I’m hopelessly Hooked!

I’m hopelessly Hooked !

It all started a little over a year ago when I bought my first Pedego comfort cruiser. Love this bike. Soon after, my wife decided she wanted to try a Pedego, so we bought her a green step though. About a month after that , my sister was in California visiting and rode my wife’s bike and decided she wanted a Pedego as well and had one shipped up t o Eugene Oregon. She rides up and down hills almost everyday. Well , I’ve done it again …two days ago I was down in Irvine and went by Pedego to say hi to Don and Terry and ended up buying an interceptor . These bikes are so much fun with friends and family. I just can’t say enough about the product and the great people who work there including , Cameron, the shop steward and Ashley who is Terry’s daughter and runs the office. Hands down , the best customer service on the planet . If you decide to join the Pedego family, you won’t regret it. These are genuinely neat people.

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  1. Peter jelinek
    Peter jelinek says:

    Rode my ( unplugged ) Trek Navigator 3.0 for five miles today into a fairly strong headwind & boy
    do I miss the Pedego interceptor !! I did three laps of my neighborhood and knew I would have done
    five or six on the Interceptor if I had it, not to mention 20 miles around town for errands. Soon
    grasshopper, soon.

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