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Lambertville has a richness far beyond what one would expect of a town of one square mile. Its’ history dates to pre-Revolutionary War and is renowned for its’ numerous antique shops and art galleries. And while Lambertville keeps history close to its vest, they do have some cutting edge aspects…like the arrival of Pedego Electric Bikes at 13 N. Union Street! Pedego bikes give the rider the opportunity to explore all that Lambertville has to offer but also presents the opportunity to strike outside of town and pedal far afield to tour the area’s deep well of history, its’ boundless natural beauty and the excitement of exploring fellow river towns well to the north and south.
Pedego makes it possible for nearly anyone to set out on two wheels to take in the splendors of the region. Pedego Electric Bikes, with both Pedal Assist and an On-The-Go Throttle can be seen as the great equalizer. A grandfather will beam with the joy of boyhood as he keeps pace with his grandchildren on a 10 mile outing…a spouse who is not the biking equal of his partner will be able to keep up and them some…a patient convalescing from an injury or an ailment will get off the couch and out of the house to ride a bike again that they never saw possible.

There are models and sizes of bikes to suit adult riders of all ages and bike riding experience and each one combines quality, comfort and style that will keep you beaming throughout your journey!

We look forward to developing a strong relationship with the Lambertville community and our attention to the customer and their experience will be our primary goal. We will make your journey safe & unforgettable and you will understand at the end of your journey why Pedego’s slogan is Hello, Fun…!!!

Pedego has been delighting customers for over a decade. Making great electric bikes is just the beginning. To be truly great, a company has to stand for something… Pedego stands for you.


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$60 / Half Day
$90 / Day
Boomerang / City Commuter
$60 / Half Day
$90 / Day
Trail Tracker / Ridge Rider
$65 / Half Day
$95 / Day
$65 / Half Day
$95 / Day


With Pedego’s built-in tailwind, there is a wide variety of excursions that you can choose from in and out of Lambertville.

For a bird’s eye view of Lambertville and its’ surroundings, a visit to the outlook on the south edge of town is a must see. It affords a look into the heart of town as well as vistas of the Delaware River and Bucks County, Pennsylvania on the opposite river bank. Reaching this ride about the river is made markedly easier on a Pedego.

From the outlook, you can descend back into town and connect with the towpath that runs along the Delaware and Raritan Canal and turn south on the towpath towards Washington’s Crossing State Park. The bike ride is stunningly beautiful but forbiddingly hilly…unless you are riding a Pedego Electric Bike! Washington’s Crossing Park, the site of a turning point in the Revolutionary War, spans both sides of the Delaware River and offers exploration opportunities in both PA. and New Jersey.

The ride back north on the towpath will make you wish it will never end…and it doesn’t have to. Once you cover the 7 miles to reach New Hope, you will have a wide selection of lunch options and exquisite shopping. Continue another 7 miles north of Center Bridge and you’ll enter another park, Bull’s Island. It has a wonderful picnic area for families and a feeder stream that is a popular fishing spot…or take a dip to cool off.

Eleven miles north of Bull’s Island is the artist’s colony of Frenchtown. The ride there can be done entirely on the towpath with tree’s shading you and gorgeous views of the river enchanting you almost the entire way.

Lambertville and many miles around it are blessed with locales that were pivotal to our country’s founding and offers a beauty that has made it a mecca for artists for more than a century. Pedego will give you the opportunity to bathe in all of this beauty and history in one day that would never be possible to take in on a regular bike…Hello, Fun!!!


Pedego Electric Bikes go farther and faster, empowering you to see more in less time. Pedal or not, and get power when you want it. It feels like being a kid again!
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