Petition for Electric Bikes to Have Access to the Greenway Bike Trails

This Petition is prepared on behalf of Class 1 & 2 E-Bike owners whom request that they be given access to ride their EBikes on the Greenway Trails.  Due to the new found popularity of EBikes with the baby boomers, rules and regulations need to be reviewed and revised for our safety and given the same privileges and access as non electric bikes.  We provide you with a brief list of reasons why our Class 1 & 2 E-Bikes are beneficial to us and our Community.  The majority of E-Bike owners are over 45 years of age and use the E-Bikes to go longer distances, go up hills, use for physical and mental therapy, as well as social gatherings.  Many of us would like to access to the Greenway Bike Trail to connect our communities.  E-Bikes cuts down on traffic, parking issues, pollution, costs and all the stresses of driving a car.  If it wasn’t for the Class 1 & 2 E-Bikes, there are a portion of people who would never get outside and enjoy life the way they do now.  The Class 1 & 2 E-Bikes bikes only go 20 miles an hour maximum, disengage when the brakes are applied and most importantly are ridden with extreme caution and safety.  According to Georgia Code Section 40-1-1 Part 15.5, EBikes not going faster than 20 mph are allowed on Bike paths.  We, the undersigned, Petition for Class 1 & 2 E-Bikes  be given access (pursuant to the Georgia Code mentioned above) to the Greenway bike path not only for our safety and enjoyment but for the benefit of our Community.