Comfort Cruiser - Electric Beach Cruiser

The Comfort Cruiser is the original Pedego. It’s been turning heads and making people smile for ten years running.

  • Made for You

    The first thing you notice when you ride an Comfort Cruiser is how comfortable you feel. You’ll swear it was made just for you – because it was! The most important part of any Pedego is the person riding it, and the Comfort Cruiser is built with only one thing in mind: YOU.
  • User-Friendly

    The Comfort Cruiser is fully loaded with user-friendly features that make riding even more fun. From the simple pleasure of a built-in bell, to innovative Smart Bike Technology including a bluetooth connected smartphone app; we’ve thought of everything!

Breathtaking Performance

What really sets the Comfort Cruiser apart is it’s supercharged performance. It’s recognized worldwide as one of the most powerful electric bikes on the market, and it’s just plain fun and exciting to ride.

Battery Motor

A state-of-the-art 36 Volt battery uses the same advanced lithium-ion cells as an electric car. It weighs less than a housecat and can take you up to 45 miles on about 10 cents worth of electricity.


A whisper quiet, 500 watt motor delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing. The sensation of power it gives you is exhilarating.

Small Details make a Big Difference

Comfort Cruiser – Electric Beach Cruiser


Comfort Cruiser – Electric Beach Cruiser

Coral (Aqua Rims)Midnight BlueRed
36V 10Ah36V 15Ah



-Warren Buffett
Pedego Electric Bikes are not the highest or lowest priced.
They are the greatest value.
  • The peace of mind of an industry leading warranty
  • Smart design and exceptional quality that lasts
  • Friendly customer care that goes the extra mile


When we say that Pedego Electric Bikes are the best, it’s just bragging. But when our customers say it – it’s proof!
  • Stephen L.
    I love to do business with a company that loves their business!

    I really love to do business with a company that loves their business, and Pedego is just such a company!

    You know it by their great customer service, with nice people like Ashley, Pedego’s tech support is superb, and I can always count on Tim to answer my questions and solve my problems. 10,000 miles on my Comfort Cruiser and still going strong— thanks to the great folks at Pedego!

  • Ralph L.
    Well Built

    I purchased a Pedego Cruiser on a whim in VA Beach. My wife and I had rented electric bikes a couple years back and I have wanted one ever since. I was immediately impressed by the polished and purposeful build of this bike. It just felt and looked like quality. Went back a month later and purchased one for my wife.

    We have enjoyed taking the bikes places and riding all over not worrying about hills but most of all for the simple fun of it.

    Well, on our way this weekend, our bike rack malfunctioned and my Pedego twisted out and dragged upside down on the handlebars with the rear wheel still strapped in behind a Chevy Suburban for a mile or two at 70+ mph before someone got my wife’s attention.

    I was expecting the worst but found that the ends of the handle bar was the only real casualty. The bike turned on and I rode just fine. I really expected it to be messed up and not ride right, perhaps vibrate etc. But, instead, the bike went as it was new.

    I called Pedego and they offered to replace the handle bar grips for free. Customer service like that just does not exist any more.

  • Ed V.
    I love my Comfort Cruiser

    I love my Comfort Cruiser. People are always asking me about it and I can’t say enough about the enjoyment I’m getting from it. Easy to ride. Very good quality, looks great,(I have the black and black) I highly recommend it. I own 2 other bikes and I’m afraid they’ll be collecting dust because I ride this one so much

  • Bob P.
    My new Pedego Cruiser is a lot of fun and well worth the do get what you paid for.

    Not only is the bike fun to ride, but the company stands behind its product. My local bike dealer fell through on part of the order for the new Pedego and did not fulfill their contract with me. When I contacted Pedego directly, they were SUPER HELPFUL and fulfilled my order completely….and did it for free! They went out of there way to help me….you can’t ask for better customer service. I was impressed!

  • Diane M.
    Awesome customer service

    I purchased comfort cruiser last year. It is a fun way to get around and am very pleased with this purchase. The battery recently stopped working and the customer service folks (Casey) was very helpful and I’m now back up and running. Pedego honored the warranty and sent a replacement battery out very quickly.

  • Ali M.
    Wonderful bike, amazing company!

    I recently ordered my step-through cruiser and could not be happier with it. The entire process has been so easy and the people at Pedago are amazing and truly care about customer service. I had a 3 day weekend coming up and was told my bike would take about 10 days to get to me. I wanted it as quickly as possible but understood it would take some time. After talking with some people at Pedago, and to my surprise, my bike came within the week and I had it for my 3 day weekend. I took it out for its first cruise and had the best time and knew I made a great decision. I am 28 years old and love to ride my ‘regular’ bike for exercise, but now with this ebike, i’ll ride just about anywhere! I have a lot of hills by my house and never want to ride to friends houses when going over for dinner because I don’t want to arrive all sweaty and out of breath…now I don’t have to worry. I can exercise on my other bike when I want, and now I can cruise around town with ease with my ebike. So fun!!!! Thank you Pedago for making such a great bike and having such wonderful people!

  • Pete
    Simply Fantastic

    Our 2 Pedego Classic Cruisers arrived today and WOW… My wife had spinal surgery THIS WEEK and couldn’t resist a quick tour around the block… Well an HOUR later and we get back after doing about 10 miles and the wife feels great as the bike did all the work and was super comfy to ride. Riding an ordinary bike would have been impossible, but the Pedego allowed us to enjoy some much needed time out of the house.
    I am glad we upgraded to the Balloon package as the seats are super comfortable and the big fat tyres eat up the bumps. These bikes are a pleasure to ride and attract so much positive attention from the casually interested to the “Where can I buy one of those?” people who are instantly besotted.

    Great bikes for fun times.

  • Tom D.
    Going on Five Years

    My wife bought me a Comfort Cruiser for my 60th birthday.
    (Oh, and she bought herself one too!)
    Sixty-five in May…and we’re both still going strong (Me and the bike).

  • George F.
    My Pedego is my favorite thing!

    Seriously! I love my Pedego with all my might! I’m going on year 5 with my Comfort Cruiser and I can’t recommend Pedego enough! I ride… A LOT! I’ve been caught in rainstorms, blizzards and everything inbetween and my Pedego hasn’t let me down. I have a motorcycle and bicycle background and e-Bikes are right in the sweet spot for me. I ride it to work, to the park, to the lake, everywhere! If you can, buy one! Not only are Pedego bikes built very solid but if you do have any issues Pedego coustmer service is AMAZING! It’s really hard to beat a company that just makes you feel good about owning their product. Any questions or small things I’ve come about have been resolved super fast and in a friendly and professional manner. Yes E-Bikes are expensive but you get what you pay for with Pedego! I’m 250lbs and ride year round, for almost 5 years and my comfort cruiser runs just like the day I got it! Perfect! I have gone through several tires but that’s to be expected with any bicycle and still beats having to buy gasoline any day. The only problem is not enough of my friends have one! Love love love my Pedego!

  • David O.
    Pedego Crusier

    I’m 55 year old male. Haven’t driven a bike since 12 years old. I love my bike, it’s more fun than I expected. I take it to work 4 to 5 times a week 2 miles away. Run errands to store, go to park even use it to go play Golf, even to go visit my kids. I’m not in shape and love it, I’ve pedeled my bike and have sweated and my legs were sore, so it does give you a workout if you wanted it to. Later to get my other one 5 STARS

  • Phil T.
    Pedego is the way to go

    I have had my Pedego Classic Cruiser for about a month now. The review I just read in this forum could have been written by me. I’m 53 and not in very good shape. I moved to downtown Houston about 3 months ago and found that walking to the office, stores, restraunts,the park, and just getting to know the town was wearing me out. Now I ride the bike everywhere. It is good exercise and great fun. I chose this bike because I’m big and I wanted an industrial strength bike. The Pedego has exceeded all my expectations.
    Now my wife wants one.

  • Carole A.
    Great Christmas Gift

    My hubby of 30 years surprised me this year with a Pedego Cruizer in my favorite color – purple with beige tires. This impressed me because he had been listening to me talk about wanting one ever since we rented them while on vacation in California last summer. He bought one for himself too! We have been riding them every chance we get. I cant say too much about what a wonderful present these are. My friends all want them now.

  • Dustin V.
    6th gear

    Pedego bikes are smooth, fast, and fun to get around on. About 90% of my travels are on a Pedego cruiser. The battery provides more than enough for my daily rides. The brakes are awesome, and the overall performance is incredible.

  • Rick
    Pedego Step Thru Classic Cruiser

    We have two and really enjoy using them. We get great mileage on a battery charge, and find then easy to peddle and operate. We do recommend these bikes for ease of use and comfort.

  • Lisa A.

    We recently bought two Pedego Cruisers (one classic, one step thru). We have always ridden bikes, but in the past few years arthritis has prevented my wife from riding. Pedego changed that. Our Pedego’s have taken us all over San Francisco, Santa Cruz and bike trails around the Bay. We smile, we laugh, we hoot and holler. We are like a couple of 12 year olds. We are thinking of starting and Electric Bike Gang for group rides. Thanks Pedego, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.

  • Reid G.
    Awesome Bikes, Great Staff, Fast Answers to questions, Flawless!

    I bought a Pedego 36v Cruiser about a year ago, And i have Loved every Minute of it!

    I get alot of looks when im cruising past Normal Bike Riders, Everything from Confused at why im flying by them (and not peddling 😉 Impressed to Flabberghasted! So fast! Even when its hot out the wind in my face makes it PERFECT!

    Finally an AWESOME electric Bike Company With LOCAL Dealers and AWESOME STAFF! If your looking for a Bike with Great people standing behind it Pedego is for you!

  • Mike
    Pedego in Canada

    I’ve had my Pedego Cruiser for about 6 months and have been loving it! I think the best thing about owning an electric bike is that it takes away all the little excuses you might have for not using your bike … its just so much fun riding it! My favorite ride over the summer has been out to the local beach here in Nelson, BC … its a 22km round trip from my house, with some pretty decent hills in between! Easy and fun on the Pedego! Without an electric bike, I’m sure i’d be jumping in the car to do that sort of trip …

  • Todd G.
    So far a very good experience!

    Ive had my Comfort Cruiser for less than a week, but I ride it every day. Ive had experience with one other electric bike, and that probably just makes the Cruiser feel even better. Its solid and comfortable, and with the full balloon tire package must have a definite sedan feel. The motor handles hills and headwinds well, and gives you good power for quick starts in traffic.

    I havent had any problems with the bike, but customer service has found ways to be amazing already. This started with being helpful before I made my choice. So far a very good experience!

  • Oppie P.
    #1 Product, #1 Support = Pedego

    Bought my Pedego Comfort Cruiser 9/11 and now have well over a 1,000 miles on it. The dependability and usability of my Pedego bike has gone beyond any other product I have ever owned. Best of all, Pedego support of their bikes makes sure of that.

  • Liza B.
    This bike is great for commuting to school or anywhere else!

    I got an electric blue beach cruiser for my 16th birthday and since then have used it for biking to school, which os on a hill, and geting around town. I love it because I dont have to worry about getting to sweaty when I bike wearing my backpack up the hill from school. I also can go much further that I would otherwise, and I love the electric motor when I am biking home late and am tired. The only bad part about the electrics is that it makes the bike very heavy and complicates going for rides with friends who dont have a motor. Another great quality about this bike is that it stands out for being so cute, which receives a lot of comments and gives me a chance to tell people about electric bikes. It is also very comfortable to ride and makes it possible to bike in a skirt!

  • Britt K.
    Well built by a company that stands behing it's products

    I bought a comfort cruiser in April of 2012. I needed a bike that met all the requirements for riding on bike trails in Orange County California so that I could use it to commute the 14.2 miles (one way) that I must to work. After accumulating 2000 miles on this great electric bike I can do nothing but recommend it strongly.

    There was about a month long period at the beginning where I needed to constantly tighten loosening spokes on the rear wheel as it “settled in” to the tremendous stress of my 195 lb weight and the torque that the 500 watt electric motor delivers to the rear wheel. Eventually one of the spokes broke. Now, 4 months later the rear wheel spokes never need any adjustment. Nothing else and I do mean nothing on this bike has broken or been a problem yet. The battery seems to keep it’s charge just as long as when it was new even after 2000 miles and the bike continues to run strong every day to work and back.

    This is a simple, fast, reliable bike and the folks at Pedego (I use the Huntington Beach Store) are fantastic. Great customer service is always available by their friendly, knowledgable staff.
    Buy a PEDEGO ….. you will love it.

  • Rhonda M.
    One of the best purchases my husband and I have ever made.

    My husband and I purchased our first Pedego Comfort Cruisers about 3 years ago. Since then we have upgraded to the Interceptors (my husband in April and me a month ago) and now my husband has put in his order for the new City Commuter. We love these bikes so much. This year I decided to finally do something about losing some weight. With a change in my diet and riding my Pedego I have lost 90 lbs. Many people accuse me of “cheating” by having an electric bike. In my opinion, I am not cheating. I pedal the entire time I am riding. I use the electric power to assist me in strong headwinds and up hills. We recommend Pedego to everyone. The company’s customer service is excellent- always available if you have any questions. Keep up the great work Pedego! My only suggestion is that you have a program if a family buys 5 bikes they get the 6th one for free. Ha! I can dream, can’t I? Hope to one day get to Irvine to visit their offices and take a tour of their facilities.

  • Jeff W.
    Life Changing Product

    The pedego cruiser has been amazing. I have cut my commute time dramatically and enjoy my smooth and comfortable ride to work. I have saved money on fuel and parking while helping the environment. The attention to style and function remind me a lot of Apple products.