“Well built by a company that stands behind its products” – Britt K. of Huntington Beach, CA

August 20, 2012

I bought a comfort cruiser in April of 2012. I needed a bike that met all the requirements for riding on bike trails in Orange County California so that I could use it to commute the 14.2 miles (one way) that I must to work. After accumulating 2000 miles on this great electric bike I can do nothing but recommend it strongly.

There was about a month long period at the beginning where I needed to constantly tighten loosening spokes on the rear wheel as it “settled in” to the tremendous stress of my 195 lb weight and the torque that the 500 watt electric motor delivers to the rear wheel. Eventually one of the spokes broke. Now, 4 months later the rear wheel spokes never need any adjustment. Nothing else and I do mean nothing on this bike has broken or been a problem yet. The battery seems to keep it’s charge just as long as when it was new even after 2000 miles and the bike continues to run strong every day to work and back.

This is a simple, fast, reliable bike and the folks at Pedego (I use the Huntington Beach Store) are fantastic. Great customer service is always available by their friendly, knowledgable staff.

Buy a PEDEGO ….. you will love it.

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