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State-of-the-art geared motor delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing


Lightweight, long lasting lithium battery with Samsung cells and an industry-leading three year limited warranty


Top of the line SRAM disc brakes for powerful and reliable braking

Learn about the features that make Pedegos so much fun to ride, and find the perfect bike for you.

You can watch videos, compare features & specs, and choose between over 100 fun color combinations.

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Get straight answers about all the common questions that people have about electric bicycles.

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Pedego Princeton

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53 E Broad Street
Hopewell, NJ 08525

(609) 333-8553

Pedego Electric Bikes store near Princeton in Hopewell, NJ. Electric bicycle sales, accessories and service.

The best electric-assist bikes are now in central New Jersey. 

A Pedego Electric Bike can change your life.

Come to Sourland Cycles in Hopewell for a free, fun, no obligation, test ride in the lovely Sourland Mountains and experience for yourself what convenience, fun and benefit an electric-assist bike can offer you.

Around the country, these bikes are being used reduce or eliminate traffic and parking hassles associated with commuting and shopping.

Many others are finding the fun in beginning an exercise program, keeping up with a cycling spouse, eliminating the expense of a car, or simply arriving at your destination without sweating!

The Pedego Bikes are considered bikes by the State of New Jersey. They do not require a license or insurance for the cyclist or the bike.

Significant improvements in battery technology in recent years have made these bikes even more attractive. Sharing the same battery-maker as the Tesla car, the Pedego bike is now lighter, faster and a better handling bike, and re-charges quickly. Because its pedal-assist can be incorporated at any speed or assist level, riders can to enjoy the hilliest terrain or humid commute while getting exercise at whatever level of effort is desired. Five levels of pedal assist make going up a hill as easy and fun as going down.

Come and see for yourself.