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Pedego Norfolk is a fun and welcoming place where you’ll be treated like family.

We put our hearts into helping you find the perfect electric bike and get the most out of it for many years to come.

There is no substitute for a brick and mortar store in your community. Here’s what we do for you:

  • Help you find the perfect electric bike for your needs
  • Deliver your Pedego(s) ready to ride with no hassles
  • Stand behind the product with parts & service in the future
  • Go above and beyond to make sure you’re delighted


Pedego has been delighting customers for over a decade. Making great electric bikes is just the beginning. To be truly great, a company has to stand for something… Pedego stands for you.




A Pedego Electric Bike rental is the very best way to see Norfolk and beyond!. The electric assist empowers you to go farther and faster, so you can see more in less time – all in comfort and style. And it’s fun!

Pedego Norfolk Downtown is conveniently located near the awesome Elizabeth River Trail, a 10.5 mile bike/walking trail along Norfolk waterfronts and through our eclectic riverfront neighborhoods.

Pedego Norfolk East Beach Visit the Ocean View Pier, sample local craft beer at nearby breweries, and peruse the trendy East Beach neighborhood at Little Creek Inlet. All within a short and pedestrian-friendly ride from our East Beach location.

Wherever you’re from, we’ll bend over backwards to make sure you leave with a giant smile on your face !

Locks and helmets are included with every rental.



Pedego Electric Bikes go farther and faster, empowering you to see more in less time. Pedal or not, and get power when you want it. It feels like being a kid again!

Customers don’t just like Pedegos – they love them!

I can't say enough about how my Pedego bike has changed my life. My knees are so sore, which doesn't allow me to do the exercise I want, but with my new bike I can go everywhere with no pain in my knees. It actually is life changing and I look forward to going on a new journey every day. It is so much fun and gives me an amazing amount of freedom.
Danielle S.
I love my Pedego with all my might! I’m going on year 5 with my Comfort Cruiser and I can’t recommend Pedego enough!
George F.
I am truly amazed at how well my Boomerang Plus rides, handles, brakes and, of course, accelerates...a true revolution in cycling taken to a new level of enjoyment!
Rob T.
As a heart patient who once rode 15 to 20 miles per day, and because of my condition I have not been on a bike in over 5 years, I am pleased to say the Pedego has me back on the trail. The Pedego has given me back the freedom that bike riding provides.
Frank G.


1/2 Day Guided E-Bike Tour Art/History of Norfolk

See Route Here 4.5 Guided 78

Pedal or use Pedego e-bike power at up to 20 mph to 20 points of interest on our 15-mile route. This tour includes the use of a Pedego Electric Bike on a guided tour of Norfolk’s Art and History.
We routinely have riders that span the spectrum of age and fitness. These bikes have electric motors so pedal or use electric power. Expert instruction and a practice session are compulsory prior to launching.
We pitstop at the BakeHouse in Chelsea for a pastry, explore Norfolk’s colonial origins along the Elizabeth River and through Norfolk’s NEON Arts District for a short mural tour.

Major points of interest:

  • Owen B. Pickett U.S. Custom House: This U.S. Customs House is distinctly a classic Roman temple design.
  • Town Point Park: The protected and deep waters of the Elizabeth River with its generous natural channel prompted the British to found Gosport Shipyard here in 1767.
  • Selden House in Freemason: William Boswell Selden was a surgeon in the Confederate Army.
  • Fort Norfolk: The USS Constellation successfully defended Norfolk from British attackers in the War of 1812.
  • Chelsea: This eclectic Burrough of Norfolk boasts a shipyard, several craft breweries, and The Bakehouse at Chelsea where we stop for hand made pastries.
  • Ghent: We had a Victorian building boom in Ghent for 20 years around 1900. Norfolk’s elite built their homes along the crescent-shaped waterway we call the Hauge.
  • Chrysler Museum of Art: The museum contains our Norfolk Mace. This instrument of power has been likened to the Roman Standard.
  • Neon District: NEON is New Energy Of Norfolk. We will hear short artists-approved narratives on 5 works of art. Every artist has a story and each piece a spirit.
  • Moses Myers House: This was one of the first brick structures built after the British attacked and Norfolk was destroyed in 1776.
  • Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church: Evidence of this building’s resilience shows in the cannonball lodged in its southern corner. This one of the hundreds rained on Norfolk by Lord Dunmore on January 1, 1776.
  • MacArthur Center: A museum honoring the famed General Douglas MacArthur sits astride a modern light rail stop. City Hall Avenue, which runs past both, was a creek when Norfolk was founded in 1680 and remained a water conduit until the industrial revolution.


1/2 Day Guided E-Bike Tour Art/History of Norfolk

Electric Bike History Tour- Norfolk/Cannonball Trail

3 Guided 59

Whether you are a longtime local or a first-time visitor our Cannonball Trail E-Bike History Tour is a great time.

These bikes have electric motors so pedal or use electric power. We routinely have riders that span the spectrum of age and fitness Expert instruction and a practice session are compulsory prior to launching.

Our friendly guides will lead you from our shop in along the Cannonball and Elizabeth River Trails. Hear of Norfolk’s colonial history as a military outpost for the British. Get a local’s perspective on the culture that pollinated our riverfront Burroughs. Delivering “Miles of Smiles” with minimal effort, this tour hits all the “must-see sights.”

This 2.5-3-hour electric bike tour around Norfolk is the perfect way to get up close and personal with the city’s charm. Our expert local guides love sharing insider recommendations to help you make the most of your time in Norfolk. For larger groups, please call to arrange a private tour!

Tour Highlights

  • Owen B. Pickett U.S. Custom House
  • Battleship Wisconsin
  • Selden House in Freemason
  • Ghent District
  • Fort Norfolk
  • Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church
  • Moses Myers House
  • The Norfolk Mace at the Chrysler Museum of Art


Electric Bike History Tour- Norfolk/Cannonball Trail

Electric Bike Art Tour- Norfolk

3 Guided 59

This is a guided tour covering works of art in Norfolk’s NEON and Downtown Districts.
Each guest will ride one of our Pedego E-Bikes after brief instruction on its safe operation. These bikes can be pedaled or use the electric motor up to 20 mph.

NEON is New Energy Of Norfolk. Many community players have contributed to this experience by proliferating art in Norfolk’s NEON District. Thanks to all of them, we are able to provide a unique E-Bike experience of art, culture, and community. Every artist has a story and each piece has a spirit. Thanks to many contributors, large and small, Norfolk’s NEON District public art movement has enhanced the quality of our lives.

Highlights in our NEON District:

  • Collective Connectivity-Julia Rogers
  • Upper Blush- Matthew Geller
  • Ancient Freedom- Cedric Douglass
  • We can create what we imagine- Julia Rogers & Estaban Del Valle
  • OXOXO- Jacob Eveland
  • The Dance- Amelia Blair-Langford
  • Reach- Heather Bryant
  • Hense Mural- Alex Brewer
  • New Energy of Norfolk- Clay McGlamory & Richard Nickel
  • NFK-ARTS- Elliot Oddesso
  • Norfolk Nautical- Chris Soria and Misha Tyutyunik

In our Downtown District, we will see grand public commissions and a few museum-quality works in private collections.

  • Irieden- Chris Wood
  • Ligne Indeterminee- Bernar Venet
  • Leading Edge- John Safer
  • Metal Matisse- Electroland/Cameron McNall and team
  • Fathoms of Freedom- Christopher Kozak


Electric Bike Art Tour- Norfolk

Self Guided Tour

2 Hours Self-Guided 25 / Hour

Follow the Elizabeth River Trail or Cannonball Trail and wind through Norfolk’s waterfront bikeways and greenways. Enjoy yourself with minimal effort with a Pedego E-Bike on this self-guided tour. Enjoy the 3rd hour for free during the month of September.

  • The Elizabeth River Trail takes you to all of Norfolk’s must-see sites throughout our Waterside, Freemason, Downtown, Ghent, Chelsea and NEON Districts.
  • The Cannonball Trail visits Norfolk’s colonial past passing many historical landmarks. Most notably, Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church where a British cannonball is still lodged in the southern wall.
  • Freemason District has several Civil War Era homes along cobblestone streets.
  • NEON District boasts scores of street murals, sculptures, and interactive high-tech works of art.
  • Ghent District had a Victorian Building boom around 1900. Norfolk’s elite build their homes along the crescent-shaped waterway we call The Hauge.
  • Chelsea is a small eclectic neighborhood with a shipyard, several craft breweries, and an artesian bakery.
  • Downtown District was designed to be pedestrian-friendly and boasts Ultra-modern structures woven into historical buildings.


Self Guided Tour



Explore our local parks, culture, and history on a pedego E-Bike. Our 3-4 hour Pedego Adventures visit different locations weekly for 20-30 mile rides. We provide E-bikes, helmets, locks, and a Pedego Norfolk guide on location at each Adventure.




Pedego E-bikes are like regular bikes but better. Pedego Norfolk’s experienced guides will explain the proper and safe operation of our E-Bikes prior to each Fun Ride. Start from our Downtown Norfolk or East Beach locations.


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