Pedego Poipu

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Located Just under Kalapaki Joe's

Electric Bike Rentals

Comfort Cruiser
$25 / Hour
$109 / Day
$25 / Hour
$109 / Day
Trail Tracker
$25 / Hour
$109 / Day
$35 / Hour
$129 / Day

Explore Kauai

Enjoy the beauty of Kauai On a Pedego Electric bike. Stop and go at your own speed.

Kauai has many off the beaten path wonders to explore. Nothing like riding your Pedego Electric bike with your family and discovering things you would have never found from a moving vehicle.

Kauai No Ka Oi!

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Pedego Electric Bikes go farther and faster, empowering you to see more in less time. Pedal or not, and get power when you want it. It feels like being a kid again!


Pedego Poipu is like heaven when you’re shopping for an electric bike. The experience is unmatched anywhere on Earth.

We are passionate electric bike experts who treat our customers like dear friends because that’s exactly what you are to us. We put our hearts into helping you find the perfect electric bicycle, and making sure you get the most out of it.

When you walk into Pedego Poipu, you’ll find a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere where you’ll be treated like family.

Come as you are and try a Pedego for free today! Hello, fun…


Pedego is the biggest and best brand of electric bikes in America because we put people first. Making great electric bikes is just the beginning. To be truly great, a company has to stand for something… Pedego stands for you.

Customers don’t just like Pedegos – they love them!

I can't say enough about how my Pedego bike has changed my life. My knees are so sore, which doesn't allow me to do the exercise I want, but with my new bike I can go everywhere with no pain in my knees. It actually is life changing and I look forward to going on a new journey every day. It is so much fun and gives me an amazing amount of freedom.
Danielle S.
I love my Pedego with all my might! I’m going on year 5 with my Comfort Cruiser and I can’t recommend Pedego enough!
George F.
I am truly amazed at how well my Boomerang Plus rides, handles, brakes and, of course, accelerates...a true revolution in cycling taken to a new level of enjoyment!
Rob T.
As a heart patient who once rode 15 to 20 miles per day, and because of my condition I have not been on a bike in over 5 years, I am pleased to say the Pedego has me back on the trail. The Pedego has given me back the freedom that bike riding provides.
Frank G.


*Limited Supply