Fun in Greater Long Beach is No Accident

July 6, 2014
With a group or on a solo ride, it's fun to Pedego!

With a group or on a solo ride, it’s fun to Pedego!

We all know how much fun it is to ride a Pedego. Part of that fun is pulling into your destination … safe and smiling.  Of course, wearing a helmet can help. But it’s even better to avoid an accident in the first place. Here are four common sense guidelines to help you avoid collisions with cars:

  1. Ride with traffic. Riding the wrong way down the street will increase your chances of being involved in an accident, because you’ll be in places where motorists won’t expect you. Follow the flow of traffic to arrive at your destination safely.
  2. Control your speed. Give yourself time to react if a car pulls into your path. This can be especially useful if a car in front of you makes a right turn. If your speed is controlled, you can avoid running into the car.
  3. Be as visible as possible. If you don’t have front and rear lights, get some. If your lights have a blinking component, use it. Attach reflective tape to your bike and your clothing, even if you think you’ll only be biking in daylight. Wear bright clothing, too.
  4. Use hand signals. Remember the old hand signals they taught in school for right, left and slow-down/stop? Learn them, if you don’t know them, and remember to communicate your plans with others by using them. Simply Google “bicycle hand signals” to find pictures and information. Bonus: The more you move your arms, the more visible you’ll be to drivers.

The best tip of all is to always assume that motorists can’t see you. Keep your eyes and options open. You’ll be better prepared for surprises down the road. Wishing you many exciting, fun and safe rides on your Pedego electric bike!