my Pedego bike has changed my life

January 23, 2012

 I can honestly say that my Pedego bike has changed my life
I can honestly say that my Pedego bike has changed my life. As I am handicapped, I have not been able to do much walking on trips for many years.
I bought the Pedego bike mostly to take on trips. My first trip was to Berlin where for the first time I was able to keep up with the tour guide and group and hear all the explanations. The first 2 pic tures are from Berlin. THe only problem ws that I or my wife had to hold my crutches and this was a burden. So upon arriving back to Israel, with the help of a friend I attached 4 clips to the bike to hold the crutches while I ride. You can see how they are attached in the last 2 pictures.
This is a perfect solution. Since then I have taken trips to Nova Scotia and the U.S.A. (I even rode across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York) and many short trips in Israel where I live.
I suggest that you add a feature to hold crutches to your bike.

I might also add that I ride the bike right up the the door of the airplane, and then give it to the staff to take away like a baby carriage. Upon landing, the staff returns the bike to the door of the plane. The security staffs of all of   the airports I have been in are amazed and say they never saw anything like it!
People in the street also are intrigued by the bike – and  come over to ask about it and even take pictures. Mayve you even got orders from peopld who saw me.

So thank you for enabing me to travel feely again

Moti Hanochi – Israel