Petition for Class 2 Electric Bikes to Have Access to New York City Streets & Bike Paths

This Petition is prepared on behalf of Class 2 EBike owners that request access to all bike paths and trails in NYC. During this time of creating new rules and regulations for our safety, we provide you with a brief list of reasons why our EBikes are beneficial to us and our Communities. The majority of EBike owners are baby boomers and use the EBikes to go longer distances, use for physical and mental therapy, as well as social gatherings and commuting. Many of us go on group rides on the weekends to restaurants, parks, errands, etc. This cuts down on traffic, parking issues, pollution, costs and all the stresses of driving a car. If it wasn’t for the Class 2 EBike, there are a portion of people who would never get outside and enjoy life the way they do now. The bikes only go 20 miles per hour maximum and everyone rides with extreme caution and safety. Class 2 E-bikes don’t travel any faster than Class 1 with assistance and should never be confused with unregulated high-speed E-bikes. It is unfair to discriminate against people who want or need a Class 2 EBike when they are subject to the exact same power and assisted speed limits as Class 1. There is no evidence that Class 1 E-bikes are inherently safer than Class 2. In fact, Class 2 riders can maintain better control when they use a graduated throttle to start a bike rolling in a stable fashion so they can then start pedaling.

We, the undersigned, Petition for Class 2 EBikes to the bike path which provides us safety and enjoyment of our beautiful Community.