competitors electric bikes, you will notice there aren’t a lot of options. However, our e-bikes come in five different styles with over 20 different colors to choose from. Not just simple colors either, but quite unique ones that let you customize your bike to further look and feel like your own. Whether you like the sleek look of an all black bike, a bike with different color rims, or even something more dashing like an emerald green, these bikes don’t lack in options.

What you would call “under the hood” is also made from the highest quality parts. The lithium-ion manganese battery lasts longer than its competitors and is safe for the environment, making it a great way to go green. The 500 watt brushless gearless hub motor coupled with the 6 speed Shimano gears really makes for powerful, high quality electric bikes. Even yet, with K-RAD urban tires, Dia-Compe brakes, and twist control throttle with a battery indicator on the throttle, this bike really doesn’t spare any quality or luxury.

If high quality is what you are after, then look no further – Pedego’s electric bikes are it. Start browsing and see the various colors and styles you can pick and order directly from the website today!