Electric Bikes Help People Cycle Their Way to Health & Fitness, Burning up to 500 Calories per Hour

Electric Cycling Is Exercise Disguised as Fun IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 14, 2015 — Riding electric bikes helps people cycle their way to health and fitness by burning up to 500 calories per hour while reducing stress, boosting immunity and reducing the risk of disease.  Electric cycling delivers the same benefits as non-electric cycling — as […]

Ridge Rider in Bike Biz

Bike Biz: Pedego launches discreet Ridge Rider e-MTB

Bike Biz reports on the new Pedego Ridge Rider electric mountain bike. They give  brief overview of the bike and it’s key features. “Sporting a 48 volt, 11 amp hour battery that powers a 500 watt geared motor, the Ridge Rider is more than capable on mountain ascents.” http://www.bikebiz.com/index.php/news/read/pedego-launches-discreet-ridge-rider-e-mtb/018404

Brandettes Blog

Brandettes: Interview with Pedego

The popular blog Brandettes recently sat down with Pedego for a revealing interview. They cover the basics of electric bikes and some of the secrets to Pedego’s widespread popularity. “No ordinary bike, Pedego Electric Bikes come equipped with 36V or 48V batteries, speed along at up to 20mph, plus come in a wide range of models […]

Pedego Edwardsville

RiverBender.com: Pedego Edwardsville puts modern flair on classic rides

RiverBender.com wrote an article featuring Pedego Edwardsville. The article describes how the store got started and what electric bikes are all about. “The motor helps propel the user up steep surfaces and inclines as well as helps the user not overexert themselves. Pedalling the electric bicycles extends battery life, but if one wishes to simply […]