Pedego Cruiser, you gotta get one!

January 23, 2012

Pedego Cruiser, you gotta get one!

I purchased my Orange Pedego Electric Cruiser; orange rims, brown balloon tires, leather handgrips and seat and upgraded battery from Stan Kaplan, who has them listed on ebay. After a few emails and two phone calls, I bought it without ever having even seen one in person, except for the pictures online. I would have to say that it was Stan’s pride in the bike and the company that sold me, so I ordered it.

When it arrived I had it on the road within an hour.

After carefully unpacking it, I actually read the instructions (A first for me!) on how to put it together; the only thing involved was installing the handlebars and pedals (tools included!). It was a piece of cake.

To my surprise, the battery was already charged and I was off!

I was so impressed by the smooth push button shifting and the most excellent gear ranges. When I hit the throttle…..OH YEAH, SUPER COOL! It’s fantastic and amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling.

While riding my Pedego, my neighbors came out asked to try it out. Also while riding through the town, I was asked to pull over two times by people in cars wanting to check out my “awesome” bike! The bike is so cool looking, whenever out riding I am constantly being asked about it, everyone loves it! I also plan on purchasing a Pedego for my wife!

Another fact I really appreciated about the company is that it is not uncommon for the owners of the company to answer the phone when you call Pedego; and if you’ve registered your bike, they know who you are!

This is the greatest toy I’ve ever owned; so much that I plan on adding a bicycle rack to our 51 Ford Woodie, so we can take the bikes with us to all the Woodie events!

Oh, did I mention, after having the bike, Stan called to see if I was happy with it? Yep, he did and I’m super happy, in fact, each time I get on the bike, it’s the same great feeling as when I first rode it!

I love the bike and I especially like the company! Really, how many companies do you know of who really care about their product once sold? This one really does!

Robert Faust
Redwood City, CA