Well worth the investment.

January 23, 2012

Well worth the investment. I moved to CA from PA more than 2 years ago and haven’t brought my car over yet because between public transit and this bike I can do everything I need to. Where public transit won’t go or go there on my timetable I’m simply able to hop on the bike and be there in short order. With very judicious throttle usage and peda ling I can make a 30 mile round trip (from downtown Santa Barbara to Costco in Goleta) on a single charge. I also find it useful for times when I want to go to the beach and breath the nice fresh sea air, but don’t have the energy to walk it. The price you put in to purchasing one of these bikes easily pays for its self since you’re not looking at any insurance or gas costs and maintenance costs are the same as a regular bike instead of that of a motorvehicle plus the electric motor has smooth acceleration and no fumes or noise. As far as service: my original battery went bad in warranty, I called them up, and they sent me a new one with a prepaid shipping label to return the old one to them. Hassle free.