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Pedego is the biggest and best brand of electric bikes in America because we put people first. Making great electric bikes is just the beginning. To be truly great, a company has to stand for something… Pedego stands for you.

About Pedego Triangle

Pedego is the #1 brand of electric bikes in America because they cater to ordinary people like us rather than athletes and hardcore cyclists.

Pedego Triangle is THE place for electric bike sales, service and rentals in and around the Triangle in North Carolina. We are passionate about electric bikes and we put our full heart into delighting our customers.  We serve our customers in many ways.  As a purchaser, you may want one for exercise, outdoor fun or as an alternative form of transportation. As a renter, you may want to host out of town guests for an American Tobacco Trail ride, or go for a bike & picnic outing, or many corporations use the electric bike ride for team building! Please visit us and take a free test ride on a Pedego Electric Bike.  Hello, fun!

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Electric Bike Rentals

Comfort Cruiser

  • $20 / hour
  • $55 / 3 hours
  • $80 / 8 hours


  • $30 /hour
  • $80 / 3 hours
  • $95 / 8 hours


  • $35 / hour
  • $90 / 3 hours
  • $115 / 8 hours

Child or Dog Trailer

  • $8 / hour
  • $24 / 3 hours
  • $64 / 8 hours
Pedego Electric Bikes go farther and faster, empowering you to see more in less time. Pedal or not, and get power when you want it. It feels like being a kid again!

Explore the Triangle

A Pedego Triangle Electric Bike rental is the very best way to experience the beauty of the American Tobacco Trail as well as the exciting vibe of Durham’s restaurants, bars shops and museums.


To reserve a Pedego electric bike rental, please give us a call (919) 265-4016 or reserve online.

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Customers don’t like Pedegos – they love them!

I am truly amazed at how well my Pedego Boomerang Plus rides, handles, brakes and, of course, accelerates...a true revolution in cycling taken to a new level of enjoyment!

Rob T.

Thanks to the amazing torque of the APS and buttery smooth gear changes, I managed all the hills and slopes with ease and saved the flats for actual pedaling under my own steam. Thanks Pedego, you might just have saved my life!

Colin S.

Having owned a couple of other electric bikes in the past, I could not be happier with my Pedego Trail Tracker. It never fails to put a smile on my face. The performance, build, and design is second to none. This one is a keeper!

Greg P.

I bought my Pedego City Commuter as a birthday present for myself. At 71, it is everything I thought it would be and more!

Larry B.

Starting at $1,499*
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