Irvine, CA: Back Bay Loop

September 9, 2021

The city of Irvine is known for its beautiful parks and lavish bike paths, and what better way to explore than from the seat of a Pedego? There is no time to waste, because the perfect day awaits!

1. Pedego Irvine

There is no better place to begin your adventure than at Pedego Irvine. All of the many, many available bikes are at minimal rates and in pristine condition. Trailers are available to bring along the kids or even pets. Pedego Irvine is centrally located to allow you to get to the Tustin Hangars, Shady Canyon, the Orange County Great Park, and even the Upper Newport Bay. On a Pedego, at any age or fitness level, you can go anywhere you desire.

3800 Barranca Pkwy Suite J

Irvine, CA 92606

Route of Back Bay Loop in Irvine

2. San Diego Creek

After departing Pedego Irvine, the fastest and most scenic route to the Upper Newport Bay, known to locals as the Back Bay, is the San Diego Creek Trail and crossing a pedestrian bridge to the Mountains to the Sea Trail. These trails will take you all the way down San Diego Creek to the upper estuaries of the Back Bay.

San Diego Creek

Eastbluff Dr.

Newport Beach, CA 92660

3. Vista Point

Vista point is just a quick right on Eastbluff drive and the start of the East-side Back Bay trail. During most weekends, cars belonging to eager pedestrians and bicyclists occupy every parking spot near the point. However, on a Pedego Electric Bike, there is no need to worry about parking or traffic. From Vista point, there is a quick downhill down to the water and the fun begins!

Eastbluff Dr.

Newport Beach, CA 92660

4. Back Bay Science Center

Along the right side of the trail, there will be several different places to stop and learn about the Back Bay, but the best place to learn more about the local environment is the Back Bay Science Center. The science center is a wonderful place with friendly staff and a lot to learn about the local wildlife.

600 Shellmaker Rd.

Newport Beach, CA 92660

5. Newport Dunes

After the Mountains to the Sea Trail along the east side of the Back Bay turns into Back Bay Drive, keep your eyes out for a small gazebo near the sandy lagoon and a long pedestrian bridge crossing it. This bridge is also a marina, so watch out for foot traffic. Take Bayside Drive down to Pacific Coast Highway, then take a right (West) to get to our next destination.

101 N Bayside Dr.

Newport Beach, CA 92660

6. Castaways Park

After hanging right to take Dover Drive, there will soon be a path to the right that will take you up to the beautiful Castaways Park. Next to the Marine War Memorial, you can see all of Newport Harbor and nearly all the way up the Back Bay. To continue, keep heading down the path along the cliffside until it turns away into the neighborhoods, then take the first right.

Marine War Memorial, Newport Beach, CA 92660

7. Newport Aquatics Center

Take another right and head down Polaris Drive and turn right onto Whitecliffs Drive. At the end of the street, the Newport Aquatics Center is open and there is a public beach as well. Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle boards are available to rent. Stay for a while and relax, sometimes during the summer there are food trucks as well.

1 Whitecliffs Dr.

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Rowers in a boat in the ocean.

8. Galaxy View Park

Take a right on Polaris Drive until you can take a right on Galaxy Drive. Take this street until you arrive at Galaxy Park. This park has a great view of the Back Bay in the foreground and Newport Center in the background. From here, keep heading down Galaxy drive until you can turn right back onto Santiago Drive. Take a right on Irvine Avenue and hang right to get onto the Bayview Trail.

1392 Galaxy Dr

Newport Beach, CA 92660

9. Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center

After taking the Bayview trail for a mile or so, there will be a large parking lot and a building coming out the shallow hillside with a path on its roof. The Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center is a great place to learn more about the Back Bay and its local history. Furthermore, the path on its roof leads to a viewpoint that gives a good view all the way down the Back Bay. Enjoy your time exploring the nearby paths. If you feel the need to keep going, get back on to Bayview Trail towards Jamboree Road. Take the bridge on Jamboree Road across the estuary and hang right to loop down back onto the Mountains to the Sea Trail heading North/Eastbound. Congratulate yourself, you have completed the Back Bay loop, and now it’s time to head back to Pedego Irvine.

2301 University Dr

Newport Beach, CA 92660

The Best Bike For Your Adventure

We highly recommend the Interceptor for this adventure. The Interceptor comes in many different shapes and sizes, so there is one that is a perfect fit for you. The Pedalsense® pedal-assist really helps you zoom around with the amount of assistance you want. There are 5 different assistance levels that are perfect from flat cruises to climbing up some steep paths. Furthermore, the twist throttle can allow you to get the power you want when you need it without the need to pedal. In addition, the interceptor’s soft saddle with suspension provides a most comfortable ride, especially on long cruises.

Red Pedego Interceptor

Hello, Fun!

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