Rental & Tour Fleets

Pedego Electric Bikes are perfect for rentals & tours, but that’s only the beginning…


Pedego isn’t merely a supplier. We’re a partner that’s committed to your success.

Pedego offers a complete line of 18 different models to choose from. There’s a perfect fit for nearly everyone, including some options that are especially well suited for rentals & tours:

Frame Sizes

Frame Sizes

Extra small to extra large.

Fun Colors

Fun Colors

A rainbow of fun color options.

Mag Wheels

Mag Wheels

For heavier riders.



9” ultra low step thru.



Double the fun.



For adult and child passengers.


The most important part of every Pedego is the person riding it. Pedegos are incredibly comfortable and easy to use – especially for people that don’t consider themselves “cyclists.” Your customers will be happier on a Pedego than they would be with any other electric bike. Try one for yourself and see!


Pedegos are just plain fun and exciting to ride. Their supercharged performance is sure to put a smile on the face of every customer.

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Whisper quiet hub motors delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing.

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Lightweight, long-lasting batteries can go up to 60 miles on a single charge.

Throttle & Pedal Assist

Most Pedego models have both throttle and pedal assist. They can be customized to have only one or the other upon request.

Throttles are especially useful for rentals & tours because they help riders (especially inexperienced cyclists) get started from a standstill. Those first few seconds are the hardest part, and a twist-and-go throttle makes it much more safe and easy to gain momentum.

Quality that Lasts

With about two hundred fleets in service all over the world, Pedegos have proven their ability to withstand the daily rigors of rentals & tours.

Our philosophy is that an electric bike is only as great as its weakest part, so we pay attention to the details (even those you don’t see), and we never cut corners.

Small details make a big difference, and when your customers ride a Pedego, they’ll instantly know that you care enough about them to invest in a quality product.

Premium Brand

Pedego is a well known and respected brand. With Pedego as a partner, you can give your customers the premium experience that they expect and charge a premium price for it.

Two-Year Warranty

When you invest in Pedegos for your fleet, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of an industry leading two year warranty – even for commercial use. We like to call it our “no excuses” promise to you.

Friendly & Professional Service

Pedegos team of experts are just a call or click away. We see every technical issue, no matter how big or small, as an opportunity to show you how much we care.

Repair Parts in Stock

Most electric bikes have non-standardized electronics with unique connections. When these parts fail, it’s not always easy (or even possible) to get a replacement.

In contrast, Pedego has a complete inventory of repair parts in stock so you can get your bike back on the road generating income ASAP.

Webpage & Directory Listing

The Pedego website has over 1.2 Million new users a year. Pedego will provide you a free webpage and/or link to your website from our popular Rentals & Tours directory.

Graphic Design

Pedego’s talented graphics design team is at your service. You can work with them to create a variety of promotional materials including a custom map of your area.

Pre-Loved Program

The Certified Pre-Loved program will help you turn over your fleet every year. You can typically earn a profit on each bike and replace it with a brand new one.

Pedego will offer a full one year warranty on used rental bikes that are about a year old, as long as they pass an inspection and are given a full tune-up.

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Promotional Photos & Video*

Pedego will travel to your location and create professional quality photos and video to help you spread the word and grow your business.

*Qualified fleet sizes only

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