Pedego® was founded in 2008 to be the very best brand of electric bikes on Earth, not necessarily the biggest. Pedego Electric Bikes are for people that refuse to settle for less. Pedego stands for premium quality and local service. A complete line of 19 premium quality electric bike models can suit the needs of virtually anyone. A growing network of over 120 locally-owned Pedego stores treat customers like family.

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Making great electric bikes is just the beginning. To be truly great, a company has to stand for something…

Pedego stands for you.

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Don Dicostanzo


Pedego is the very best brand of electric bikes on Earth because we put people first.

The most important part of every pedego isn’t some high-tech gadget or fancy bicycle component – it’s the person riding it.

“hello fun…”

Our motto is “hello, fun…” because everyone loves to have fun. It’s a universal language.

Pedegos are the greatest electric bikes on earth because they’re the most fun to ride.


If a Pedego owner is merely satisfied then we’ve let them down. Satisfied isn’t good enough.

We go the extra mile to make sure that every single Pedego owner is delighted. Pedego owners don’t like their bikes – they love them.


We love this business because all we sell is fun!

Every hour of every day somewhere on earth someone is falling in love with a Pedego and rediscovering the simple joy of riding a bicycle. That feels pretty good.



Little by little you find yourself asking for less and less assistance and burning more calories.

NY Times

I am out on a gorgeous day biking roads I couldn’t have biked otherwise…

LA Times

They go from couch potatoes to fun seekers who are out there breathing fresh air… It’s life-changing.

Inc Magazine

It was a perfect confluence of everything we wanted to do with our lives, which is have fun at work, control our own destinies, and do something good for the world.

Wall Street Journal

There’s nothing more motivational than climbing to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains and breathing in the fresh air as you look out to the Channel Islands.


When we say Pedego Eelctric Bikes are the best, it’s really just bragging.

But when our customers say it — it’s proof!



Pedego was founded in 2008 by Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, two long-time business partners and lifelong friends who were best men in each others weddings.

Don lived on top of a giant hill that took all the fun out of riding to the beach, so he went online and bought an electric bike. He loved it so much that he bought another, and another, and another… Before long, he wound up with seven different electric bikes in his garage!

His friends loved them too, and some of them wanted their own, so he opened up a shop in Newport Beach that quickly became the largest electric bicycle retailer in the US.

Soon, Don found himself frustrated and disappointed with the poor quality and boring style of all the electric bikes on the market. He dreamt of creating his own brand of electric bikes that would live up to his high standards and appeal to more people.

But he knew he couldn’t do it alone, and that’s where Terry comes in.

Terry has warm childhood memories of fixing up old bikes with his dad. He remembers going to swap meets to search for broken down, neglected bikes to bring back to life. He learned to strip them down to the bare frame and completely rebuild them from scratch to be as good as new.

Between Don’s innovative vision and Terry’s technical expertise, Pedego Electric Bikes was

The colorful, fun bikes were instant crowd pleasers, and world class customer service earned them a special place in the hearts of customers everywhere.

Today, Pedego is the number one brand of electric bikes in America (according to Navigant Research), and that’s only the beginning. Every day, we’re adding more stores, more products, and most importantly, more delighted customers!