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Lewes, Delaware is proud to be the First Town in the First State, and Pedego Lewes is just as proud to be the First Pedego Dealer in the great State of Delaware! Bringing Pedego Electric Bikes to Lewes was the definition of a no-brainer when you consider that Lewes reputation as a cycling destination is second to none. Pedego Electric Bikes also shares that reputation as – the #1 Electric Bike Company in the United States, so a marriage between the town and the company was meant to be!

Multi-generational families, a mainstay of Summers in Lewes, become even closer pedaling the Delaware coast. Family members spanning three generations will cycle as one, with Pedego’s equalizing effect with Pedal Assist or an On-The-Go Throttle able to close any distance that might arise from age differences or physical abilities. While many people travel to Lewes by car or by the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, there is no doubt that the best way to explore Lewes is on two wheels!

Pedego Lewes has over a dozen models of Pedego Electric Bikes to choose from…including models such as the Boomerang and Interceptor that come in two different sizes and Step Thru options that make it easy to get on and off your bike. Off Road Bikes like the Element, Trail Tracker, or Ridge Rider give you the opportunity to take on the bike trails of Lewes without hesitation. We even offer a Trike for those with balance issues who still want to feel the wind through their hair.

Pedego Lewes has a team of people who’s total focus is to take care of your needs, answer any of your questions and make sure that your experience on the Pedego is nothing short of exhilarating but also safe. Our goal is to make you feel like you did when you were riding a bike as a teenager!

We couldn’t be more excited to be starting our first year of business in Lewes and for becoming a member in the community that everyone can be proud of!

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Pedego has been delighting customers for over a decade. Making great electric bikes is just the beginning. To be truly great, a company has to stand for something… Pedego stands for you.




With the gaining popularity of cycling along the Delaware Coast, Lewes is the premier choice for cycling enthusiasts and offers a wide variety of options to choose from…and Pedego Electric Bikes give you the opportunity to try them all!

Riding along the Coast, you will find lush vegetation fringing the dunes and cross paths with a variety of water fowl, including abundant heron and cranes. Salt air will fill your lungs as sea views replenish your spirit. While the terrain may be relatively flat and hills will not pose much of a problem, you can count on a stiff challenge in the form of a steady prevailing wind that whips off the water from the Southeast. Those headwinds can feel like an endless climb unless you are riding a Pedego to slice through it like a hot knife through butter!

Two trails in Lewes are being extended to provide longer rides and wider smiles. One pedaling option we recommend is the Georgetown-Lewes Trail. It runs along a former rail line once used to transport produce and other goods. It offers views that shift between farmland and well-manicured lawns of homes and townhouses. Riding southeast along the canal you will pass historical sites such as Cannonball House, the Lewes Maritime Museum and Lightship Overfalls. The route culminates at the University of Delaware Environmental Center.

A longer ride is the Breakwater Trail, which will take you from Georgetown to Rehoboth Beach, a destination with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to dining and shopping. Like the Georgetown-Lewes Trail, the Breakwater Trail has been expanded and with Pedego Electric Bikes, you can extend your bike rides, expand your joy of riding and pedal new memories!

Hello, Fun…!!!


Pedego Electric Bikes go farther and faster, empowering you to see more in less time. Pedal or not, and get power when you want it. It feels like being a kid again!
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Why settle for a cheap electric bike, when you can have a Pedego?

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