What Beth Sent in to Time Warner Cable Business Class

August 26, 2014

The next blog post will describe our experience filming the commercial. Meanwhile, here’s the unedited response that won for Pedego GLB…

In an electric bicycle shop, it’s crucial to use all kinds of power … for good. That only begins with electrical power. Our bikes use lithium ion batteries and whisper-quiet motors to help our customers glide down the bike path with a smile. And that smile must start while they’re setting up their rides. So we use the Power of the Internet in our store. You bet we trust TWCBC to help us connect online with our Point of Sale provider. That way, we can efficiently manage all our sales, rentals and tours without making our customers wait. Of course, there’s also the Power of Communication. Spreading the word via social media is our #1 means of attracting customers and growing our business. Time Warner Cable helps us share information on bicycle care with our weekly “Tips with Trey” videos and also online updates of new tours, events and sales. What’s especially important to anyone in the biking industry is the Power of Community and Reliability. When potential customers can go online and read reviews from our current customers, when they can post pictures to share with their family and friends how much fun they had on their rides, and when a customer can share his story of an epic e-bike ride via a homemade video…all happening through the Power of Time Warner – well, you’ve got a thriving and growing new business. We at Pedego GLB just celebrated our 1-year anniversary. With the emails we send out to contacts, we’ve had hundreds of people show up for our parties. Most left their cars at home. Our bottom line means a greener community as well as a greener bank account. Thank you, TWCBC, for helping us contribute to the community – while saying “Hello, fun!” on Pedego Electric Bikes!