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Spotlight on Small Business – Pedego Irvine

The following article is from the Irvine Community News and Views. Bob Bibee lived in Huntington Beach and worked in the aerospace industry, when he decided people were not meant to work in a 10’x10’ office.  Eventually, he moved to Irvine, opening PEDEGO two years ago. Bob, his wife Yo, and their three children have […]

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Pedego Irvine — The Pedego Smile

Original article from Bike Exchange What makes someone working in aerospace turn their career from satellites to bikes? If you ask Bob Bibee, it has a lot to do with the Pedego Smile. “You know – that massive grin you get on your face as soon as you jump on one of these bikes. There’s […]


Better than an Exercise Bike at the Gym

“We have lots of curious cyclists visiting the showroom. A few of them will say having pedal-assistance is ‘cheating’. Some are even horrified at the suggestion that they should get one. However, an e-bike is just like an exercise bike at the gym. You dial up or dial down the power depending on whether you […]