What’s the secret?

The secret to success with electric bikes isn’t a secret at all.

It comes down to two simple (but not easy) things:

  1. Making a commitment
  2. Choosing the right partner

If you’re ready to commit, then Pedego is the right partner.


The Right Partner

Pedego is the largest and fastest growing electric bike brand in America because we support our dealers better than anyone else. Your success comes first.

With a rapidly growing chain of Pedego branded stores across the globe, including a handful of corporate owned stores, we have a proven retail formula that works.

Our dealer support “dream team” has over a decade of hands on retail electric bike success under their belts. They’ve walked in your shoes, and they know exactly what it takes to be successful with electric bikes.

Dream Team

We produce a complete line of quality electric bikes to suit the needs of virtually anyone. Then we stand behind our products and do whatever it takes to make sure the customers are satisfied delighted!

Pedego was created by baby boomers for baby boomers – the most attractive market segment ever! We understand what they want and how to give it to them.

We invest heavily in public relations, digital marketing, and rentals and tours all over the world to create demand and drive customers to your door.

We’ve even created the exclusive “Pedego Buying Experience” training program featuring a six part video series and study guide that will educate and empower your employees.

All the other brands just want to sell you bikes. Pedego is different. We’re want to help you.