Fun bike and great customer service

January 23, 2012

Fun bike and great customer service

Got my Pedego Step-through almost 2 months ago and love it! It’s a heavy bike with a bit rougher ride than my old bike but it’s very sturdy and doesn’t seem any harder to pedal (without using the motor) because of the extra weight.

What I like most about this bike is that I can go for longer rides without getting tired, having to worry about h ills or getting across a busy street quickly. I just twist the throttle and I’m up to speed right away! I can ride it to work without showing up all sweaty and out of breath.

I also like having the separate button on the throttle to quickly turn the power on and off so you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the throttle when you don’t want to.

The rack is 5/8″ tubing and so you can’t attach regular panniers to it. I got some saddlebag-style bags that drape over the battery and that works good enough but I’d like to see some kind of system to make it easier to attach bags or baskets in the back, because it’s such a great bike to use for commuting and errands.

I had a problem with one of the fenders, contacted Pedego and they arranged to have it fixed at my local bike shop and paid them directly. They are also very friendly and willing to answer your questions.

Highly recommend!