Petition for Class 2 Electric Bikes to Have Access to Paint Creek Trailway

This Petition is prepared on behalf of Class 2 E-Bike owners that cannot attend the March 20, 2018 hearing to voice their request for Class 2 E-Bikes to be Opt-In and given access to the Paint Creek Trailway. During this time of establishing new rules and regulations for our safety, we provide you with a brief list of reasons why our Class 2 E-Bikes are beneficial to us and our Community. The majority of E-Bike owners are baby boomers and use the E-Bikes to go longer distances, go up hills, use for physical and mental therapy, as well as social gatherings. Many of us need access to the Paint Creek Trailway to connect our communities. The average person will not be able to travel to each community via bicycle in one day if you prohibit Class 1 E-Bikes and do not Opt-In Class 2 E-Bikes to have access to these trails. Class 2 E-Bikes cut down on traffic, parking issues, pollution, costs and all the stresses of driving a car.

If it wasn’t for the Class 2 E-Bike, there are a portion of people who would never get outside and enjoy life the way they do now. Class 2 E-Bikes only go 20 miles an hour maximum as do the Class 1 E-Bikes and are ridden with extreme caution and safety. We, the undersigned, Petition for Class 2 E-Bikes to be Opt-In and given access to the Paint Creek Trailway not only for our safety and enjoyment but for the benefit of our Community.

The Paint Creek Trailways Commission will hold a Public Hearing for the purpose of receiving public comment on the use of Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 electric bicycles (E-Bikes) on the Paint Creek Trail, pursuant to Michigan Public Acts 138, 139 and 140 of 2017.

Currently Class 2 E-Bikes are prohibited to access the Paint Creek Trailway and our goal is to reverse this decision by creating a Petition for you to sign which we will submit by March 16, 2018 to the Commission before the Public Hearing.

The Public Hearing will be held during the regular meeting of the Paint Creek Trailways Commission on:

March 20, 2018 at 7:00PM
Paint Creek Cider Mill Building
1st Floor Meeting Room
4480 Orion Road
Oakland Township, MI  48306

All citizens are encouraged to attend and/or participate. If you would like to participate but cannot attend the meeting, you can share your thoughts and comments by signing the Petition (name, email, home address, and date are all required), or sending your own personal letter (letter sample below) in to Paint Creek Trail at:

Paint Creek Trailways Commission
4393 Collins Road
Rochester, MI 48306

If you have any questions, or would like more information, contact Kristen Myers, Trail Manager, at 248-651-9260 or email

If you would like to use our letter sample as your template, please feel free to copy the letter below. Please submit your letter via email to by March 16, 2018.

Letter sample:

To: The Paint Creek Trailways Commission

I ride my Class II EBike and do use the Paint Creek Trails. My EBike allows me the opportunity to ride my bike longer distances due to my current health issues being ________________________.  AND/OR -My EBike allows me to save money on gas, and time normally spent in traffic if I had to drive my car.  I would like to request you give us continued access to these paths for safety and the opportunity to continue to be active in our own community.

Sincerely yours,

(Sign Name)