Electric Bike Basics

Just like a normal bicycle – only better!


State-of-the-art geared motor delivers best in class hill climbing and acceleration.


Lightweight, long-lasting lithium battery with an industry leading two year warranty.


Comfortable and convenient twist-and-go throttle for full power on demand.

Pedal Assist

Automatic power for a more natural riding experience. (Standard on most models.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast?

    All Pedego Electric Bikes are governed at 20 MPH in accordance with federal and state regulations.

  • How far?

    Range varies between 15-60 mi. Depending on the battery, rider weight, terrain, weather, speed, and level of pedaling.

  • How long to charge?

    The battery takes 2-6 hours to charge from a standard wall outlet. Your pedaling conserves the battery, but doesn’t charge it.

  • What about exercise?

    Pedego owners actually get more exercise because it’s so much fun that they ride more than they ever would on a pedal-only bike.

Love Stories

We’ve been touched and inspired by the stories we’ve heard about how owning a Pedego Electric Bike has transformed people’s lives – helping them be their best.

When you ride a Pedego, it’s not about how great the bike is. It’s about how awesome you yourself are. Pedego brings out the best in you.

These are love stories from real-life customers.

Hear how Pedego has touched their lives – in their own words.

Doctor Feelgood

“I love the energy. I love that it enables me as a human being to move and feel the wind!”

Still Going Strong

“I just love my Pedego Bike! I’ve got a little more than 40,000 miles on it, and I expect it to do another 40,000 easily.

Family Fun

“Instead of everyone doing their own thing, we’re all enjoying the same experience and having a lot of fun together. It puts a smile on everyone’s face – we love it!”

Freedom of Movement

“The thrill of moving fast and having the wind in my face has been incredible for my sanity, and really it’s been the Pedego bike that’s given me a sense of life back.”

Living Instead of Existing

“It’s not about the weight I’ve lost. It’s about the life that I’ve gained. I was merely existing and today I’m truly living my life.”

Heaven on Earth

“The fun has never stopped! There’s a lot to see, and a lot to enjoy, and it’s a pleasure doing it on the Pedego.”

Just For Fun

“The thing about the Pedego is that nothing hurts when you’re finished riding. It’s almost like being a teenager again. You can’t beat it. It’s a damn good life.”

Fun with Benefits

“I’m loving it! It’s just a better quality of life. I look better, I feel better and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.”

Pets Love Pedego Too

“I love the fact that it’s getting me out there doing something I never thought I could do, or keep doing, and now I know I can!”

Living the Dream

“It’s re-opened a whole world for me. I feel free and liberated and ready to hit the trail!”

Isolation to Empowerment

“The thing about the Pedego bike that really changed my life, is that it moved me from a life of isolation to one where I’m empowered to go anywhere I want to go.”